Laser barriers protect birds from high voltage power lines

With the advent of high-voltage power lines there was a problem of bird mortality on these lines. It is particularly tragic that this rare species was on the brink of extinction in the separate regions of the planet. The power of Hawaii found a way to solve this problem by using high technology. Birds from power lines Hawaii would scare off the laser barriers.


The idea of installing fences of the laser, came the leadership of the organization KIUC. Its implementation is quite simple: in the towers of the transmission line set 30 of the lasers that create the light barrier of the pulsing pulse, which repel birds.

Laser barrier banishes flying by birds, thus preventing them to collide with the line under very high tension. The laser is absolutely safe for health of birds and human health.

A representative from KIUC explained that their method is absolutely innovative. The creation of a light barrier for birds with the use of laser systems in the world is for the first time. Method, of course, costly. But in the end it cost less than if the high-voltage cable had re-routed below ground to protect birds from deadly high voltage.

But besides the protective function, the laser can be used for the benefit of science. Few bird watchers have already expressed interest in observing the behaviour of birds during exposure to beams of light pulses. The scientists also intend to find out as the deterring factor in the form of laser fence will change the migration of the feathered inhabitants of Hawaii.

In addition to KIUC in the project to save the birds was attended by local division of Forestry and wildlife, as well as the Service of protection of wild animals from the United States. Experts insisted on the possibility of changing the colour gradation emitted a glow, and equipment installations work according to the schedule.




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