Unusual weather-related photos

A selection of rare photographs of the weather.
All of them were made by people who were at the right time in the right place.
Not every professional photographer will be able to repeat such a picture, these people were just lucky.

1. This is a snapshot, who did not want to repeat to anyone. Two seconds later, after Mary MakKuiken photographed his brothers on a cliff top Moro in Sequoia National Park (California) in them was struck by lightning. Traveler, behind the scenes, was killed, and Sean (left), later died from complications caused by injury. Michael MakKuiken (right) survived. The family traveled to the Sierra Nevada in August 1975, when the incident happened. Picture taken Mary MakKuiken.

2. Over the history of photography was done many fantastic pictures of tornadoes, but none of them can compare to this. Carefree Audra Thomas photographed at a time when the tornado class F1 rushing towards her family farm just a mile behind her. Photo creates the impression that girl posing on a background of the Statue of Liberty or something like that. Tornado swept through the farm and destroyed a barn that stood on its territory. The whole scene took place south of Beaver City, Nebraska, in April 1989. Picture taken Odra mother, Marilyn Thomas.

3. Not one, not two, not three, but four of the tornado simultaneously rotate in this photograph taken in the Mediterranean sea near Cyprus. Details of the events depicted in this photo (date or exact location) are unknown. Picture taken Roberto Gyadisom.

4. Photographs of individual hailstones pretty boring, even if it's monsters like Vivian, 18-centimeter-hailstone champion from South Dakota. Unfortunately, no one before, it seems, had never occurred to me to make a good photo of the landscape, dotted with hailstones the size of 15-18 inches. In general, there are some amazing photos of the assembly of hailstones, but none of them can beat this. On it you can see the rocks of hail up to five meters, formed near the town of Clayton, New Mexico, after a storm of hail, which was held August 13, 2004. Hail drifted into the creek heavy rain, and he has accumulated over her bend. This photo was taken almost the next day after a stream broke its way through the deposits of the hail, which, by their appearance resemble a real glacier. Picture taken by Barbara underground.

5. "Pole of Cold" in northeastern Siberia - is the coldest permanently populated areas on the planet, which is particularly notable region near the cities of Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk, where the average January temperature is around minus mark 55 degrees Celsius. During the Soviet era children were special courses ultraviolet irradiation to withstand the long, dark and cold Siberian winters with a constant lack of sunlight. Picture taken by a professional photographer Mark S. Wexler.


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