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Weather Observatory on Mount Washington is the highest point in New England (New England). This New Hampshire (New Hampshire),
which set the record for the highest wind speed at the surface, 231 miles / hour (372 km / h), 12 April 1934.


Mount Washington - the highest mountain in the northeastern region of the US a height of 1917 meters. Gora is known for changeable weather is dangerous and holds the record for the highest wind speed. Before the arrival of European settlers mountain was known as Agiokochuk (Agiocochook, translated from an Indian - "House of the Great Spirit»)

Gore enters the Presidential Range of the White Mountains in Coos County in New Hampshire. It is the third highest point of the east coast of the United States (after Mount Mitchell, North Carolina - 2037 meters, and the mountains Clingmans Dome, Tennessee - 2025 meters), and the highest mountain on the east coast of the United States relative height.

While almost all of the mountain is located in the National Forest, White Mountains (Eng. White Mountain National Forest), an area of ​​59 acres (0, 24 square kilometers), which includes, in particular, the summit of the mountain is considered to Park Mount Washington (Eng. Mount Washington State Park).

Mount Washington is known for changeable weather, in particular, because of the convergence of several winds, mostly from the Atlantic Ocean, south-eastern and north-western coasts of the United States. The steepness of the Presidential Range, with its orientation from north to south, making the system a significant barrier to westerly winds. In the period from November to April, these strong winds, on average, continue 16 hours a day.

Mount Washington holds the world record wind speed measured at the earth's surface - 103, 3 m / s (372 km / h) the results of measurements of April 12, 1934. Wind speed in such phenomena as the tornado or hurricane measured by satellites and radars are not on the ground, so they can not be compared, although accurate measurements can see the speed of tornadoes from the earth (the highest recorded wind speed in a tornado is about 133, 3 m / s (480 km / h) - F5 tornado in Oklahoma, but this measurement was made at about 30 meters above the ground)

The first regular meteorological observations at Mount Washington holds services alert United States (English. US Signal Service), the predecessor of the US National Weather Service (Eng. National Weather Service), in the period from 1870 to 1892. The weather station on Mount Washington was the first of its kind this station arrangement example which was followed by many countries. For many years it was assumed that the minimum temperature was -43, 9 ° C, recorded January 29, 1934. In the study of these 1800s the National Center for Climate (Eng. National Climatic Data Center), located in Asheville, NC, discovered a new record, amounting -45, 6 ° C, recorded January 22, 1885. However, there are hand-written testimony saying that "unofficial" record could be set to January 5, 1871 and is -50 and 5 ° C.

January 16, 2004 at the top of the weather station registered temperature -42 ° C and the wind speed 39, 1 m / s (140, 8 km / h). Such weather conditions give hardness equal to -75 ° C. 71 hours in a row (starting around 15 pm on 13 January until 14 hours 16 January 2004 Weather rigidity at the top did not exceed -46 ° C. Snowstorms on top - a common phenomenon in every month of the year, and the middle layer of snowfall - 645 cm year.

Basic construction on top designed to withstand wind speed 133 m 3 / s (480 km / h); other objects, so to speak, chained to the mountain. In addition to several transmitters on the top of the mountain is located meteoobservatoriya, recording and transmitting weather, exactly like the other measurements subarctic climate on the mountain. The extreme conditions at the top of the mountain make it practically impossible to use the equipment without service people. The Observatory also carries out scientific research, such as testing of new weather instrument. The building of the observatory is closed for winter visitors and travelers are not let in except for emergencies or pre-organized tours.

Meteobservatoriya start functioning at the top in 1932 thanks to a group of enthusiasts to realize the value of such an arrangement. Data from the station since collected and are of considerable scientific interest. Data on the temperature and humidity are recorded by means of a psychrometer, consisting of two mercury thermometers. This approach allows us to maintain the accuracy and consistency of measurements, which could be lost by simply moving to new hardware.

The Observatory uses the motto "The place with the worst weather in the world" (eng. «Home of the World's Worst Weather») - a rather dubious claim that results from notes Charleza Brooks (born. Charles Brooks) in 1940 with the title "The worst weather world "(despite the fact that the article alleged that the weather on Mount Washington is not the worst.



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