Miracle pine (10 photos)

Two years ago, after the terrible disaster in Japan were destroyed about 70 000 trees on the coast, except for lone pine ...

Recall that Rikuzentakata, located on the island of Honshu in Iwate Prefecture, was almost completely destroyed by the impact tsunami of March 11, 2011, caused by the strong earthquake off the east coast of the island. The disaster has caused massive destruction in the northern islands of the Japanese archipelago, and claimed the lives of about 19 000 people. Rikuzentakata lost almost 1,800 people, and much of the city still lies in ruins. Giant wave also destroyed about 70 000 trees on the coast, except for a lonely pine pictures which, rising above the ruined city, spread all over the globe. Not surprisingly, the surviving tree became a symbol of resistance and hope for a speedy revival for the whole of Japan. Two-kilometer strip of pine trees, planted here in the days of the Edo period, is not simply a local landmark and a favorite vacation spot, but in 1927 was included in the list of "100 landscapes of Japan." Age sole survivor in a grove of trees was estimated at about 270-280 years.

Unfortunately, water, inundating vast areas, made it impossible for the survival of plants on the sea salt has absorbed the soil. In addition, the tsunami destroyed much of the beach, leaving the pine were only ten meters from the shore, which in turn increased the salt content in groundwater feeding the root system of the tree. When, in spite of all efforts made, it was clear that the tree can not be saved, it was decided to save it for posterity, turning it into a monument, an exact copy of the pine. In September 2012, after the necessary rituals that take into account the special role of trees in the religious system of Japan - Shinto, 89 foot timber (27 meters) has been divided into nine segments, which served as the basis for its subsequent reconstruction. The work took nearly six months, the cost of the project amounted to 150 million yen (equivalent to about 1, 6 million US dollars). March 2, 2013 the first 14-meter section - crafted tree trunk was taken to the trailer and is mounted vertically on a prepared site in the same place. At the base of the trunk diameter of approximately 1 meter, at the top tapering to 80 cm. In the process of preserving wood, its core was drilled out and replaced by a carbon rod is capable of withstanding large loads. March 6 last, the upper segment was installed by crane to the top of the tree. Size section of the branches of reinforced plastic on the frame of a special carbon fiber is 7, 7 meters, and weight - 1, 4 tons. Experts meticulously recreated the exact shape of the crown, including the smallest details. It is expected that the official ceremony marking the return of the "miraculous" pine, will be held at the end of March 2013.

In addition, the pine was made a special seal, measuring approximately 3 square centimeters, the final version of which was chosen from more than 30 sketches submitted by masters from all over Japan. Since the pine - too soft material for printing, wood was impregnated with resin, gives it a special strength. Printing and inkpad with vermilion will be stored in a box from Adam's tree (paulownia), a valuable wood which is used in the country for the manufacture of musical instruments, furniture and various decorations. The inner surface of the cover boxes affixed: "With a prayer for the healing of the scourge." "Such printing have a special value for us and are used in the turning points of life," said the head of the Council for Public Affairs of the National Association of Manufacturers of seals Kazue Nakahara. Mayor Futoshi Toba, bearing seal, said that her first impressions will stand on a letter of thanks to people who helped lonely pine "I feel I have to keep printing for future generations as a reminder of the disaster has befallen us."

pine, towering over Rikuzentakata after the tsunami

Takata-Matsubara grove after the disaster

pine, Rikuzentakata

pine, preparations for preservation

Restored pine, completion of installation work

Pine Grove and tsunami destroyed Takata-Matsubara

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