The highest skyscraper in the world (54 photos)

Sumida Tower (Sumida Tower)
Located in Tokyo, Japan
Height: 613 meters
Will be completed in 2011

Sears Tower (Sears Tower)
Located in: United States, Illinois, Chicago
Height: 443 meters
Floors: 110
Built in 1973

Hotel Burj al-Arab (Burj Al Arab)
Located in Dubai, UAE
Height: 321 meters
Built in 1999

Petronas Twin Towers (Petronas)
Located: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Height: 452 meters
Floors: 88
Built in 1998

Located: China, Shanghai
Height: 514.8 meters
Floors: 131
Will be completed in 2010

Shanghai World Financial Center
Located: China, Shanghai
Height: 492 meters
Floors: 101
Will be completed in 2007

Bionic Tower
Located: China, Shanghai
Altitude: 1228 meters
Floors: 300
Will be completed in 2020

Taipei 101
Located: Taiwan
Height: 508 meters
Floors: 101
Built in 2003

Burj Dubai
Located in Dubai, UAE
Height: 808 meters
Floors: 162
Will be completed in December 30, 2008

Located in Dubai, UAE
Height: 516 meters
Floors: 120
Will be completed in 2011

Jin Mao Tower
Located: Shanghai, China
Height: 420 meters
Floors: 88
Built in 1998

Freedom Tower - the tallest building of the project New World Trade Center,
which is being built on the site of the destroyed by terrorists on September 11 2001 WTC.
Located in: Manhattan, New York, USA
Height: 541 meters
Floors: 108
Will be completed in 2009

International Commerce Centre (Union Square Phase 7)
Located in: Hong Kong, China
Height: 484 meters
Floors: 118
Will be completed in 2010

Empire State Building
Located in: New York, United States
Height: 381 meters
Floors: 102
Built in 1931

Eureka Tower
Located in Melbourne, Australia
Height: 297 meters
Floors: 91
Built in 2006

Located: Gold Coast (Queensland), Australia
Height: 323 meters
Floors: 80
Built in 2005

The Chicago Spire
Located in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Height: 609 meters
Floors: 150
Will be completed in 2010

Incheon Tower
Located: Incheon, South Korea
Height: 640 meters
Floors: 151
Will be completed in 2010

Madinat al-Hareer
Located: Kuwait City, Kuwait
The height of 1001 meter
Number of floors: 250 (approximately)
Will be built in 2011

Russia Tower (Tower Russia)
Location: Moscow, Russia
Height: 612 (648) m
Floors: 130
Will be completed in 2012

Baiyoke Tower II
Located in Bangkok, Thailand
Height: 309 meters
Floors: 85
Built in 1996

Okhta Center (Gazprom City)
Location: St. Petersburg
Height: 396 meters
Wanted to build up to 2012,
but against the citizens and collect signatures for the abolition of construction.

John Hancock Center
Located in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Height: 344 meters.
Floors: 100
Built in 1969

Jumeirah Emirates Office Tower
Located in Dubai, UAE
Height: 311 meters
Floors: 54
Built in 2000

First Canadian Place
Located in Toronto, Canada
Height: 298 meters
Floors: 72
Built in 1975

Triumph-Palace (Triumph-Palace - the tallest building in Europe)
Location: Moscow, Russia
Height: 264 m (given the height of the spire - 53 meters)
Floors: 57
Built in 2006

Naberezhnaya Tower (Embankment Tower)
Location: Moscow, Russia
Height: 268 meters
Floors: 59
Construction will be completed in 2007 and it will be the tallest building in Europe.

The Federation Tower (Complex Federation)
Tower "East" - 93-storey structure height of 354 m
Tower of the "West" - 63-storey structure height of 242 m
Spire (Tower A) - 432 m
Recent photos of construction can be found here.
Construction is scheduled for completion in 2008.

Abraj Al Bait Towers (Abraj Al Bait Towers)
Located: Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Height: 485 meters (expected)
Floors: 76
Planned to finish construction in 2008

The Aon Center
Located in: United States, Illinois, Chicago
Height: 346 meters
Floors: 83
Built in 1972

Commerzbank Tower
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Height: 259 meters
Floors: 56
Built in 1999, was the tallest building in Europe until it gave way to the Trium Palace.


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