To live well in China

China attracts many immigrants with its ancient history and a certain mystery and many say its cheapness. However, our of our present author had other reasons, he came to work here a physical education teacher and now ready to share with you my views on China. In the words of the author: It is worth noting sure that everything is very subjective and vac in China may be vomiting and pull the home after the first day in the society is very high-profile people who are constantly skharkivayuschih, yawning with undisguised mouth, kids pile on his business in the middle of the road. Relations between my pictures and reality someone may seem that there is, but it is. I really like here and not on the above reasons.

I have the best job in the world - I am physical education at the first year of the local uni. I got here by chance on dating. I earn $ 1,000 per month, an English teacher then earn much. China wants to learn all the English (even a movie in the original) - the cause of the mass of English, so that almost any (speaks English and has a tower foot pedal or a certificate TESOL) who wants to can come here.
I flew to the wrong China, not the one I had imagined, I was stupid, and so likely remained. Speaking of stupidity - Chinese, I never learned after one and a half years here.

It's all a gigantic scale. If you build the skyscrapers just a dozen at a time when building roads, then all at once and cars and w / d, in general, there is one great big building (about it later).

But as later explained to me the senior most developed province in China and the name of her Dzhedzyan (Zhejiang). About that hovers in the air here I will not write, I think you can guess.

The second thing after the scale of China which affects it - is traffic on the roads. Firstly, here in Shaoxing (Shaoxing) no cars older than about 2005, except for taxi drivers. I, of course, can be wrong in the exact dates, simply speaking, it seems that everyone who drives a car, drive new.

Secondly, 95% of mopeds and motorcycles on electric motors, gasoline immediately banned in the city center. But the peace did not enjoy the road, because all who have something to honk or ring, do it all the time - so it is worth continuing pipikanie. But what is most interesting - it's not a way of expressing emotion, but simply a statement about yourself, "I'm here - I'm going." Signals are not unhappy, but the one who is presumed guilty, ie "Freak who travels as he wants." And about emotions - the drivers are so calm, just hard to believe that. Here the rate of transition or reversal where want - and no one will get out of the car and will not swear, and the funny thing - in these situations do not honk. And all of this is done slowly.

The roads here with a separate wonderful stripe for mopeds and bicycles. And here is the cheapest cost of building a kilometer certain number of strips in the world, from which the road is not only not suffer even a sumptuous flower beds on the autobahn.

Next the degree of approximation is my university - Zhejiang Yuexiu University Of Foreign Languages ​​- so-called university where I work, and it is sponsored by a local private pharmaceutical company. It is located on the outskirts of the city between the industrial area and the beautiful mountains.

I live on campus. The school provides a room without a kitchen, a 3 bedroom apartment, but with the neighbor. My neighbor lady from Jamaica. The choice fell on an apartment for two reasons - the fabulous views of the mountains to the monastery naverhushke and availability of food, which is much easier to me here process of eating - I do not eat myasko and fish, and the Chinese are very much engaged in this, in that the ability to graze on local restaurants I seriously limited. Particularly curious reader may ask, "can I still do not drink?". The only intoxication that I continue to eat is the local air.

On campus you can live nowhere to go if you want, or vice versa at the unwillingness: a river, a lot of parks, shops, hairdressers, stadiums, driving school, canteens, fast food sorts. But out there somewhere - in the mountains, which are side by side. They are known than the town itself because one of the peaks of the tomb of China's first imeratora - Da Yu the Great. And on a nearby hill is a cascade of Buddhist monasteries - will write later about the mountains. Edistvennoe not happy is the fact that these mountains are often obscured by the smog. Now I have my own interpretation of the concept of "places" - because of the smog can not see the sky, and all that is seen as a gray mass hanging over his head and called smog. And so - one can live.

My first attempt to climb the mountain, which is a 5-minute walk from the university, in order to dispel any view of the city, was in some sense, unsuccessful - the city I did not see because of the fog, but the climb to the Buddhist monasteries. This complex of monasteries at the foot of special, because with them the tomb of the first emperor.

Do not plunging deeply into the subject of religion, it is easy to observe similarities in the external ceremonies - ceremonies of worship. Instead of candles they sandalwood sticks (sometimes sticks in size as logs). Instead crucifixion - ogromeznaya statue. Instead of bells - large copper vats. In general, I am once again convinced that all religions at the root of his come from a single source.

Pleased abundance of yellow-orange color and fun monks in robes of the same color.

As I said in my first ascent to see the city I could not, but this time I saw everything I wanted. The height of the mountain about 360 meters to climb leisurely pace of about 50 minutes, but I ran a 20, because I was afraid that would come back and take the clouds view of the city.

My city of Shaoxing (Shaoxing) high by our standards and mediocre for the Chinese, for obvious reasons. The population of about 5 million people. The concept of city then tensile literally - the territory of the city do not end simply a road sign - a city of flows smoothly from one to another. When you go on the road it is not clear where one ended and the next began. They live here everywhere. In the photos you can see my university.

The city center is 10 minutes bike. Near the town a 5-hour bus ride there are mountains like those that were in the film "Avatar", as it turned out later, there I too have visited, but it will be later.

He helped me once to collect rice farmers - for some reason it was very interesting.

Oh, and it's not an easy job. Dirt in knee hell-heavy bags, you need to take to the field. Local did it with such ease, that I decided to try what later regretted. Actually work consisted in transferring these bags off. All the work on the collection makes the Chinese rice "Wally".

Another funny moment - Figure they dry right there next to the field near the road, and that's revealed to me the mystery of black stones in rice.

Being in China and do not write on the construction site would be strange, because China is a solid building.

Build around the clock. I know where useful hands of our lawyers and economists.

I already wrote that build skyscrapers here just dozens, but just ordinary houses neighborhoods. Everything that is built, wrapped in green mesh, and with red banners looked picturesque. Interestingly, the fences that surround the construction made of stone or brick, as well as restrooms for construction workers - and long overhaul.

Despite the fact that people here are known to many, populated nation has been slow because of the price is unsuitable housing.

In late October, the season starts collecting mandarin. And I visited the plantations of these small suns.

If I was told as a child that I find myself in a place where you can eat all you like Mandarin, and I eat only 5 pieces, I would not have believed it. Something tells me that it will be with everything and everyone. Anyway)

What a wonderful smell of freshly-torn Mandarin! The smaller the Mandarin, so it tastes better and therefore more expensive. Fun and symbolic Great Wall of China was built of plastic and outlines Mandarin Chinese.

And the name of this lined mandarin who periodically disappear mysteriously from there. Mandarin in the season there are 0, $ 4 per kilogram.

Capture the world the Chinese people will be able to certainly no army can nevertheless give the impression that they are going to implement it by means of fragile female shoulders.

After their lessons, I often watched the first-year students, who fulfill different drill exercises. In the photos one of the elements - at attention for 2 hours in a row.

Everything is done completely voluntary. The question "why" the answer is simple - "we are interested in" - military theme popular - is on TV a couple of TV series about the war. Classes at the military department last for one year. I want to believe that so many ladies in the slender ranks dictated only the specifics of the university (linguistics).

Snow is rare here - maybe once every 5 years to fall out, and talk about what to do before lunch Dolezal no. Trees here some beautiful and green all year round and it is not a Christmas tree. In Ukraine, they would - it would be happier, I think. Oh, how beautiful winter in Shaoxing without dirt.

In general, the weather here is biased somehow. That is the end of December the feeling that the beginning of November, and when I arrived (October) felt as if the end of August. So here's a cunning way to travel. If you like September, it is possible to chase him around the world. To live always in September or May! This is my house. The house is cool, as do all the homes in the area - there is no central heating.

At work and in homes all dressed walk. I live on the fourth floor - and the view is just the first picture. Sunny but with a delay occurs while popping out from behind the mountains.

Kitchen in China is very diverse and has a very important place in their culture. I understand that in every culture since, but here in a special way. They can have it all! To my question about whether they eat human children have not received a clear answer, so for me the question is open.

Meat then staple after rice, of course, is that to be a vegetarian in China is difficult. And it was not the language barrier in the explanation of my culinary quirks. Even if my Chinese friend says in a restaurant, I do not eat meat, they still bear meat. There are several reasons: 1. The understanding that some meat, then no meat at all, 2. without meat taste good.

In this province decided to eat a bird with the head and legs, and it's all completely fried or boiled. Chicken legs here instead of seeds. All pleasant.
Recently mastered the profession of primary school teachers. He tried to teach them English, if I may say so, but rather was just a nurse. It was crazy the first and second classes. Fortunately it lasted only a month. A lot of interesting things there.

Each lesson in the first class begins with 10 minutes of charging for the eyes, make it one, the others pretend rubbing the chin, the forehead.

Classes gouging kids, but well-equipped - each room has a projector and a desk with a computer and all sorts of bells and whistles to it. For them, I'm Jack - they constantly repeat that name, saying goodbye and health without discrimination, to the place and out of place.

School surprised me one more point, namely dinner at first-graders. It surprised no food, and the action that precedes it. They eat in class, but before that happens to me a strange process of food delivery. Prepare everything somewhere, and then rolled down on the three-wheeled bicycle.

So these pots are heavy, especially for the children ... and for lunch classic - rice and myasko.

It was the first thing I saw in high school and I was very impressed. Every day on the big break, an hour before lunch, the whole school goes to the stadium to warm up.

All the action takes place under the cheerful music I've heard in the old Soviet films about scouts. On the podium one or two girls motion shows that are repeated.

Such a charge lasts about 20 minutes. And when more than a thousand children jumping on skipping rope is scary.

Shanghai is very tremendous. Thank you for the architecture of the French - the main promenade - Band, say similar places of New York City. It's nice to walk in the streets of China by American, who built the French. You go and you can not understand where you are.

In China, skyscrapers everywhere, to say nothing about Shanghai, on the opposite side of the gang huge glass and concrete jungles.

And of course the most interesting in the slums. There's grandmother at the gym, huge tangles of wires, which weighs underwear, fish and of course the chickens with their heads.

And for the work. There is of course no one can say in your eyes that you're a Negro or Indian, but will pay less.
In China, there is a concept of "work person" - inviting white and only pay for what he's my face that sells. Recently met a couple from Macedonia - 3 months they worked in a nightclub at 4 hours a day from 21.00 to 1.00. Received $ 1000 + tips. Job is to thump with vip-clients and local play board games.



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