International Day of Happiness

March 20, the General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Happiness. On this day relies glad to help those who need it and remember the happiest moments of your life. Tune in a positive way, drop the bad thoughts, smile and hug their stronger relatives and friends, we are all happy because of them.

Happiness - it's when you're happy about

just little things

When you have a family

And the best friends in the world

When you open the world

When can someone share

And have some fun without any reason

When you have a brother or sister

And pet

Happiness - is to love and be loved

Do what you like


Spending time with children

And enjoy the sunset

Re-read favorite books

Play "on repeat" good song

And finish eating chocolate

Coping birthday

And a good sleep

Happiness - is the ability to remain a child

And to grow old with someone who really expensive



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