Energy-efficient skyscrapers in the suburbs of Toronto

Ninety two million seven hundred ninety six thousand four hundred eighty eight

The Chinese company MAD Architects has recently completed its first project in North America, which were "lush" skyscrapers in the suburbs of Toronto. For their voluptuous form of the tower was nicknamed Marilyn Monroe, but their main feature is their design, which reduces energy consumption inside the building.

Sixty million nine hundred twenty four thousand three hundred forty seven

Architectural Bureau MAD Architects won an international competition for the construction of the towers in the suburbs of Toronto, in the heart of MISSISSAUGA. The architects have abandoned the idea of building boring square towers and proposed a project with a huge number of curves. Skyscrapers are so seductive that the locals called Marilyn Monroe Towers.

Thirty four million nine hundred six thousand two hundred forty eight

Curves are formed due to the fact that the slabs are rotated a few degrees, which changes the profile of the building and gives it an unusual shape. Towers built two – one in 56 floors of 170 meters in height, and the second 50 floors and 150 meters high.

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