The Dutch are grown in the gardens "electric lights»

Having tested its technology – generate electricity with the help of plants, in experimental models, the researchers plan to soon try it out in a swampy area in different parts of the world.

The main components of the device are electrodes that are placed next to the plant roots. Now this "power" can produce one square meter of the land plot of 0.4 of a Watt. And it's a lot more than it produces fermenting (fermenting) biomass.

Modern with the help of this technology, it may be to obtain environmental energy up to 3.2 Watts with a square of one square meter.

Seventy four million six hundred twenty six thousand five hundred ninety three

Posting on the rooftop lawn, an area of 100 m2, will give the opportunity to get electricity almost 2800кВт.h per year. Will it be enough for life support the average family.

However, "Electrograd" you can grow undemanding resident on the coastal meadows Spartina and rice (in warmer regions).

According to scientists, their device – ELEKTRA-producing roofs will be developed massively in the near year 2015.

The Dutch in obtaining clean energy is very active. The invention ELEKTRA-growing lights were connected even designers. So Marieke Strap on a specialty — the designer has designed a lamp that ELEKTRA gets energy from the earth.Externally this device is as an ordinary lantern for the garden. And looking at it, determines that the light producing this gadget are nothing but the obtained green energy.

Seventy two million three hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred seven

So after all that it unusual? Designed Marieke Strap can be very long, and it's led lamp receives the energy from the soil. All that is necessary to ensure the operation of the flashlight is timely watering the ground on which it is placed.

Given the fact that the earth contains a lot of various different elements, and for such a lantern, the soil contains such essential metals: copper, zinc and iron.

Now, a flashlight powered energy, which is produced by buried copper and zinc plates. A mandatory part of this device is microbial fuel cells, they can be called – terrestrial fuel cells. Their essence is that they represent clean natural batteries. Interacting, transforming the electrolyte into electrical energy. Fantastic lantern Marieke Strap is powered by energy produced copper and zinc plates buried in the ground.

In addition, it is an integral part of are microbial fuel cells or as they are called, terrestrial fuel cells. In fact, they represent natural ecological batteries. When they interact, they have the ability to transform the electrolyte into energy. Magic lantern from Marieke Strap receives its energy from the copper and zinc plates buried in the ground.

Twenty six million five hundred seventy thousand fifty six

This is not a very complicated designed device that is a reliable source of green energy produced, and led lamps. The lantern itself is not demanding in care. The attention it requires much less than ornamental plants. Pour a little water and the lamp "blooms" lights up your site.



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