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Green mini terrariums is not difficult to do yourself. It is best to manufacture them suitable for cacti and succulents. With the right preparation, this "home greenhouse" maintenance, and to please his owner will be more than one year. Original mini terrariums will perfectly fit into any interior, and therefore can be a wonderful gift for any occasion.

The General rule for making milestones mini-terrarium at the bottom of any container is filled with drainage pebbles and a mixture of sand with charcoal. Then poured earth and planted plants. It must be remembered that the best place for a mini-terrarium, away from sunlight.

Terrarium pendant

Mods can make a terrarium from a regular pharmacy bottle. Clogged tube capacity will create a beautiful miniature environment for tiny plants. The more fine detail, the more original will be the terrarium.

Green ring

Most containers for terrariums need very little soil, so they can be placed even in the sea shell! If there is no beautiful beach with shells, you can use the shell from a nut or any other natural material with a hard shell. Capacity filled with soil and planted plants.


Interesting and the idea of terrarium lamp. You can use any large size container made of transparent glass together with lamps. Put in layers in a container "rocks" charcoal and soil, and then planted plants. This assumes the use of low-temperature eco-friendly light sources for lamp. This will save energy and will not overheat the plants in the terrarium.

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