Led bulb from the store Auchan: good, normal, bad

Most led bulbs that I tested and written about, you can only buy in specialized online stores, but regular customers usually buy the bulbs in hypermarkets. I went to shops Auchan and Leroy Merlin, has bought a 48 led lamp models and tested them. The lamp was brought back to the stores, as there is the possibility of a return. Sales of Leroy Merlin will tell you next time, today — 22 lamp from Auchan.

As you can see, quite a lot of bulbs was bad. First of all, they have high ripple (flicker) light. All the lights have surge more than 45%, I consider substandard. This flickering is visible and placed in a room illuminated by lamps with high surge, very uncomfortable.

The results of measurements with instruments Viso LightSpion and Lupin.

None of the tested lamps does not provide the promised light output and only two lamps have a luminous flux of 99% and 97% of what they promised, it fits in with the requirements of GOST R 54815-2011, in accordance with which the measured initial luminous flux of led lamps should be not less than 90% of the rated luminous flux. This lamp Osram LED Star PAR16 35 GU10 35 AA74222 and Vitoone 1510590 Bulb that was in the good group. The remaining 20 lamps have a luminous flux 61 to 88% of nominal and do not correspond to GOST.
9 lamps have a CRI below 80. They should not be used in residential areas.
I will say a few words about the lamps of each of the tested brands.


Tested one lamp. All parameters correspond to the declared. A good light bulb.


Tested two lamps. I tested the 4-watt candle of this brand in the spring and it was all bad — unacceptable levels of pulsation and low CRI. With new lamps, everything is much better. Ripple of one lamp 25% (which is acceptable), the second ripple virtually no. CRI more than 80, the luminous flux was 97 and 88% of the declared. For the price it is a decent bulb.


Tested two lamps. From the Fact there are two series of lamps — a regular in the orange boxes and simple in white. All the orange that I tested was good. Many white unacceptable levels of surge of light. So 5.5-watt bulb-bulb ripple is little, and the spot GU5.3 as much as 66%. This lamp cannot be used. As for the ball, the only claim to it — 81% of claimed light output. He shines as a 45-watt incandescent bulb, but the manufacturer claims the equivalent of 50 watts.


Tested four lamps. First of all, "Space" introduces consumer confusion with the equivalent. 5 watt candle written in large letters the equivalent of 60 watts, and very small, 340 LM, but it is not any 60 watt equivalent, but only 40. In fact, there is no this lamp gives only 242 Lumens and shines like a 30 watt incandescent bulb. Same thing with other bulbs — bulb has 7 watts actual power is 5 watts, gives 422 540 LM is the promise, and Shine as 50-watt incandescent bulb, rather, either as a 75-watt. 5-watt spot consumes only 3.5 W, gives 226 370 LM is promised and shines as a 40-watt halogen spot and not as a 50-watt. 3-watt mirror lamp R39 gives 199 240 LM is promised, but the manufacturer made a mistake with the equivalent in the other direction. The fact that the mirror light bulbs produce less light than usual. 30-watt mirror light bulb R39 gives a total of 160 LM, so LM 199 is equivalent to 35 watts. All lamps have a good CRI value of 82.3-83.1. The pulsation of the first light three lamps does not exceed 31%, but the lamp R39 surge 47% and it is already visible, so this lamp I have to discard.


Tested two lamps. Ripples of light from both lamps there, but the CRI in them was very different. The candle — 82.5, but the ball — 74.4, so it is better not to use in a residential area. Luminous flux is about 80% of the declared.


Tested two lamps. Ripples of light from both lamps no, CRI 85.7 and 82.5. Luminous flux-pear 86% of the declared, equivalent to 65 watts (the promised 70 W), but light flow "SLR" R63 only 66% of the declared, but there is likely a manufacturer error with a luminous flux and equivalent DSLRs. Tested the lamp shines like a 70-watt digital SLR camera (claimed equivalent to 75 watts). Good bulbs. It is only necessary when you purchase to take in mind 5-10 watts from the promised equivalent.


Tested five lamps. They all fall into the "wrong": the four pulsating light 63-90%, but with the fifth lamp Supra SL-LED-A55-5.5 W/2700/E27 Bulb is pretty unusual. She has low ripple light 25%, 82.7 good CRI, but visually light bulb with an unpleasant greenish tint. Luminous flux of only 65% of the declared and the real life equivalent of 35 watts instead of 55 watts promised. Not sure that this manufacturer has a good bulb.


Tested four lamps. Three of them were "bad" because of the high surge of light 62-98%. Surprisingly, one lamp REV A60-10W-230V-4000K-E27 Bulb pulsations are absent. Although the CRI is still low — 77.7. Luminous flux is 85% of the promised.

The test results were quite unexpected for me. Half of the tested lamps the only place in the garbage. The remaining half would be a mere "satisfactory" rating. The only lamp that can be called excellent spot Osram. However, Auchan is another Philips bulb that I did not buy because they are already tested. published

Looking ahead to say that in Leroy Merlin with lights it's much better.

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