Professional Tester from China hotels

Ms. Zhuang works tester hotels in Qunar company since March 2010. She was chosen as one of three winners of the contest, which was attended by 7,800 candidates. Currently, she visited more than 200 hotels. "My task is to impersonate travelers of different types, ages and genders in different scenarios and to see how the hotel is adapted to their needs" - says Chuang. Her reviews allow tourists to make informed choices of accommodations that brings more pleasure in the journey. Qunar, Chinese online travel network, began hiring professional testers hotels in 2010. Requirements for this work were sleeping in the selected hotel without disclosing his true profession and writing expert judgments about the conditions, location, food, service and prices of hotels, to provide an independent assessment of travel.

1. Walking in a country like China in recent years is gaining rapid momentum of development, in fact, like everything else in this country. It offers tourists a lot of accommodation facilities, but many of them are somewhat overstate your level to attract more customers. In the photo: Ms. Zhuang sleeps in one of the boutique hotels in the heart of Beijing. JASON LEE / REUTERS

2. Now, however, expensive hotels in China will no longer be able to unduly praise their establishments. Photo: Check the cleanliness of glasses in a boutique hotel in the heart of Beijing. JASON LEE / REUTERS

3. More recently, the country began its work independently verify. Organized such a process is one of the most famous sites in China «Qunar», which is dedicated to the tourism business. In the photo: Ms. Zhuang hair found on the bed of one of the boutique hotels in the heart of Beijing. JASON LEE / REUTERS

4. To conduct an independent examination of the hotel industry of the country, its employees were selected only three people to work checked. Photo: The tester makes pictures of china in the dining room of one of the hotels in the center of Beijing, decorated in Chinese style. JASON LEE / REUTERS


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