Wood sphere. The geometric creativity of Lee Jae-Hyo

The nature of fear of symmetry, nature knows no perfect geometric shapes. But man can force nature to acquire these alien forms. A good example of this is the work of Korean artist Lee Jae-Hyo, who creates out of tree trunks of an ideal sphere.

Recently began to appear more and more artists who strive to teach the nature to live according to human laws. For example, to give it the geometric forms, in practice, almost never occur. As evidence we can mention fruit the geometry of the Turk Shakira of Geckobia (Sakir Gokcebag) or geometric works of Korean Lee Jae-Hyo.

Lee Jae-Hyo, a very popular contemporary artist. His work can be found in major galleries around the world. There are solo exhibitions that Korean.

The work is insanely difficult and laborious. On the creation of one such sculpture, the author takes a few weeks of work. We are talking not about a single array of tree that needs to have a spherical shape, and fastened together in random order separate trunks.

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