The geometry of four-dimensional time: it is not how the world works how we think

Dmitry Pavlov said in an exclusive interview on the results obtained by a group of researchers during a series of completed experiments in a pilot plant located close to science city Korolev. We show the existence of a completely new field of physical nature – is called "hyperbolic". Physical picture of the world based on two modern paradigms (according to A. Einstein and N. Bir) are thus special cases "of a hyperbolic field". How is that possible? Why did you choose this term? What do you think about the authority of physics?

Reference: Pavlov Dmitry G. - organizer of the research aimed at a geometrization of physics in the transition from the paradigm of a pseudo-Riemannian metric of space-time to the paradigm of four-dimensional time with Finsler Berwald-moor.

Maybe today we witness how the problem of "misplaced artifacts" is gradually moving from the field of anomalous phenomena at the forefront of scientific research? The issue of the closure of the pyramids led me to the opening of new physical fields, based on which can be built on a completely new physical picture of the world that may well be belonging to the ancient civilization of the world.

Three architectural masterpiece the pyramid of the Sun (Mexico), the White pyramid (China), the pyramid of Cheops (Egypt) — are artifacts, whose researches by local agencies are closed to foreigners. Why? There are answers lying on the surface, — the protection of cultural patrimony, the priority of domestic scientists, and a lot of speculation about the “military secrets” of ancient civilizations.

Look at the facts and expert estimates. The pyramid of the Sun was opened in 1905 to 1910 by Leopold Bateson. Up to a million tourists a year come to the pyramid to climb on top of it, but the entrance to the cave under the pyramid is open to the public.

White pyramid (China) was first captured on film by American pilot James Gusmano in the spring of 1945 in the town of Ziyang, information about the artifact was hidden in military archives. Excavations of an ancient artifact is prohibited until the present time.

Egypt. The great pyramid of Cheops needs no presentation as the world famous monument of architecture. When the object appeared "classified"? At the end of 1985. Seems very likely assumption that the reason for the ban was the number of publications in the world media on the construction of the hypothesis of Anatoly Vasilyev, who for the first time in June 1985, published in the newspaper "Moscow news" (the newspaper was published in 5 languages in 140 countries). What is the novelty of the work Vasilyeva? That shows the unity of the architectural ensemble on the Giza plateau: the overall design and at one time the construction of three pyramids. The modern construction of thought is incredible.

Who, when and what created these complex structures? Why access to archaeological sites closed? That gives me reason to believe that the problem of "misplaced artifacts" gradually, through the efforts of separate the serious researchers moves from the region of anomalous phenomena in a scientific vanguard?

On the one hand, examples from the history of science. The most striking of such examples is the creation of albert Einstein's special theory of relativity (Nobel prize 1922) following the appeal of his attention to the anomalous movement of mercury. On the other hand, the results of some recent research. The latest news from the world of science relate to the Egyptian great pyramid of Cheops and the fundamental physical problems of space and time.

A trip to Egypt.

In 2003, for verification of building hypotheses Vasiliev managed to organize a "tourist" trip to the Egyptian pyramids. The composition of the working group of four specialists: Andrey Punin (a Professor, a historian of architecture), David Chikatunov (engineer), Dmitry Pavlov (candidate of technical Sciences) and Savely Kashnitsky (journalist, critic). Special attention was paid to details that no guide shows tourists. It was about the technical, technological and construction details. If the history books a century rewrite several times, then, why the history and purpose of pyramids see in a quite unusual perspective?

In 2003, the pyramids become for Dmitry Pavlov "geometric tip" for creating a revolutionary approach to the solution of fundamental problems of modern physics. Influenced by the facts that were brought to the special attention of the members of the band, Pavlov appeared quite reasonable assumption: are pyramid structures that already in antiquity exploited the fundamental knowledge about space and time? Maybe time is the unified field, which is so long sought by Einstein, and time, that can be, as we now have learned to control the electromagnetic field?

4.5 million dollars and 15 years to life for staging the experiment. Archimedes, Einstein, Penrose... All mixed up in the kaleidoscope of my imagination after a trip to the "Forest lake" in July 2014. Quiet summer morning there were no signs that the world today several times over in my head after that, as is already happening in the heads of the scientists.

Together with Dmitry Pavlov we went to the territory of the former pioneer camp, to see his experimental setup established to undertake a staged series of experiments. It was here that the first positive results in support of the hypothesis that emerged from studies of the Egyptian pyramids.

Co-author of unusual studies Dmitry Pavlov told about the results obtained by the team. During the experiments, it was shown the existence of the fundamental field a completely new physical nature is called "hyperbolic". From geometric insight to obtain real results it's been 15 years. In developing these hypotheses, Dmitry was not limited only to theoretical work in solitude. To promote the idea of them was created by a private research Institute "Hypercomplex systems in geometry and physics", organized annual conference on Hypercomplex numbers, and a summer school for gifted high school students (scientific avant-garde – the case of young thinkers). The total budget of the project amounted to $ 4.5 million that had been invested Pavlov in the research project as a successful entrepreneur (production of construction materials – the subject of activities, I will inform you immediately in order to avoid unnecessary questions).

In the spring of 2013, at the invitation of Dmitry, came to Moscow Penrose and officially expressed support for new initiatives Pavlova – the creation of Scientific town, or to the centre of the main direction of scientific activity which is expected to choose research in the field of fundamental problems of space-time, gravity and cosmology.

The hyperboloid of engineer Garin or hyperbolic telescope Pavlova? Who will win in an unequal battle of science fiction writers and physicists? That is the question. "I'm not that against aliens. It would be necessary earthly version of the first test," — said modestly with a smile, Dimitri. The pyramids become for him not so much a historical mystery, how much engineering. Is it possible from their structure to go to understanding of their functioning? How and why they are created? When? If we approach this issue philosophically, the essence of avant-garde scientific hypothesis that the world is ruled by the geometry of "space-time", and "four-dimensional time." In this geometry, all four dimensions of "equal". If one of them will choose as the "observer's time", the other three are immediately to the observer "subjective space" with the usual "almost Euclidean" properties. In such a geometry the hyperbolic field is not only quite appropriate, but in General is the only fundamental interaction.

The main difference between the hyperbolic field from the usual force fields in that it connects not elementary "particles", and special "events", called by the authors of the hypothesis of material. In fact, this "sphere" zero radius under consideration Finsler space-time, possessing certain physical characteristics, referred to as the hyperbolic charge. In other words, this is the point of four-dimensional space-time passing through them the light cones, which is a transformation of energy from one species to another.

Having mastered the physics of the hyperbolic field, we can construct the corresponding "hyperbolic telescope" (or chronoscope), in which images are not obtained through the optical lens, and hyperbolic. The idea brought to the level of quality assessments and experimental productions (photo installation in the territory of "Forest lake").

The Case Of Einstein.

Note that Minkowski, a teacher of mathematics as Einstein was, to put it mildly, not a high opinion of the abilities of his disciple. After the publication of Einstein's special theory of relativity, Hermann Minkowski was thinking something like this: "Einstein, why so many words? There is a concise geometry".

Today revives the idea that it's time to contact geometry? For making thoughts about the reality of hyperbolic fields you need to change the geometry describing physical reality. About this is made at the time and Einstein, when formulating the basic provisions of the special theory of relativity — are actually rejected common to this geometry, and, not yet knowing of the new, which clearly outlined his mathematics teacher Hermann Minkowski. Minkowski received "a single four-dimensional Pythagorean theorem", and "the world turned upside down" in the minds of scientists the idea of space and time has changed compared to how it was in Newtonian physics.

Pavlov and his associates carry out yet another "coup" and instead of the difference of the squares of the temporal and the spatial component of the considered geometry, the metric which they enter in the fourth degree, and a very special way. Such geometry already belong to the class of Finsler.

Why is the field called "hyperbolic"? Because vector lines are the vortex component of the field in the space-time does not form a ring structure, such as the electromagnetic field, and hyperbole. This is the most striking difference from conventional open-field force fields. The same physical reality can be represented in many different ways. At the time, Maxwell filled space "the gears", and Faraday's "lines of force". But right or wrong, and the Maxwell equations retain their original form and not changing the words we use to describe physical phenomena.

— Dmitry Gennadevich, the logic of science we were led to believe that it's time for a new synthesis of the physical picture of the world as one of private scientific pictures of the world. This is all physics unanimous? That we need a new synthesis.

Yes. This one today did not. There are two positions. Representatives of one camp of researchers are attempting to make Einstein's unification, creating a single theory, when based on the geometrization of our ideas about physical phenomena is obtained with a single geometric position to describe all nuclear interactions, and electrodynamics, and gravity. Still managed to only describe gravity this way. The representatives of the other camp of researchers believe that it is not necessary to engage in field theory, we need to extend quantum mechanics to a field theory of gravitation was absorbed by the quantum-mechanical ideas. What unified the two camps? That continue so to live. There should be two parts of one whole. I was also interested in building such a unified physical theory.

Your work as a scientist on problems in General physics to explore the pyramids started? It was a primary interest?

Yes. In 1980-e years I first became interested in issues of space and time being a third-year student Baumanskaja Institute. I have this problem not left to the beginning of 2000-ies. The pyramids become for me a kind of new impulse for reflection.

— We can say that a mysterious artifact has become a material object for further theoretical searches?

Yes. This is logical, if we imagine that our scientific constructions have for the future implementation, then we necessarily have to construct new types of engineering structures, that will work on a new – as yet unknown to us the principles. Why not assume that if there was a civilization higher than our own, they all of these tasks are already decided and began to exploit the knowledge they have achieved over many thousands of years before us. And we can now, after studying carefully preserved separate items, to complete what has not been preserved. The result can save you several centuries of theoretical and laboratory searches.

— We cover a historical period when the laws of nature, the laws of the world order has not changed. The changing face of our planet, but the fundamental laws then and now remain unchanged?

Yes. I agree. Although there is a version that the fundamental constants changing, but they change over millions of years. And we are talking about a period of a few thousand, but a maximum of tens of thousands of years. Clearly, if he's gone somewhere to a constant, then very, very slightly. My research interest comes from attempts to understand how space and time as arranged. Even last longer. And those experiments that we set was to help us find the answer to the question: is the additional time not just a physical reality and the physical reality of the field?

Can time theoretically be seen as a kind of field. And, perhaps time is the unified field, which is so long sought Einstein to build a unified field theory, but for various reasons it did not happen. And we, following his example, considering the possibility to change the geometry in the study of physical phenomena.

We proceed from the hypothesis that in fact the physical world is organized according to the rules of four-dimensional geometry, which we will create through hard collective work. I can even say that it is not the geometry of space-time and the geometry of four-dimensional time. We like-minded critical approach to the provisions of the quadratic geometry of Minkowski, considered more complex and less obvious geometry. But it is more easy that all four measurements are absolutely equal.

— That is, we can say that it is simple, if we look from the inside? It is a more harmonious? It is more concise in itself?

Yes. If You accept this hypothesis, as a reward You get a more harmonious design. It seems at first sight more complex. In fact, if she had been taught as much as teaching (or half) as much as teach the geometry of Euclid and the geometry of Minkowski, then navigate to the end, it would be much simpler.

Why? In this four-dimensional geometry reigns algebra. And not even algebra, and arithmetic. There are four-dimensional numbers. They are very simple. They are called the tetrad. They can be used in the "new" geometry, which carries the name "Finsler geometry". Sounds at first glance daunting. The fact that this geometry of four-dimensional time corresponds to such a simple "four-part" algebra, all speeds. You can your any mathematical, geometrical, physical – builds to repeat the language of mathematics four-dimensional numbers. Our algebra and geometry of our few did, it is still not tested the theme and we go over it one of the first.

In any encyclopedia you can find stuff about that for four-dimensional Euclidean space Coulomb potential is obtained, it is successfully worked. But this potential, which we propose to work, no one investigated is nothing more than a four-dimensional potential of a point charge time. The same analog of the Coulomb potential only four-dimensional. And work with this potential.

— Do I understand correctly that You annually spend conference on problems in the study of Hypercomplex numbers?

— Our main forum is an annual event. It is held since 2004 in the around the world. Now it's called "Finsler extensions of relativity theory". The first meeting took place in Moscow, the second in Egypt. In 2014, the meeting place – Romania. In addition to thematic conferences have many workshops and strive to be open in their research for new professionals. Seminars are held in the Moscow state University, Institute of philosophy, Institute of Metrology, Baumanskom the University, also our foreign colleagues.

How does science solve the problem of financing? State funding typically comes in a new subject, if the state and the international scientific community find a grain of truth in the development of a new direction. For those who want to do something new and really avant-garde, to break its way slowly and painstakingly, knowing that there is no guarantee the first time will get the recognition of colleagues. It may not succeed during the life of the pioneers of the new research topics.

The point here is not to obtain or disseminate information, and in the maturation of the mass consciousness. When mass consciousness is ready to perceive new options for understanding reality, then in recognition of new achievements happens as if by itself and without tension. Accordingly, those who are looking for new ways is always a problem with the audience, always a problem with funding.

Good mathematicians have a lot of funding is not necessary, but if you are applying for an engineering incarnation, then, sorry, without a sufficient scale of funding did not develop even the most brilliant by design project.

— Dmitry Gennadevich whether Your mathematical construction to be used in the resolution of interdisciplinary problems of medicine, biology and sociology? Will encourage such use of Your colleagues to repeat Your experiment?

— Of course, you want to repeat in that case, if we have achieved clarity on a theoretical level. What I would like to pay special attention to? We have the mathematical basis of the apparatus of Hypercomplex numbers. There is a very specific geometry, with an unusual, true, properties. There is no clear and obvious to the outsider – and even for us, working in the framework of this geometry – the transition from our ideas to the conventional ideas of geometry of Minkowski. We are from one geometry to another bonded, but it turned out the calculations quite difficult, it requires something more obvious that at least some professionals in modern geometry, gave a positive response about the prospects of working in our field.

If we talk about biology and medicine, we can predict the development of such a section of mathematics called algebraic fractals or algebraic prefectly. We are confident that the same fractals can build on our algebra. I should note that all this applies not only to biology, but also lower levels of organization of matter. There is something to work, since the laws of mechanics. In a situation in which our numbers and our geometry will have a real chance to replace the Minkowski geometry, it will be necessary to redo the entire picture of the world, and not to engage in partial reconstruction. I think go to the solution of chemical and biological problems until we understood at the simplest mechanical level.

In my opinion, using the simplest designs we come to more and more complex modifications. All the math is based on what we call the natural number one, two, three, four, five... I'm sure that even the history we can better understand through this geometry, and using these numbers, we can model the social and historical processes with Hypercomplex structures. In order that such research is started, we need to understand the basis of and act consistently. To jump over the steps – the approach to anything will not lead. Colleagues simply will not support us do not understand, and we are unlikely to advance in knowledge.

— What prospects are You browsing for mathematical modeling of the processes of nature and culture based on Your mathematical work, Dmitry G.?

— Can be viewed from the perspective of a particular discipline, and I look wider, covering the whole world. Provided that if it is possible to build fractal on the basis of our Hypercomplex numbers, you will see the potential to build a universe. And this universe will be separate parts – the galaxies, stars, planets. The planets there are so many, some logical mathematical model of organic life. Want to study cells? Learn. In our model, will be investigated no earthly cells, but they will be as possible as the real cells. That's the challenge really fundamental and universal.

Is what attracts You personally and emotionally inspiring?

— Yes, inspiring. Why snatch out a part and try to deal with it in isolation from everything else? Philosophers have long realized that the world is one.

— The practical part of the work that can be said in an intelligible form?

— Our experiment was that we raised the most massive disc and dropped it from a height of several meters (up to 10 m) on a metal anvil. At the moment of impact, as we assume, is perturbed by a small amount that the "time field", which is recorded by two high-precision clock of a different nature – analogues of two springs, one stiff and the other soft. If in the same gravitational field, these two springs with the same weights to force the stretch, one of them will last more, other less.

Further, when comparing readings, we can conclude about the presence of the gravitational field. We are on a similar scheme conducted an experiment with clocks. It is known that the velocity of seismic waves of the order of several kilometers per second, and we recorded the signal, whose speed was about the speed of light. We turn on and off stopwatch – in our experience, performing the role of recording device — even before came the shock wave. With the tower of the experimental setup until we ourselves have proved that time is the field structure and it is possible to work with this field, it is possible for him to influence. The effect that we recorded were shown on level changes in the range of one hundredth percent. The weight of the blanks is equal to 200 kg, drop height — 10 meters, and the detector were standing 30 metres from the point of impact. Conditions were created to ensure that the impact was as strong as possible. For comparison, in experiments on the fixation of gravitational waves detected by the effect of the order 10 to the minus 19 degree.

— What are You doing to promote these complex research topics.

— In order to promote its own theme, we make films. In these materials, more content and bright animated illustrations than in the video-materials of scientific conferences. I can not say that people fully understand what we wanted to tell the audience there are associations and a certain intuitive grasp.

Twice a year schools with young people. Currently, the main contingent – the students of physics and mathematics school of Yaroslavl. Previously, we collected students from the CIS countries seeking to develop their interest in Finsler geometry, but realized that it takes years of systematic work in this direction to yield a meaningful result, and not a superficial acquaintance. We have taken our children several times and in other countries, including to Egypt, to the children themselves felt and saw the pyramids, puzzled by the question of their technical purpose. Seminars and schools conduct in his house on the lake.

In the conclusion of our meeting, Dmitry G. expressed a very interesting idea: "I am of the opinion that historical past more ornate periods of the rise of science. I would not be surprised if somewhere in the unknown while language, some signs are already expressed and the equations with which we work today for the sake of future discovery of the laws of time and space."published


Author: Yulia Serebrennikova


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