Houses absorbed lava

Kilauea volcano erupting since 1983. Since then it slowly spreadable lava engulfed already 100 houses. This year the house Sleyka Gary became the first victim fiery lava.

Home owner Gary Sleyk three years living near the threat slowly approaching lava from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, now looks like lava finally absorbs his house. (Bruce Omori / EPA)

Gary Sleyk (center) talks with Dave Boyle (right) and Matthew Patrick from the Geological Survey of approaching lava, threatening his home in Kalapalo Gardens, Hawaii. Are under constant threat of lava Sleyk already used to the idea that his house sooner or later destroy. (Bruce Omori / EPA)

Kilauea volcano lava has destroyed more than 100 homes since its eruption in 1983. In this photo lava absorbs the stairs to the house of Gary Sleyka. (Bruce Omori / EPA)

Love fills the courtyard Gary Sleyka. (Bruce Omori / EPA)


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