Wooden house in Norwegian style

Wooden houses in the Norwegian style of carriage attracted the attention of many people from all over the world. This is not only because they are able to withstand the impact of extraordinary weather conditions, but also because they look quite affordable, one might even say universal, that allows the use of this construction technology in almost every part of the world.

The ability of local residents of Norway to build a life in such a way as to have at its disposal the necessary condition for a comfortable life, is a natural interest of those who are faced with the choice of the design of a country house.

The design of the house in Norwegian style



A long tradition of Norwegian builders is the use of wood as a building material. Traditionally, the Norwegian fishing village differed little houses, which stood so close that consisted of a single facade. The technology of construction and finishing houses in the Norwegian style is now of great interest to designers who work in the field of low-rise housing.

Design features:

  • Traditionally, these are built Norwegian from the carriage house – logs, hewn on two sides. For flooring and creating a ceiling use wooden plate or slab. If you look at the house from the street, it will seem squat.

  • However, inside it provides sufficient space, which is achieved by combining the kitchen with living room where there is no direct ceiling. Room height is increased to 3 and a half meters, which significantly increases the volume of the room.

In Norwegian houses are very easy to breathe, since they are made primarily of natural materials and spacious interior is not under pressure.

  • Bedrooms are small, since only a small area of the room can warm up to a comfortable temperature during the cold season, when the street there are frosts, the noise of the North wind. Stairs in houses on the Norwegian technology built the small size, as importantly, what they appreciate is the functionality and ease of use.

  • The main features of the house in Norwegian style qualities such as solidity and reliability.

An ordinary Norwegian home created from solid logs have a small window, weirs, wood facades are painted in bright colors, for example, popular colors such as green and orange, blue or bright red.

Photo of house in Norwegian style

  • Sometimes the facade is brown, gray, black, but always decorated and bright should be the trim on the Windows. It used to house pleasing and enhances the mood looking at him. A traditional element at home in a Norwegian style, no doubt, can become a grass roof, which is also called "Green".

  • She is not only very interesting but also practical, as in connection with an air gap, which is formed around the stems of herbs, soften fluctuations in temperature. Soundproofing the house through the roof is greatly increased. Moreover, the roof becomes another source of oxygen, which has a positive effect on the environment.

  • And in the hot season, under a roof of overheating can not be afraid, because the temperature at the roots of the grass does not rise above 0 degrees. Applying this technology to roof covering, you should make it high-quality waterproofing.

The advantages of such structures is their durability and reliability.

  • The whole timber used in the construction, pre-their hands are thoroughly inspected to detect hidden defects. Heat saving and acoustic insulation, are of Norwegian wooden houses, are always at the proper level.

The carriages must be linked in a special way, named for the Norwegian castle. Its use allows to provide uniform shrinkage of the house. Manual house construction does not imply phase insulation of the joints between the logs.



Photo interior design of the house in Norwegian style


This style requires a fairly bright colors which will differ from each other.

Be present it must and natural materials, but the modesty is the main component of the project internal space of the house in Norwegian style.

Features the interior decoration:

  • With all this, a frame house, on the Norwegian technology built inside are very spacious. This is possible due to the fact that the furniture in such areas to present only the most necessary.

  • If you intend to build Chalet, then it should definitely be a clear functional division of space.

Cool light colors can be diluted in warm colors. Mandatory is the presence of natural wooden elements in the interior. Textiles are also widely used in Norwegian style.

  • Floor and ceiling should naturally be made only of wood. It will look good light fluffy carpets. Furniture, as well as the data elements of the interior, should be mostly made of wood.

  • Functionality is a prerequisite of the Norwegian interior. Norway and other Scandinavian countries are distinguished precisely by the fact that their are a large number of forests. Cutting and carving for many centuries remained one of the dominant occupations of the Norwegians. That is why wood plays such a major role in the construction and decoration of houses.

The distinctive feature of these decorative elements is the image of dragons on them.

Special attention is paid to internal lighting. Natural light is highly valued, so the Windows are used in this style are wide enough, and the curtains should be light and bright. But the natural light in the harsh Scandinavian lands, it is quite rare.

In this regard, in the interior of the widely used different types of bulbs:

  • Floor lamps.

  • Table lamps.

  • Spotlights on a metal frame or on a string.

The projects of Norwegian homes are extremely popular today. Decorative items are mostly documented in a variety of pagan images, they can also be caused by the clothes and ornaments of the temples.

Simple Norwegian project from the carriage house

Unfortunately, the architects of the Scandinavian countries over time gradually began to move from their own national style to the styles came from Europe — classicism and Baroque. But still, some masters managed to preserve the distinctive features of the Norwegian style.

To date, this style along with the Swedish direction, combines the latest technology in interior design with natural, environmentally friendly materials. It should be noted that this project is appropriate and in the design of private homes, and apartments. Importantly, the room the room was spacious.

As for colors, the most suitable are here the pale and cool shades such as:

  • Light blue.

  • White.

  • Light yellow.

  • Ivory.

In order for these shades didn't seem so lifeless, designers are advised to use texture paint with which they are mixed. In order the room was warm and cozy, you need to install it in wooden objects. Textiles the Swedish and Norwegian interior should always be bright and contrasting. On it are welcomed and floral ornament from small and large cells.

This blue and white, of course, should prevail in the textile elements, and much less need to try to use a combination of, for example, red and white. Bathroom walls require extra comfort and warmth, so is better to issue them a wide light planks, not the usual ceramic tiles.

An obligatory element of a bathroom in this style is, perhaps, a large mirror enclosed in a frame. It can also be placed almost in every room of your home or apartment. Norwegian interior wood trim requires not only the walls, but the ceiling and floor.

Floor boards should be bleached in a special way to create a faded effect. To the tree in Scandinavian design can be added also such materials as:

  • Brick.

  • Natural stone.

Walls can also be decorated with images in the style. Norwegian an essential attribute of the interior is the use of a large number of green living. But if you don't like to install home fresh flowers, this move can be beat in other ways.

For example, the perfect solution is painted on the ceiling and walls. Pretty will look spectacular climbing plant, gradually slipping from the ceiling on the wall. It does not need to be watered, fed, cleaned from dust and washing.


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In addition, this green plant that might even bloom and will constantly, will not wither and will not die. Except that every few years you will need to adjust the image. Others is also quite effective option would be sticking paintings on the walls and ceilings. This material does not fade in the sun, not erased, so the choice in its favour is absolutely true, especially since the price of these stickers is low.


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