7 natural stones to help cure serious illnesses. Force of Nature heals!

Natural stones - natural biostimulants. Tibetan lamas in ancient times have always used the minerals during cooking therapeutic potions, was popular massage active points on the body with stones, stones attachment to the sore spot. It is believed that lithotherapy - treatment of stones - byway of alternative medicine that is gaining momentum. The chemical composition of some stones is not fully known, but many people feel positive changes in the health and life in general, began to wear jewelry made from natural minerals. Here is a list of the most commonly available stones that are not only amazingly beautiful, but also have healing powers. It is not necessary to believe in the effect of such therapy - it is better to try, energy stones works wonders!

1. Lapis

blue, blue, gray, or purple opaque stone. If you put a real lapis lazuli in the water, no water will be painted. The symbol of the heavens, by heating the stone is even more intense shade. Springs of lapis lazuli are high in the mountains. If you want to strengthen the relationship with your loved one and to achieve mutual understanding in all areas - often wear lapis lazuli. His tone, soft blue, soothes and facilitates contacts between people. Useful lapis people who work in a team, often pronounced public speeches - natural mineral helps the emergence of new ideas and protects against inadvertent error. It helps to cope with nervous exhaustion, insomnia, gives energy and self-confidence.

2. Hematite

Stone deep black or dark red in color, known as black pearls. The main feature of this stone - protection, it is very useful to men. Stone recommended to wear for diseases of the blood and urinary tract. In ancient times, warriors wore stone - a symbol of courage, bravery, knowledge of the world. It is best combined with silver, able to save you from unpleasant incidents on the road.

3. Labrador

Stone green, gray color, with a matte gloss and colored highlights. With his magical play of stone charms, uplifting, positive attitude helps in all cases. Mineral way to relieve stress, helps with muscular jaws, treat infertility in both men and women. This stone is considered to be a good helper for creative people - it contributes to the unusual color of inspiration, emotional lift, easy operation.

4. Turquoise

This stone of happiness and financial prosperity! Bright turquoise relieves fatigue, brings peace to the house. The man who wears turquoise, less conflict, open to the world. Turquoise helps treat diseases of the liver, stomach, it helps to quickly calm down people who are going through a lot - enough to hold a beautiful little stone in hand, to admire his face. Turquoise is considered a symbol of morality, loyalty, helps to establish personal life.

5. Coil

Stone luxurious dark green color with a characteristic flowery pattern. The main feature of the stone - the absorption of negative energy emotions diseases. It is recommended to wear a coil to those who are actively taking medication and is being treated for a serious illness - a stone at times increases the effectiveness of drugs. When kidney disease, elevated pressure, failure in the digestive system and various inflammations coil relieves. If from time to time to stroke a pleasant surface of the stone, it's very soothing.

6. Carnelian

Red-orange stone that helps to find love and keep it. Very useful for women: it regulates hormonal balance, a good effect on the skin, teeth and hair. If the headache is useful to hold Carnelian at the temples or impose it on closed eyes - stone calms, improves blood circulation, helps with high pressure. For irritable people carnelian is priceless: it prevents the murky glow of aggression, time stops the owner from making rash decisions.

7. Tiger Eye

Interesting natural stone that helps owner to understand themselves, their true desires and needs. Helps focus, useful for women - safeguard against overeating, jealousy, carelessness. Brown stone is able to clarify the situation in life, teaches master pay attention to details that pass by. It is recommended to wear a tiger's eye during a major life change, the shortage of optimism. His wondrous radiance energy and give vitality!

Why do stones have such a huge impact on people, guess easily. It is part of nature, to which you can touch at any time! After all, the human body - part of a living, moving system of the planet, many chemical elements that are present in the minerals present in small amounts in our bodies - in the bones, blood in the skin. Also, natural stones have a natural beauty that relieves stress, fights with nervous tension - because of nervous overloads mainly occur because of the disease. Choose your stone, which will act soothingly and remind you that nature is always nearby. In a short time, and you will be convinced of its healing properties!

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