Psychologists say: Tell me your favorite color, and I'll tell you who you are.

When meeting a lot of people wonder what color the person prefers. This is done not only in order to somehow start a conversation, but also to learn more about the nature of the interlocutor. Psychologists report that our favorite color corresponds to our nature or the fact that we strive to attain. Read the article and see!

White. It is a symbol of purity and perfection. Most often it is chosen accurate, honest and sincere people.

Black. The American psychologist Bernardo Tirado said that black people are choosing a mystery. Understand what's inside is not easy. They are in most cases held distance. Also, these people are stylish and have excellent taste.

Blue. If your favorite color is blue, then you most appreciate the harmony in the relationship. The blue color like the faithful people. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get rid of stereotypes. But they do everything responsibly and watch your language.

Green. Psychologists say that people who prefer the green, are very active and sociable. They adapt easily to change and rarely have problems with money matters. Also, they are always logical in their actions and bring all started before the end of the case.

Orange. Frank Sinatra's favorite color was he. Singer saw orange most "happy" color. To some extent he was right. Psychologist Betty Wood says that this color is selected gay people with an active lifestyle. Sometimes they like to dramatize, but this is not always negative. These people love to be in the spotlight.

Pink. The most common pink color prefer women who have a gentle and mild character. They need the support and maintenance in the relationship. Fans of pink often good and loving parents.

Purple. If you're a creative person, then most likely your favorite color - purple. He also speaks of ambition and unwillingness to obey anyone. Lovers of purple - a good friend, you can rely on at any time.

Brown. Few people prefer this color. But those who love it are hardworking, patient people with fine mental organization and excellent sense of humor.

Red. The passionate person who loves adventure, choose red. Sometimes, these people are quick-tempered, but the offense very quickly. With red lovers you will never be bored. They always go to their goals and realize their dreams into reality.

Grey. The words "protection" and "reliability" - this is about you if you choose gray. You do not like to argue. You like to be alone and you'll never be bored in the company itself.

yellow. Psychologists proved that yellow - the color of people with a broad outlook and a vivid imagination. Most often, they are perfectionists and like to have everything in its place. Sense of humor - is what distinguishes lovers of yellow among the crowd. It is very original.

When people enjoy several colors (they can not select one), this indicates that the person is different and varies depending on the situation. This is quite normal.

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