Favorite color

Look carefully at the image presented. Choose your favorite color and read the results.
White It is a synthesis of all colors, so it is the perfect color, "the color of dreams." It laid a meaningful sense, because it simultaneously transmits and shine light, cold and ice. This color can give preference to people with any character, he never pushes. Black This color can cause anxiety, associated with negative phenomena. It symbolizes a bleak outlook on life. Anyone who prefers to dress in black (except mourning symbolism - is a special case), often perceives life in dark tones, insecure, unhappy, prone to depression because they do not doubt that the ideals in life are unattainable. Frequent change of suit or dress black on the other, brighter, - an indication that the pessimism collapsing. Gray Favorite color sober and mistrustful of people, think twice before making any decision. This color is preferred, and those who fear too loudly about themselves. People who do not like this color have impulsive, thoughtless character. Red - the color of passion Man differs courage, willpower, imperiousness, irascibility, sociability, a tendency to altruism, if this is his favorite color. People who are this color annoying developed an inferiority complex, fear of quarrels, love of solitude, instability in relationships. Orange My favorite color people with developed intuition and passionate dreamers. This color also indicates the hypocrisy and pretense. Brown and all his shades preferred by those who firmly and confidently on his feet. People who have a weakness for him, appreciate tradition, family. His aversion suggests vanity, selfishness, secrecy, isolation. Yellow symbolizes calm, ease in dealing with people, intelligence. People who love it, are different sociability, curiosity, courage. They easily adapt to everything and loves to please and attract attention. Rejection of the people he closed pessimism with which it is difficult to strike up an acquaintance. Salad - the color of misanthropy and cynics like it powerful people seeking to impose its will on others, but did not dare to act for fear of get into difficulties. Pink - the color of life, of all life he speaks of the need to love and to be kinder. Those who love it tend to worry about the most insignificant. People pragmatic this color causes irritation. Purple indicates high emotionality, sensitivity, high spirituality and delicacy. It is the color harmoniously developed people. He did not accept people with a strong sense of duty, who desire to live only the present. Blue is the color of the sky Because, it is usually associated with spiritual elevation of man, his purity. The commitment to it shows humility and melancholy. Such a person is often needed to rest, he quickly and easily gets tired, it is very important for a sense of confidence, benevolence of others. Those nepriemlyut it, they want to show that they have everything in the world is subject to. But in fact they are - people are insecure and closed. Indifference to this color is referring to the frivolity in the feelings hidden under the mask of courtesy. Green - the color of nature, of nature, of life itself, of spring. Whoever prefers afraid of foreign influence, looking for a way of self-affirmation, as it is vital for him; but he who does not love him, afraid of life problems, adversity, even all the difficulties. See also: A very quick test to determine your character. Find the cat in the photo. Find a child who is in the room. Find the 7 differences. Photos of Mystery. Puzzle: What letters are hidden behind the cards?

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