Facts about the color (10 photos)

Everything that surrounds us has a certain color, even the universe has a color.

1. The perception of color: technically, there is no color

The color is created by our brain, when he tries to understand the signals of the light received from the outside world. In other words, the color - is that there are in our heads. Without it, our world - a monochrome place that looks more like a scene from the movie "The Matrix", filled with electromagnetic radiation of different intensities and wavelengths.

2. Men and women have different views on red

While women see burgundy, maroon, crimson, men basically just see the red color, without shades. As it turned out, this difference is due to genetically.

Scientists from the University of Arizona found that the gene responsible for the perception of red, is on chromosome X. Since women have two chromosomes X, and males only one, the weaker sex more receptive to the whole range of red.

3. Silver color - the safest car

If you decide to buy a car and you can not decide which is better, stop your choice on silver car.

Scientists from the University of Auckland in New Zealand investigated the relationship between the color of the car and the risk of accidents, taking into account many other factors such as age, sex, use of seat belts and the conditions on the road. As it turned out, the silver car less often become victims of accidents, as they are more visible on the road and in the dim light.

4. Pink calms nerves

Pink is considered soothing color that is often used in prisons and psychiatric institutions to calm those who go out of control. Pink reduces hostility among prisoners, and reduces aggression and anxiety.

5. Blue - favorite color in the world


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