Interesting facts about the "Matrix" (11 photos)

March 31 marked the 15th anniversary of the movie "The Matrix", which became a cult and set a new bar for special effects in kino.Podborka the most interesting facts about the movie.

The film was shot Wachowski brothers, who hatched the idea of ​​"The Matrix" for many years. No accurate information when it Wachowski decided to create his own world, inspired by the concept of Socrates about the cave and "simulacra and simulation" by Jean Baudrillard. It is unlikely that the authors will be able to give an exact date or even during his own life, as often even their interviews contradict each other.
In addition to the philosophical ideas, sometimes difficult to understand, the Wachowski inspirational books, including "Alice in Wonderland," "Occupation" by Isaac Asimov, and Japanese anime and movies with martial arts.
In the movie "The Matrix" there is an incredible amount of references to different religious sources, philosophical ideas and movements, historical events.

"The Matrix" was the second film the Wachowski brothers. Debut was film "Contact," which the young director made to prove their aptitude film producer Joel Silver, who previously bought their script "Assassins." Then the brothers talked about their main job. The producer liked the idea, but trust record an easy project for young people with no experience, he could not. Audiences and critics met "Communication" positive response and Silver gave a "green light" to "The Matrix". However, this distrust of the young directors did not end there. Wachowski expected to receive about $ 80 million to stage the film, but the studio has approved the budget picture is 8 times less than the amount requested - only 10 million. After receiving the money, the brothers decided to take a chance and put them completely in the first ten minutes of the film, which ultimately studio was so impressed that the rest of the money the brothers received without any problems.

Samples. When selecting the actors who are ready to take part in the film, to create unprecedented turmoil. For example, directors in the role of Neo initially saw Johnny Depp. But his role was rejected by the studio, which wanted to give the lead role Brad Pitt or Velu Kilmer. Also, in the samples was attended Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicolas Cage and Will Smith even black. On the role of Morpheus claimed Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and this role was offered to Sean Connery, but he refused it because it did not understand the script. In the role of Agent Smith Wachowski wanted to make French actor Jean Reno, but he chose to star in "Godzilla." And Laurence Fishburne, Jada Pinkett Smith and Anthony Wong agreed to star in the film without reading the script.

Matrix, a modern retelling of religious motives. It was very similar to the classic idea of ​​Plato's "myth of the cave," in which the whole world of the senses is defined as an illusion, and the people who live inside the "cave" of Plato, are not aware of this. Despite the fact that the plot of "The Matrix" in many respects similar to the novel by William Gibson's "Neuromancer", a significant part of the movie somehow sends the viewer to biblical grounds. Introduced in the film as the last bastion of humanity, the underground city of Zion, which is inhabited by, people came out of the matrix, is present in the Bible - the mountain, the place of the Last Supper, the burial place of King David. In the Psalms of Zion - a symbol of loyalty and resistance. Finally, it is here, according to the Bible, gather the righteous. "Neo" - from the Greek meaning "chosen". In the final scene of the film Neo, like Jesus ascends to heaven, having completed its mission in the world. Morpheus in the movie - the ancient Greek god of dreams Morpheus. It is worth noting that the emblem of the god Morpheus are double gates, one of which leads to the world of false dreams, and the other - in the world of dreams real. Analogy: Morpheus offers Neo a choice of two pills.

Impressive shooting a scene with a helicopter almost led to the closure of the project, because the crew did not bother to obtain the necessary permits and violated several laws, flying in helicopters over the no-fly airspace. Subsequently, however, the laws have been changed in order to continue filming.

In the picture, which flashes the passport of Neo, you can see its details. In particular, the end of the column of the passport appears infamous date - September 11, 2001. The film was released in 1999.
6. Do not live in a room with the number 101. Curiously, another dystopia "1984" by George Orwell was in the room with the same number by torture "truth becomes a lie and a lie the truth».
7.Lyubopytno that the actress Carrie-Anne Moss, whose role in the Trinity "Matrix" has brought worldwide fame, in 1993, starred in the TV series with exactly the same name - "The Matrix».
8.Do start filming all the actors involved in the lead roles, and key members of the crew must necessarily have to read the book by Jean Baudrillard's "Simulacra and Simulation." It is noteworthy that the author claimed that the "Matrix" misunderstands and misrepresents his work.

In the episode, when the Trinity breaks into the computer at the power plant, the heroine enters the password Z1ON0101. It is noteworthy that hacking seem very realistic. Trinity actually uses the existing program Nmap version 2.54BETA25, designed to scan the ports of remote access. As at 02/10/22 the utility finds an open port used by the service SSH. Moreover, Trinity uses to attack real and rather famous "hole" service SSH CRC32.
10. Today, talking about the movie "The Matrix" Wachowski brothers took off is not entirely correct. The fact that Laurence Wachowski about 2006 became Lana. In 2012, the Human Rights Campaign award handed woman Visibility Award.
11. On the set reigned spirit of Asian culture. Specialist fights Yuen Woo-Ping and his team good luck every day lit scented candles and fed all the roast pork - a traditional oriental dishes.

There is an alternate version of the ending of the trilogy "The Matrix". According to her, no Sion never existed - all the fruit of computer code, granting people the hope and takes it in the end. A Neo, respectively, one of the many Neo, "saving the world" over and over again. That is, in the end of the world is presented after full apocalypse, complete subordination of human machines, a new world, from which there can not get out, because all the people are in a matrix, and never out of it did not come out. This is much like the idea of ​​a dream within a dream, which is well illustrated in the film Christopher Nolan's "Inception". However, this theoretical ending practically lacked a basis in reality. A year ago, she was actively discussed on the Internet, but the real sources could not be found. It is worth noting that this ending is largely based on the missing elements in the original film, although many questions she does not answer.

Points main characters of the film provided a label Blinde virtually unknown at that time. The competition was attended by three of the manufacturer of sunglasses. Among the losers were such giants as Ray-Ban and Arnette. Upon learning the results of the tender, the company's founder Blinde Richard Walker, immediately flew to Australia to dressers with pick up points for each actor.

By mid-2002 the effect of "slow flying bullets" was used in 20 different movies. Expected later sparked controversy not joke on the topic, who also is the author of "trick." Despite the fact that this special effect has been applied, it is safe to say that it was popularized "The Matrix».

Before filming began leading actors trained for four months, learning the basics of martial arts. It lasted training from October 1997 to March 1998. Actors did not expect such loads and are fully confident that for practice enough, and a few weeks.


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