Abandoned hotel

Again, I come back to the topic of abandoned Japanese hotels, this time a small motel. The two-story building with ten rooms on the ground floor is a large garage of each box which goes directly to the narrow staircase to the room. Thus, the central hall is not here, but in the room you can stay and live completely without meeting other guests. The hotel was opened in 1973, closed in the 1997th, and the most interesting thing in it - decorated rooms. Normally, such an unusual decor is typical for special hotels for sex, which is the whole country are vast. Rooms in such hotels shall lava bounds and only couples, but describes the place they can be removed as a day, so to be in this alone. Prices are moderate - to 9,000 yen and 2,000 yen a day for a couple of hours of sex otdyha.

Room number one is decorated in the style of a European palace - statues, columns, antique telephone, large lyustra.

The room has two rooms - the second regular "Japanese" with wooden figurines, stuffed birds and ancient televizorom.

Bathroom of nomera.

Another room filled with medieval themes - knight in armor, a box-shaped carriage, ship Vikingov.

But this number is a room of the hunter. The roof, unfortunately, 15 years old sprung a leak, sofa considerably damped with water and rotting floor and look to provalitsya.

Neighboring the hunting room number so the same is full of stuffed animals, but simply decorated. Next to the TV is a radioisotope smoke detectors, metal-containing Americium-241. Its radiation ionizes air molecules in the sensitivity of the camera. Under the influence of the electric field generated positive and negative ions produce a current whose value is constantly monitored. When a smoke sensitive camera decreases the magnitude of the current because of the association of ions on the surface of the smoke particles. By reducing the amount of current to the threshold detector activates. Generally, Reed-s there at every shagu.

Another room with interior design elements and stuffed birds. Door on the right leads to a small bathroom, it is possible to open and the window of komnaty.

This number is very similar to the very first, but the design is much more simple. There are no large bath, but you can go into the garden with a bamboo zontikom.

Another room with a large bathroom. The basis of the decoration of the constituent elements of wood, paintings and hanging svetilniki.

Room with columns and a portrait of a lady on the wall. The Hotel has four rooms in the red. In the corner of a wooden elephant hides.

And another "wooden" room. It has access to a small garden, bathroom, badly overgrown plants for 15 years. This is the last room in the motel - it's time to leave.

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