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Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland with heated glass igloo (domed dwelling Inuit, usually built of snow blocks) 84,591,437

The Holiday Inn first opened 60 years ago. From this point on in America, and worldwide hotel rooms became gradually reduced to a common standard. For most travelers simple and clean room - all that is needed. However, there are those who are always and everywhere looking for the unusual. The following nine rooms used constantly, even though some of them were originally designed solely for advertising purposes. Hotel Holiday Inn Key Card

In 2009, in order to promote the campaign at the Holiday Inn in Manhattan was established hotel room design which consisted entirely of key card. For an area of ​​37 square numbers. m. has been used 200,000 cards Holiday Inn. Among them was made reception desk, bed and even the toilet. Mirror kub

Merge with nature "hidden refuge in the trees." Mirror cube set on a tree trunk and firmly fixed cables. The Swedish manufacturer Treehotel delivers and sets the cube, which houses a large bed, lamps and toilet, in any timber of your choice. Number Godiva Chocolate Suite

You have to be more than just a sweet tooth, to spend the night in the room Godiva Chocolate Suite. This room was created in 2008-2009 in the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City. Chocolate maker Godiva room designed their products. It was a gift for Valentine's Day. The room of chocolate made absolutely everything - including the walls, paintings and lamps. Fortunately, no one has yet taken advantage of a chocolate fireplace. Hotel Madonna Inn

Located in California, could compete for the title of the most eclectic hotel in the world. Each of the 110 rooms has its own theme - from Safari with the image of a leopard to the cave with a waterfall in the bathroom. A number called "The Sands of the Desert" can afford even a tourist with an average income. Hotel Tianzi

This 10-storey hotel is located in the Chinese province of Hebei. Tianzi Hotel is brought in Guinness Book of Records as the largest building-sculpture. Its facade is a figure of the Gods - Fu, Lu and Shou, bringing good luck, prosperity and longevity. The hotel entrance is located at the right foot of God show. Icehotel

Icehotel - the largest hotel of snow and ice. Every winter he rebuilt. Each year, artists and designers from around the world gather in the Swedish town of Yukkasyyarvi for the development of the future design of the hotel and ice sculptures. Before you start, they have to be warmed well as the temperature in the hotel is always minus. Hotel Dog Bark Park Inn

This hotel is located in Idaho, USA. It is built in the form of two beagle dogs - large and small. The price of a hotel room, in addition to accommodation, includes breakfast. The couple the night in a hotel will cost 96 dollars. The owners themselves are manufactured and sold wooden figures of dogs and cats Hotel Kakslauttanen

This Finnish hotel offers a choice of log cabins or glass igloo with ice-windows, through which you can see the northern lights. But keep in mind - no luxury here is not provided. You will be given a sleeping bag, wool socks and a hat. Capsule Hotel Nine Hours

For owners of the capsule hotel is important efficiency and compactness. Guests are given to seven o'clock on sleep, one hour to shower and an hour to rest. Then, the capsule should be released for the next guest. Delicate bed linen and complimentary slippers are included.

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