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Jacob Tomski has worked in the hospitality business for over ten years. He started his career from an ordinary employee in one of the hotels of New Orleans, now works as a Manager of an elite new York hotel. Jacob Tomski is the author of the acclaimed book "Heads in beds" and a man who knows a lot of secrets about "hotels, vanity and so-called hospitality" and is ready to be happy to share them with you.

1. Hotels rowing money with a shovel.

The fact that the hotel can be profitable, does not fit in my head. Why? To maintain one hotel room takes an average of 30 to 40 dollars a day. If you are up for a night in a hotel or Motel pay less than $30 I'm willing to bet that the care room here spend no more than $5. In the amount of $ 40 includes the procurement of funds for washing and cleaning, electricity, hourly wages of maids, waiters, administrators, and other employees of the hotel and so on. Compare that figure to the average price for a hotel room, and you will understand why hotels is a profitable business.

2. Want to stay for just one night? Then you need to another hotel.

Managers of hotels from the mere words "get the guest" already throws in strong shaking. Since a daily average of about 10 percent of the booked rooms are not in demand, they are not to lose, prefer in any case to reserve one-tenth more than expected occupancy of the hotel. What happens when such caution and prudence turns not in their favor? Guests have politely "rid" to another hotel, while paying them the full rate per night, plus taxes.

The guest is likely to get "the shot" if:

1. He ordered a hotel room at a discounted rate using Expedia.
2. He never stayed in this hotel and it is unlikely there will be again.
3. He just needed to sleep.
4. And probably the most important reason of all these: he behaves like an idiot.

3. Someone who knows how to complain properly, always gets her way.

And although most of the problems taken directly, in person or by telephone to inform the Manager of the hotel, remember that it is not the cause of your complaints and grievances. Briefly describe the issue, propose your own solution, if you have it, and politely ask to whom you should turn for help: the Manager, maid etc. In this case, your problem will be settled in the blink of an eye.

Want to make sure that the administrator or another employee of the hotel will comply with your request? Call him by his name. No need to threaten him, just a relaxed tone say: "Thank you for your help. I'll look in on you later to make sure that everything is done properly. Tommy, if I'm not mistaken?". Scream also should not be. Your request will be done in any case, but how effectively?

4. How to quickly and deftly put a pillow case on the pillow?

As do the maids in hotels: they hand divided the cushion in half and collapsed putting her in a pillowcase. How do ordinary people: they clamped the pillow with the chin in this position, pull on her pillow case. Latest fashion for the maids is not preferable for the simple reason that the day they have to deal with dozens of pillows, and as something not very nice to lean on them all to face.

5. Glasses with the scent of lemon freshness.

Do you know how to get rid of spots and stains on mirrors? Special liquid for glass? No. Furniture Polish. Spray a little bit of money on the surface, wipe with special cloth and the mirror shines and shines like new. However, I would not recommend you to use this advice at home. Despite the fact that furniture Polish will help you quickly and effectively deal with spots and stains on the surface after prolonged use builds up a layer of wax, and here no hard brushes is not enough.

The maids kept this secret in the strictest confidence, and that they use the Polish to clean the glass from the Minibar, so don't be surprised if your soda will smell lemony fresh and give chemistry.

6. Never pay for the Minibar.

Most people go into shock when you see the check the amount you have to pay for the use of the Minibar. In fact, you don't have to do. Why? And because the invoice process for the mini-bar allowed a lot of errors. Typographical errors, delays in restocking, double the price and hundreds of other mistakes can easily cause a cancelled cheque.

7. Book the rooms on sites where there is a system of cumulative discounts.

People who are booking a hotel using an online service, usually do not get the best rooms. Sounds unfair? Let's start with the fact that such orders we have virtually no profit. And, frankly, customers usually choose a hotel based on cost and not quality.

In lists sorted by value we have always occupied the first position, therefore, online orders do not count. However, we had one client who, despite the price at $500 for a room, chose our hotel. And now, every time I come to new York, she always stops us after placing an order on our web site. So for business it makes sense to do discounts for regular customers and leave them with the best rooms.

8. Porter hate your suitcases, not because they are heavy.

Bernard Sadow – the man all hate porter. In 1970, he invented the suitcase on wheels. Prior to that, porter was considered almost the most useful members of society, providing customers with ease and comfort. When I got the suitcases, they went from being a noble assistants in particular-struggling desperately for every penny.

9. The administrators of the hotels concurrently to be agents of karma.

Upon arrival at the hotel the guest receives a so-called primary keys, which are programmed to reset the door lock and deactivate the settings of all previous keys. Only issued two such keys. Use from the beginning only one of them – and all will be well.

The accidental or deliberate activation of the second key will cause the first just-just stop firing, and you immediately run to demand an explanation from the administrator. But his fault that when he told you how to use the keys, you are in the moment scolded her little daughter for disobedience? No it's not.

10. There is one sure way to get the number you want.

When the administrator tells you that all rooms in the hotel are virtually indistinguishable from each other, know he's lying.

There are corner rooms, rooms with huge flat-screen TVs, rooms that, according to the layout of the building, have larger bathrooms with two sinks, rooms that can easily fit two roll-away bed, standard rooms with magnificent views of the Hudson river and more. Twenty dollars in my pocket administrator will perform all your wishes.


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