Photostory on a trip to the island of Tenerife Tenerife
Part 1
If anyone remembers, in the 90's ultimate dream was to visit the Canary Islands. In September 2010, for me, this dream has come true.
Bought a ticket to one of St. Petersburg tourist firms. Flight on Iberian Spanish airline Pulkovo (St. Petersburg) - Tenerife (South Airport). Total travel time - about eight hours, the intermediate landing in Madrid hour to refuel and change crew, passengers were on the plane. In flights there and back all was well.
The Canary Islands are a possession of Spain, inhabit them from the 15th century Spaniards (natives - the Guanches, extinct). Canaries are not far from West Africa (South Morocco) in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are of volcanic origin.
The climate is suitable for year-round recreation. In summer the temperature is usually in the range 27 - 32 deg. (Sometimes wind brings heat up to 40 degrees from the Sahara), water 23 - 25 degrees. In winter, the air 22 - 25 deg., Water 20 - 22 deg.
Tenerife (cm. Card) - the largest and, according to many, the beautiful of the Canary Islands. Its length is about 100 km, the width (at the widest point) - 40 km. Center of the island is Mount Teide, he acts, but now rests, the height of about 3700 m (the highest point and the Atlantic). Periodic eruptions, sometimes catastrophic.
The climate of the island is different in the northern and southern parts. In the north, quite often it rains, the development of agriculture, mainly the cultivation of bananas (small), viticulture and winemaking. Coast in the north are high, unsuitable for a beach holiday. Mountains in the center of the cloud delays. In the pine forests on the slopes of the mountains are so-called horizontal rain - moisture condenses on long (30 cm) needles Canarian pine (do not grow anywhere else), it flows down and humidifies the soil. To the south of the clouds do not reach, where rains are very rare. Everything that grows in the south, is grown on artificial irrigation (including palm trees, ornamental shrubs and grassy lawns). But in the south sloping sandy beaches. South Island is a resort area and strewn with hundreds of hotels to suit different tastes and budgets. Natural beaches on the island is not very much - they are volcanic, with a black or gray sand. In the 70 years the program has been adopted, according to which steel barges bring sand from the Sahara and create new beaches, as well as expand existing ones. Began the rapid construction of hotels. The number of tourists increased by an order of magnitude.
Our hotel "Los Olivos" is located on the beachfront in the village of Playa de las Americas, consisting of hotels, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.
When we flew on September 3 from Peter, there was 8 degrees. and was rain. Tenerife met us the scorching sun and heat - 29 degrees.
Here are some pictures of what we saw on the first day:

Part 2
I want to tell you about the hotel where we were staying, and the first impressions of the arrival.
The hotel is called "Los Olivos". This apartment hotel three stars. On the territory there is another hotel (one owner, the general restaurant, etc.), he also has three stars, but it looks more respectable. Both hotels are located on the first line ten meters from the beach.
To the hotel from the airport we got a taxi. In the parking lot there were a dozen cars, we come to the one that was closer to us, its driver took us to the first machine. Taxi different brands (we got a Mercedes), all municipalities (no bomb is not), white. In the parking lot, as we learned later, there is a sign with the prices trips to various points, to our hotel - 20 euros. We arrived 20 minutes for Roads on Tenerife are excellent. Permitted speed between the settlements of 120 km / h. At the destination, the meter showed 20 euros, but the driver made a lightning-fast manipulation with the counter and it showed 25, and the driver strange pohohatyval (we later noticed that when the locals want to cheat, which is extremely rare, so they start pohohatyvat). We did not argue.
The hotel reception we met a group of Russian comrades working in the hotel, and a porter, decently speaking in Russian (though only in the presence of these comrades, and then he pretended he did not understand and asked to speak in English).
Russian comrades have given us quite a long list of possible excursions. Later, they tried to make us members of a club that we continue to rest primarily on Tenerife. It was not in our long-term plans. In addition, we compared the cost of living (24 thousand rubles for 2 weeks), and the price for a member of the club, it was higher, so we refused to join the club.
We have shown in the diagram layout of our rooms and we went there. The rooms in this hotel are located in the two-storey buildings. Included in each of the hotel's courtyard, on the flat roof area with sun loungers. In the courtyard of the hotel swimming pools. The rooms are:
 - Studio; 1 - 2 persons, one room, divided by partitions into the living room with kitchen, bedroom, shower and toilet;
 - Apartments with one or several bedrooms.
We had a one bedroom apartment designed for 2 - 4 people.
We rested together.
The notion of the room can be obtained by looking at pictures.
Living room with kitchen looks:

Door-to emasculate the living room window to the terrace:

The living room has a safe, iron and ironing board (in the closet):


Our room had no air conditioning and we took it out.


View from the door of our room:

View from the terrace on the courtyard:

Beach and ocean:

Overall, we are satisfied with the hotel and rest. Cleaning is carried out every day and well, a girl who was removed from us, we gave 5 euros for tea. Linens and towels are changed every 2 days. Towels can not take out of the hotel, beach need to bring with them.
The above-mentioned Russian hotel staff arrange a free tour of the island and a free dinner at the hotel restaurant (meals in the price not included). Tours later, and dinner (buffet) was good but quite expensive if you had to pay for it.
We decided to eat on their own and do not regret it. Along the beaches there are many restaurants where the food is tasty and much cheaper. We especially loved "Loch Ness". The hostess and cook Chinese there, but serves different countries and well.
Near the hotel we found a supermarket (like our "Pyaterochka") and buying there products that are two times cheaper than in St. Petersburg, and sometimes prepared themselves. There is a small supermarket called on site, but there is much more expensive.




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