Canary Islands, Tenerife

Tenerife (Spanish. Tenerife) - Spanish island of the archipelago of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The largest area (2,057 square kilometers) and the number of inhabitants (839 thousand people.). Island of the archipelago. Tenerife is the largest and most populous island. Tenerife is the largest tourist center of the archipelago and one of the first in Spain.

Canary Islands, are still one of the most difficult for Russian tourists places on earth. Primarily because of the expensive tickets and the need for a Schengen visa. A few years ago I visited there by a wealthy organization that sent its employees on vacation on the island of eternal spring.
For information: This is the end of November. Temperature: 25-27 degrees

72 photo + my comments
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1. View of the island from the plane

2. Teyde Mountain, the highest peak in Spain and the extinct volcano.

3. The symbol of the island - a lizard. No longer seen, but this descendant of the dinosaurs we caught together with a friend. Barely had driven her

4. Convertibles are on the streets open. Firstly, all the insured. Secondly, where are you from the island of his hijacking?

5. On the street selling gold. Or gold? But the prices are good

6. The machine is mainly small. These are for example. Mercy Corps is very positive. By the way gasoline is almost like we have. During our stay on the island, I saw only one jeep type Land Cruiser. Probably Russian brought.

7. Cactus fruit! And growing up in the street. They take care of them of course, but still surprising. And we were treated to jam from the fruit of the cactus. Here more than 10 species. Delicious!

8. All the plants are becoming a giant size. I have a home, like a flower growing in a pot. It's called "pike tail" like, on folk. Here it is more than 2 meters in height.

9. Path to the ocean and to our hotel. Everything is very clean. After the street can go in the room, to the white floor, without removing the shoe.

10. Seals in the water park "Siam Park". The thickness of the glass side of the pool of about 10 centimeters. They are very loud and funny scream. Entrance to the water park is about 27 euros per person for the whole day. All rides and food free of charge (except for beer and spirits)
Beer is 5 euro, 2 glasses.

11. Silk River. Sadishsya in bagel and going around the park tour. In the matter of getting to various attractions, pipes, wells, ambushes, whirlpools and other plumbing-sized flats.

12. A conveyor belt carries the unknown. Next will be the abyss and a lot of pipes at different angles leading to mindless fun.

13. One of the outputs. You save anyway

14. Water Slides. Here you can race with your friends on distillation. On the track at me.

15. Marble elephant in full size (Siam Park)

16. One of the attractions. Dragon, tall as a five-story building! Inside a pipe water park.

17. Another elephant, three meters in height. Siamese theme is present at every step.

18. Marine (ocean) port. We're going to ride a catamaran and watch the whales.

19. The view from the ocean to the island.

20. This kit. And do not tell me that it looks like a dolphin
In the waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the Canary Islands there are 27 species of marine mammals belonging to the class of whales. In particular, here it fails to observe species such as the blue whale, the sperm whale, northern whale, killer whale, fin whale and other.
But the most famous and massive views here are whales pilots (Pilot whale, lat. - Globicephala melas), shown in the photo.
Year-round parking families of whales between the islands of Tenerife and Gomera attract many tourists from around the world that make them special trips to the bots from the southern harbors of Tenerife. For the same dive with whales requires a special permit. Whales are protected by the Canary government.

Whale population is variously estimated from 300 to 500 animals and is the world's second largest after California.
The whales live in groups, families, numbering 15-20 individuals. The maximum size of the whale species - 7 meters and a weight of 1500 kg. Whales pilots can swim at speeds up to 45 km / h and dive in search of prey to a depth of 1,000 meters. To power on the day they need to catch 50-60 kg of squid or fish. The estimated average life expectancy of these whales is 50 years.
Hazards to humans are not, unless, of course, not to provoke their aggressive actions.

21. Another whale. He is sleeping now.

22. Beautiful house on the coast, mainly hotels.

23. And there you can live like that. Here live "savages" There are naked, lived in caves and tents. They've got a nude beach. Take photos close up, but unfortunately they lost ...

24. That I look for local fish. While I understand that we still carried playing nudists :) there are almost no fish. Depth large, seen everything on 20-30 meters!

25. That will not do, for the sake of a beautiful frame? Belly repulsed all

26. Seagulls otdelnaya theme. After lunch, the captain asked whether all ate? And I do not want any additives? (food and beverages was the sea) They all declined, especially at the dinner hour will already be. The captain gave the command, and all leftovers thrown overboard. What started here !!!
A flock of long waiting and see knew that this hour will come!

Then they flew for a long time for us and on the fly (!) Grabbed chunks of any food thrown into the air.
In the photo, a moment of capture of a piece of bread.

27. floated past our hotel.

28. And this is someone's private peninsula in the ocean.

29. Other yacht.

30. Alcohol and tobacco are very cheap and good quality. Excise duty in the Canaries is 5%.
A bottle of good whiskey is worth less than 20 euros. Local Red wine 57 euro cents per liter!

31. One of the beaches. The volcanic sand is dark in color and very large, similar to the semolina, only black.

32. Canary Devchenka. Craftswomen.

33. At dinner, grilled fresh sardines.

34. snacks. All inclusive

35. Avocado stuffed with fresh seafood, shrimp, and something square and triangular.

36. Kanartsy sing folk songs.

37. Drum present from cowhide.

38. Because of the topography, hotels often have a few floors down.
Ground Floor is usually at the level of city streets.

39. A lot of seniors and people with disabilities. There are special services that help them in the shops, airports and other public places.
In shopping centers they are given electric wheelchairs. People are happy retirement!

40. The picture of the Spa water with carp. It reflects the hotel. No photoshop, all handles

41. Courtyard Hotel Sheraton la Caletta

42. Mountain view from the main entrance to the hotel.

43. snacks for dinner. Several types of kebabs on skewers. I hope everything is to eat?

44. Desert

45. In the lobby, we were greeted with champagne with pineapple. Bourgeois slowly die of envy.

46. ​​The view from the rooms at the Grand Takanda

47. Jacuzzi with music.

48. Per capita booth.

49. The toilet and bidet.

50. Dressing bathroom.

51. Breakfast

52. pancakes, without them

53. Sagittarius rising in the street. How much it costs in our store?

54. Guess what is it? A flower bed? Alpine hill? And here and there. This garbage container framed local flowers.

55. The main entrance to the hotel Sheraton la Caletta (Sheraton Cove)

My sail 56 showing white ... $ 50 a day is a walk on a yacht.

57. Quay Coast and "Las Americans' next to shopping arcades, discos, restaurants and shopping.

58. Typical Spanish architecture

59. Somewhere in the Las Americans

60. The best means of transportation. Rains almost no transport nobody steals.

61. Even the local architecture.

62. Our hotel, the view from the top (club) floor. Under the waterfall visible restaurant tables. There we usually had breakfast and dinner right at the waterfall. These two heated pools and a freshwater swimming vodoy.Tam Germans and French.

63. Ocean view from the upper floor. Far pool with ocean water, without heating. Here bathed Russian

64. Grass spot

65. Flowers on the trees. And we have snow. End of November.

66. Flowers

67. cot in the room

68. Price tag hanging in the hotel room. Horror. This is the day!

69. Bus convertible carries the water park

70. Party on the coast. Fruits on a buffet lie on banana leaves.

71. Start the Party!



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