Now I know where the end of the earth!

Summer continues. Perhaps now is the "hay", the apogee of transport. The main work, as before
Charters of the regions and the capital of the resorts of the Turkish-Greek-Montenegro and the Spanish-Egyptian direction. But sometimes suddenly fall out quite so exotic voyages. On one of these flights today's story.

I will write when all.


I come back early in the morning from Ufa to Antalya, I come to want take a shower, brush my teeth while I load the page with the flight plan for the next day on the Internet (and it must be said that the network is, well, just really crap in the same Antalya.) Oppa tomorrow home! Finally something and then have two weeks ... Stop links. What's next? And then worth some four flights with unclear directions. I see that the flight from Murmansk, but what is not clear, and it is not clear from where in more clear where. I look at the planned time of flight, something like a far, almost 5 hours one way and the same amount even further. The crew planned to strengthen, so really far. Poryskav Internet Airport name define where to go and to be important once it becomes clear why, and someone to drive.
Where once in half a year, we carry out the delivery of custom flights sailors to their place of work, into the ocean.
The Day After Tomorrow was to take laborers fishing fleet to Dakhla in Western Sahara.
I think that is not very many of my readers, and indeed Russian citizens know that there is a country - Western Sahara, and even fewer people go there. That's what I heard the sound of (geography lessons in the fifth year of high school), but did not know where he is. But nothing to do, had to learn ...

He returned from Turkey and even the next day, in the evening, a passenger flew to Murmansk, to perform responsible tasks.
This fall to our north was unusually successful. It is not very high, but the sun is bright and welcoming, soft and warm weather with excellent visibility and a saucer of milk in the morning mist over the surface of the cooling water ...

In Murmansk zatamozhilis, arrange pologayu documents refueled and prepared for flight.
We carry two crew from two fishing seiner, only 140 people (actually 136 men and 4 women). Sailors people roughly, and not the timid, and are able to plunk from the heart and mangled wood for the heat. Before leaving, I went to the salon and held intimate conversations with them about the rules of conduct on board the aircraft, he explained the rights and duties of captain and above its powers. Fishermen people intelligent and disciplined, so the flight did not have no problems at all. (back way too nebylo no eksesov)
At 23 o'clock local time we broke away from the runway Murmashi and headed south.
Aircraft hard climbs, (still, complete refueling and full load, with a maximum takeoff weight possible.) If you typically recruit 10 000 for 12-15 minutes, now scrubbed nearly half an hour.
Once crossed the border into Finlyadiey, the controller immediately gave us a course directly to Copenhagen! It bolshii thousands of kilometers in a straight line.
Weather blagopriyatsvovala. Everywhere bezoblano and very quiet. Flowed endless hours of flight.
Hang over Finland, that's somewhere to the left of Kajaani (I once talked about this village deep in Suomi) Rovaniemi more ... Ahead of Sweden.
Time stretching gum, on the air almost silent, only occasionally heard callsigns restless loukostera Ryanair, but over the long-range trucks. Europe sleeps at night.
Closer to become Germany's busiest, but the reason is not to increase the traffic, just somewhere far, far ahead of the storm. Board who bypass the north, who are riding. Over Holland go into the clouds and begin to chat. Locator shows that over three hundred kilometers, we find ourselves in the heart of the huge front stretching from west to east, thousands of kilometers. It becomes more fun, there was work.
Amsterdam, Brussels ... Ahead of France.
The front is really very powerful and asking 360 level (11 000 meters), it is not We reach the top. Still talking about the devil, it appeared more and icing. We must get out of here! Please bypass the West and received approval to take a course directly to Paris.
In the sky, played the whole light of lightning is so often a bright light up the sky that can be seen all around as the day and we use it, we are more visually bypass the heap than looking at the radar. Suddenly everything becomes clear and the bottom front of us the city that many people in the world want to see and die.


But this is only the appearance of being, in fact, very close to the city of the mighty storm activity and it is not visible until the discharge occurs, but it is necessary to flash as ... Paris by storm.


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