14 reasons to go to the far East of Russia

In the far East is different. The hills are called fells, instead of eating pies POF-CE, and honey harvested from the cork tree. The nature here is like a fairy tale, animals and birds are not afraid of people, and a visit to the indigenous inhabitants of the exotic will meet no less than in the tropics.

You will find a real Wonderland, in which you can get without problems with visas and the bottle labeled "Drink me."


Breathless from the Lena pillars


Lena pillars in reality are striking a thousand times stronger than on the pictures. Miles of stone idols guarding the blue river among the Siberian expanses for such a fantastic view it is worth to do any way. However, to reach the Lena pillars is easier than it seems. From Yakutsk there are boats, Motorboats and boats. The journey one way takes 4 hours. Place to gather strength and climb the observation tower: the panorama from the top offers a great.

On the way back make a stop at glacier Buluus, which does not melt even in 30-degree heat. From under the thick blue ice breaks in the spring — if you could bring a bottle, you can get delicious water with you.


To go in the dining room and the three bears


Kuril lake in Kamchatka — the current bearish Kingdom. From April till November come here to spawn as many sockeye as not happen in any other lake in Eurasia. The water turned red from the fish — and on this occasion pulled the bears. If you've always wanted to try the role of animal photographer, wait for July—September, take a camera with a long lens and go to the Kuril lake. The meeting with brown fishermen guaranteed.

If the word "bear" pulled away in the sunset with the speed of sound, you wonder: on the Kuril lake are all safe. Watch the animals going from the towers, and to live in the houses behind an electric fence.


To gawk at the curiosities in the Museum Grodekov


The Khabarovsk regional Museum named after Grodekov what is there not! Fragments of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite, an effigy of a mammoth, school Desk 1950-ies, Chinese swords-axes and the interior of the Khabarovsk house of a century ago — a real encyclopedia of the Far East from ancient times to the present day. Will longer exposure to indigenous peoples of Priamurye. Feast your eyes on birch bark boat, bow-bow music log dedupe, ritual masks and clothing, sewn with sinew thread. One unexpected thing to another, as if you are in Khabarovsk, and on Easter island. Don't forget to examine the skeleton of a whale fin whales — still the second largest animal in the world.

Toddlers will squeal with delight on the second floor of the new building, which opened interactive Children's Museum. Your fidgets all: to climb on the shelf, rowing in a dugout boat, to wear the yoke and to put the dolls in the cradle.


To heal in There

The village of Mountain keys Primorsky Krai

In 1870, the mountain Bear, the soldiers dug a well from which suddenly splashed mineral water. When the Soviet Union opened near balneological resort, moonshine alcohol, which still exists today. You can drop in for a day to wander through the nostalgic alleys, feed sunflower seeds black squirrels and breathe in the scent of pine, and Manchurian walnut and Jasmine. And if you're serious, decide on rest with treatment in the sanatorium "emerald". In addition to the usual mineral baths, physical therapy and Charcot, you are waiting for the salt cave, cedar barrel, Spa-capsule and shock wave therapy. Will not be bored: procedures for health and beauty — fully.

When you decide to go to the spiritual food, go to Holy Trinity Nicholas monastery, the oldest in the far East men's monastery. Do not be lazy to climb the hill to the Church-chapel, with a magnificent view on the Ussuri river. And if you come in late July or August on the lake at Bear mountain will find blooming Lotus.


Take a dip in the sea of Japan

Treasure Bay, Primorsky Krai

Transparent turquoise sea, a strip of white sand and forested hills: the Bay Treasure is a far Eastern Paradise. Come here if you want to regain strength in nature, to admire rocks and lakes, bask in the warm sun and wander along the picturesque shore of the sea of Japan. The swimming season in Treasure falls on Aug. The rest of the time the water temperature will only be happy walrus, but it will be tete-a-tete with all the local beauty.

Stop Treasure in the tent or at the recreation center. About star hotels forget, but you will provide. And need to get from Vladivostok. First, go by bus to Nakhodka and from there by taxi. If you go on their own or rental car, get ready for the pits and potholes on the last kilometers. But in a way you will be surrounded by the types as a magazine cover.


To meet Nanai

Sikachi-Alyan, Khabarovsk Krai

In the village of Sikachi-Alyan in Khabarovsk Krai preserved petroglyphs. Hard to believe, but the oldest of them appeared 14,000 years ago, when Europe was still melting of the last glaciers. Images of moose, horses, boats, masks shamanic masks and hunting scenes are located on basalt boulders on the shore of the Amur. No signs, so consider every stone or ask a local for a few hundred rubles to take you along iconic locations. And even better — sign up for a trip to a real connoisseur who will tell you the name of Nanai dragon and what primitive people drew concentric circles.

Find the guide here in the Museum of Sikachi-Alyan. At the same time look for clothing made of fish skin, shaman drums, the mythical bird of measles and other curiosities of life of the Nanai. If you go to Sikachi-Alyan with a tour of Khabarovsk, Nanai in addition, hear songs, archery, and try Talu fresh fish.


Following the footsteps Grishkovets

Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai

The island is separated Russian from Vladivostok Strait and long isolation. From the end of XIX century there were built military FORTS and batteries, and in Soviet times it was closed to outsiders. Remember, as Evgeny Grishkovets talks about his service on the Russian island in the play "How I ate a dog"? So, now this scenic area in the sea of Japan resigned and opened for tourists. And to add a spice to it threw the cable-stayed bridge with the longest main span in the world.

If you pull to look into the past, climb to the grim Fort at the highest point of the island and uncover the secrets of the Vladivostok fortress. Thinking well on the beach which the island is full. Children choose a Quiet Bay, Babkina or bell, for privacy go to the Boyarin Bay, but the Bay Aleshichev better to avoid: there's usually crowded. Last photo taken on the steep Cape Tobishima — that's where the real edge of the earth.


To visit mammoth in the "Kingdom of permafrost"


If overheated by impressions, enjoy a refreshing swim in the "Kingdom of permafrost". In the ice cave in the suburbs of Yakutsk support year-round freezing temperatures, and so that visitors are not cold, give warm capes and boots. How to dress for the weather, take a look at the well-preserved head of a mammoth: it is believed that he lived 18 000 years ago. Take a selfie on the throne Chyshaan — Yakut Lord of the cold, compare with original transparent Venus de Milo, and lie on the ice bed and try on diamonds of frozen water. Finally, raise a glass of ice and try stroganina from CIRA.

At the door to the "Kingdom of permafrost" take a look at the ethno-complexes "Chochur-Muran". There you can feed reindeer moss reindeer to visit in a century-old merchant house, to consider of the Yakut ornaments, and then treat yourself to a hearty meal. Particularly good fish dishes and salad, frozen "Indigirka".


To get into the "barrel of Diogenes" in the Museum of history of BAM

Tynda, Amur oblast

In a small Museum in the town of Tynda immediately understand why the builders of BAM, were given medals, why about him, composed songs and why the name railway called the asteroid. It is best to wander the halls with a guide, but not bored: a history of the Grand building shown just and metanode. And yet the Museum contains personal belongings of the builders: bags, dresses, rabbit hats, teapots, crystal vases, cushions and cuckoo clocks. In General, all those interesting details that speak louder than words they say, who and how laid the BAM.

Take your time and look at the exhibition devoted to the Evenki. Find out what to do with this people the river Tunguska, where the place of honor in the tent and look like proper boots. Outside the Museum is a "barrel of Diogenes" — trailer that was home to the builders of BAM. Just exactly the shelter "Barrels", where climbers spend the night on the way to Elbrus.


Explore the largest island of Russia


Sakhalin will appeal to those who long for nature. Forget about the city and the museums on the largest island of Russia and enjoy the perfection of hills, mountains, forests and lakes. Get on the road to the southernmost point of Sakhalin is Cape Kril to see the lonely lighthouse on the edge of the earth and the misty outlines of Hokkaido. And stroll along an old railway Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk — Kholmsk. You can start from the platform Nikolaychuk, just beware of the old bridges: they are not in vain called the devil and Devilish.

If you feel a surge of strength, climb to the peak of Chekhov or overcome a steep path to mystical rock Frog. And when you decide it's time to pause, go swim and bask in the sun in a Quiet Bay on the East coast.


To try a fried fern, POF-CE and velvet honey

Far Eastern cuisine is good eclectic. Imagine a menu of Korean kimchi, the Armenian Bruce, Japanese sushi, Chinese fried vegetables, Ukrainian borsch and Russian pancakes. Dilute purely local ingredients, cooked in pan-Asiatic style. Flounder in tempura tiger prawns with a spicy sauce or scallops on the grill — sounds delicious, and imagine what it is really! And all of just-harvested or harvested and not brought across the country.

If you're hungry before lunch still far away, try POF-CE — steam pies with meat, cabbage and spices. They got here from Korea and have become classics streetfood. Do not miss the fern, which here no not exotic, but ordinary dish. Young shoots of bracken harvested, boiled, then fried, stewed or put in salads. And friends bring edible gifts — chocolate with seaweed and velvet honey made from the nectar of the Amur velvet.


To pass on Kolyma highway

Yakutia and Magadan oblast

Defeat all 2 032 km from Yakutsk to Magadan is no easy task. But if you do, something to tell the grandkids about the endless hills, the tundra, the taiga and the special melancholy that occurs on the Kolyma. In the village cherkeh view some of the ovens warmed and the tables worked exiles. In the village of Khandyga, take the poplar to see the remains of barracks, barbed wire and watchtowers. In a Warm-key visit to the Museum "Magadan route", and then keep the way to Oymyakon.

If you go in the summer, boots will not need: by June, the cold pole warms up to +20 °C. the Soup and pasta nautically in the famous cafe "Cuba" in Kyubyume well come at any time of the year. After that, take a look at former Ozerlag and the mining Ghost town of Kadykchan. In short, get ready for adventure. Just don't forget to stock up on repellent to get rid of the annoying gnats and mosquitoes.


Catch some fish on lake Khanka

Primorsky Krai

Lake Khanka in Primorsky Krai love anglers. Of muddy water get catfish, pike, garbus, perch, delicious Khanka carp and a dozen different fish species. Boasting catch, cook fragrant soup, which is especially good after a bath.

In windy weather, on the Khanka going windsurfers and kiters, especially in may and June. Join them or go on boat trips by boat or speedboat. Not only sail away over the horizon: a third of the Khanka lake lies in China. In July—early August is the lake you will see a carpet of Lotus flowers.


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To become a naturalist

Commander Islands, Kamchatka Krai

If you do not mind to meet the day in the company of Northern fur seals, sea otters and blue foxes, keep the way to the commander Islands. It's a tremendous reserve, where the true owners — the animals and birds. Sea lions, sea lions, ringed seals and striped seals are just people you meet on the Islands with steep shores in the middle of rough seas! And among the huge colonies of puffins, cormorants and iputok ornithologist will not only lazy.

If you decide to walk and to sleep in a tent, you will see even more. Hiking and hardship will not have to endure: sleeping bags and pots will be delivered without your participation and dinner will be prepared by the cook. And most importantly, where else for Breakfast outdoors will see how waving a fin whale or blue whale?


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