The interior with interesting accents: 7 fresh ideas for creating comfort

Warm wood, lots of textiles, a variety of wall decor, fun window sills and cute domestic stuff – share a visual aid for the introduction of in house atmosphere of comfort

This small apartment surprising is not only stylish atmosphere, but also prevailing in its atmosphere of comfort and harmony. How to achieve this effect and turn their malogabaritki now a cozy nest? We "spied" on for 7 effective techniques.

1. Neat colored accents

An interesting way to unobtrusively add to the interior color – some neat accents. Cushion, soft pattern on the rug, the picture on the poster – and now the space becomes more interesting and alive, without sharp contrasts.

2. Lots of warm wood

For the floor and some furniture in the apartment selected a rich light brown tone of the wood. It perfectly complements the overall light scheme, adds texture to the atmosphere and fills the interior with warmth.

3. Textiles

Great attention is given to textiles: cushions, rugs, blankets, bedspreads. Fabrics mostly natural, high-quality, textured.

4. A variety of wall decor

No boring landscapes in the classic frames! The walls of this apartment decorated with drawings and posters, sketches and sketches, as well as clocks, mirrors, lettering. All chosen in the same style and looks very fresh and organic.

5. The mass of cosy details

The same diversity prevails in the rest of the decor. Candle holders, potted plants in stylish pots, vases, statues, floral arrangements – all these little things add to a cozy atmosphere of individuality and make it more habitable.

6. Window sills marble

The owners of the apartment decided to abandon the boring window sills and issued them under the marble. It brought a touch of sophistication and added another texture to the interior.

7. The rich color of the walls in the nursery

An unexpected choice for a fairly neutral and light interior was a deep blue color of the walls in the nursery. He was a great backdrop for the white furniture and, oddly enough, made a small room visually a little more spacious.



Author: Katerina Boglevskaya


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