In Japan, there will be unmanned vans, parcel delivery

Next year in Japan will begin testing unmanned vans that are to execute orders for the delivery of certain goods and parcels.

The project is implemented by Yamato Transport and DeNA. The first operates the largest in the Country of the Rising Sun by the delivery service "door to door". As for DeNA, this firm originally was engaged in the organization of online and mobile auctions, and in 2006 launched a social gaming platform Mobage for smartphones and tablets.

The new service is an automated delivery Roboneko named Yamato. It is assumed that initially will be tested in the vans two types. Machines will be able to move on their own, but in the cockpit will be the person who in the event of an emergency situation will be able to take it over.

Customers can through the mobile application to indicate the time and place of receipt of the parcels, after which the car Roboneko Yamato will be expected to deliver. Testing of the new service will start in March 2017 and will last for a year. To move the robotic machines will be able only in specially designated zones that are dictated by considerations of security.

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