25 places that capture the imagination

Ready to be surprised? Then come to the most unusual natural attractions of Russia.

Fantasy nature are endless! Fabulous lakes, enormous Lotus fields, rock formations, geyser fields and salt lakes — looking for some objects created under the influence of natural forces, it is simply impossible to believe that all this really exists, and moreover, located on the territory of our country!

1. The island of Olkhon (Irkutsk oblast)

Photo: flickr.com

Only on the lake about 30 Islands, but the island is not only the largest but also the most picturesque of them. The name comes from the Buryat "oyhon", meaning "little forest" or "wooded," but the island is not only the forest but also to the froward impassable cliffs, and sandy shores with high larches. Here is the "calling card" of lake Baikal — shaman rock, which locals have long called the "stone temple".

2. The Pillars Of The Manpupuner (Komi Republic)

Photo: worldshaman.ru

Other names of this unique facility – the pillars of weathering or Mansi Boobs. Once these pillars were objects of worship Mansi people, and now it is a popular tourist route. However, pass can only be prepared by travelers, but the result is a hike worth it!

3. Kronotsky volcano (Kamchatka)

Photo: flickr.com

On the Kamchatka Peninsula are many volcanoes, but this one is different from the rest. Correct conical shape and luxurious "cap" of a glacier on the top – view kronotskoe of the hill, towering over the forests and lakes are simply mesmerizing!

4. The valley of geysers (Kamchatka Krai)

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Geyser fields in the world, and it is only on our continent. All in the valley of the river hot spring is located about 20 large geysers and numerous thermal springs. The valley of geysers is considered one of the seven wonders of Russia.

5. Carskie Sands (Zabaykalsky Krai)

Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

This object is called the "most wrong desert in the world": the camels and oases here, but the sand dunes and singing in the wind the dunes here can see this. And high mountains with snowy peaks surrounding Carskie Sands, just add "wrong", but very picturesque desert landscape.

6. Lena pillars (Yakutia)

Photo: flickr.com

Yakuts and Evenks this place was considered sacred: it was believed that the formidable cliffs that rise along the mouth of the Lena, has a soul, so to appear next to them can only shamans. And even today, looking at these vertical pitches, it is possible to believe that this is frozen in stone giants.

7. Kungur ice cave (Perm region)

Photo: flickr.com

The first tourists who wanted to see the unique object appeared here in the mid-nineteenth century. If the snow Queen existed in reality, probably so he could look her in the Palace!

8. Malinovoye Ozero (Altayskiy Kray)

Photo: nissable.ru

The name of this lake was an unusual color of water in different times of the year it happens, and pale pink, and deep crimson. The reason is the phytoplankton living in the water. From the lake produce salt, which also has a pale pink color (Empress Catherine II had once surprised their guests, setting the table fancy pink salt).

9. Elbrus (Kabardino-Balkaria/Karachaevo-Cherkessia)

Photo: flickr.com

The highest peak of Russia, which is sometimes also referred to as the highest European mountain peak. Actually it is not a mountain (as many think), and a volcano with a height of 5642 m. Due to the huge glaciers covering most of the slopes, the top and got its name (Elbrus in translation from Iranian – "shining, brilliant").

10. Marble canyon Ruskeala

Photo: flickr.com

During the reign of Catherine II it was mined for marble the most beautiful buildings in St. Petersburg: the Hermitage, Mikhailovsky castle, Saint Isaac's Cathedral. Later working was flooded, and now canyon Ruskeala is a clear expanse of water of emerald hue and sheer marble shores, rising to a height of 25 meters.

11. Vasyugan bog (Tomsk region)

Photo: turizm-omsk.ru

In more than 53 thousand square kilometers (for comparison, the area of Switzerland is 41 thousand sq km) there are numerous lakes, rivers, and vast reserves of peat. Wetlands of this magnitude in the world! The scope and volume of water the object is often called the "Russian Amazon".

12. Lake Baskunchak (Astrakhan region)

Photo: ttkufo.ru

No need to travel to the Dead sea to see one of the saltiest water in the world! Lake Baskunchak appeared in the recess on top of the salt mountain – not surprisingly, the salinity of the water is about 300 ppm. Salt was mined here since ancient times, and now Baskunchak contains almost 90% of Russian reserves of salt.

13. Carnallite cave (Sverdlovsk oblast)

Photo: bigpicture.ru

Looking for unusual patterns it is difficult to believe that everything is created by nature and not invented by the artist with overly exuberant imagination. The walls of this cave are covered with carnallite – a mineral that is found in red, white, yellow or blue. It served as a "palette" for creating such an unusual and quirky patterns.

14. The Tract Akkurum

Photo: eco-turizm.net

These rocks because of their unusual shape also called "the stone mushrooms". The amazing thing is that these "mushrooms" formed by the natural leaching of as if you live your life: some continue to grow and thin, others are destroyed under the action of natural forces.

15. The Maly Semyachik volcano (Kamchatka)

Photo: gdehorosho.ru

In the crater of this active volcano is a small lake a bright blue colour. The water is poisonous, as it contains a very high percentage of sulfuric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, in addition, the temperature of the lake reaches 40 degrees. Particularly impressive acid lake looks in winter, when the slopes of Maly Semyachik covered with snow, and the water in the crater doesn't freeze.

16. GUAM gorge (Krasnodar Krai)

Photo: turistnotes.ru

The picturesque gorge is sandwiched between two mountain ridges, in some places, the aisle width does not exceed two meters. This place attracts climbers and lovers of the mountain nature. In the gorge can be found the unique relicts of the red book, including the evergreen boxwood and yew are poisonous.

17. Ordinskaya cave (Perm region)

Photo: properm.ru

The longest flooded cave in Russia, the length of underwater part is almost 5 km away, and it attracts diving enthusiasts from all over the world: in cold (+4 degrees) and surprisingly clear water of the cavern walls, lit by electricity, look just fabulous!

18. Lake Svetloyar (Nizhny Novgorod oblast)

Photo: gdehorosho.ru

According to a legend, on the shore of this lake once stood Kitezh-grad, which is then either drowned, or gone underground, or simply disappeared (that the locals still argue). They say that if you long to stand on the shore and peer into the crystal clear surface of the lake, you can hear from under the water chimes.

19. Lotus fields in the Volga Delta (Astrakhan oblast)

Photo: benefis-tour.ru

Who said that the Lotus is a wonderful flower that can be found only in the East? The world's largest plantation of lotuses is in our country! In July-August, during flowering lotuses, in the Astrakhan oblast attracts tourists from all over the world to see this natural wonder.

20. Kiselewski waterfall (Krasnoyarsk Krai)

Photo: turizmvnn.ru

One of the highest waterfalls in Russia (and according to some, and the whole of Eurasia), a real jewel of the Central Sayan. The area around it has the status of a specially protected, so that the journey to Kiselewski, the waterfall can be compared to going to places where no one has gone before!

21. Rotten mountain (Krasnodar Krai)

Photo: azovskoe.com

This mountain should be careful: one wrong move and you're knee-deep in mud! What did you expect from the current mud volcano? On the surface of the mountains are small hills – gobber – which periodically spew dirt and gases to a height of 20 meters. Despite the unappetizing name, this place is popular with those who wish to swim in the mud.

22. The kimberlite pipe "Mir" (Republic of Yakutia)

Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Diamond Deposit, discovered in 1955, is now considered the largest diamond mine in the world. A huge crater produces a fascinating impression, however, the approach to it is forbidden because of the threat of landslides. In addition, over the funnel even banned helicopter flights, as the aircraft can simply tighten inside.

23. Sikhote-Alin reserve (Primorsky Krai)

Photo: shamora.info

Originally created to preserve the population of sable, however, the importance of the reserve increased significantly. Now here are all of the far Eastern nature in its diversity (including rare and protected Amur tigers, Gorely and Sika deer).

24. The mountain devil's finger (Republic of Altai)

Photo: aya-onix.ru

Perhaps, without this facility none of the Hiking route on the Mountain Altai. The shape of this top really looks like a huge gnarled finger with a sharp claw on the end. If we reject superstitions and get on the Fucking finger, you can enjoy wonderful views lying at the foot of the lake Aya, and the direction of the Katun river.

25. Waterfall Kivach (Republic Of Karelia)

Photo: flickr.com

The name of this waterfall comes from the Finnish word meaning "strong, swift". Kivach fully justifies its name and is among the largest plain waterfalls in Europe. In size it is comparable to Rhine falls and the Majesty and swiftness of Kivach, perhaps even superior to their European "counterpart". published

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