The Chinese have forged an entire city

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Spies copied town

The Chinese are going to build a replica of an Austrian town Halshtadt, which is called "the most beautiful place in the world." To do this, tourists from China, visiting the village, photographed "literally every stone" for more accurate reproduction of the houses at home. Plans Austrians Asians plunged into shock.

In the Austrian village Halshtadt situated on the shore of a mountain lake near Salzburg, and under the protection of UNESCO as one of the most beautiful places in the world, will understudy.

A copy of the village will be in China in Guangdong Province. Despite the fact that work on the reconstruction of the village are already in the final stage in Austria we found out about it just now, and it's inhabitants Halshtadta plunged into shock.

According to Austrian newspaper Krone Zeitung, the locals believe that implement plans to recreate a copy of the village helped the Chinese tourists who are now all Halshtadte mistaken for spies. They spent a month in Austria, made photographs and measured every stone architectural structures in the village, assured the Austrians.

"In general, is it possible? - Set now ask the inhabitants of the Austrian countryside. - The fact that the Chinese copy cars and technology, we know, but the whole village? .. »

Picturesque location Halshtadt inhabits only about 900 inhabitants, and it is protected by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. The village is on a lake and attracts many tourists. "Some of the Chinese tourists seem to pursue very different goals, making the colorful pictures" - wrote the German newspaper DNews.

Prepared Chinese construction drawings were discovered accidentally resident of the village Monika Wenger. She runs the hotel Grüner Baum, which was also copied, as well as the church and the market square of the village. "I think they should at least have to ask residents for cooperation", - he said in an interview Krone Zeitung hotel manager.

Wenger is now feared that as soon as a copy of their villages in Guangdong is ready, they will not see visitors from China.

However, the regional authorities have set unfriendly to Chinese tourists. For example, recently Mayor Alexander Shoytts received a request if he could take a group of Chinese. However, the application did not contain information about the topic of the planned meeting. "Speaking only about the ideas start cultural exchange", - said the head of the commune. So now, before the meeting with the Chinese delegation wants Shoytts figure out how legally this kind is legal copy.

"Is it possible to prohibit the construction of the Chinese people, we do not know" - he said.

But not all in Austria adjusted so pessimistic in relation to the construction of a copy of the village. For example, the Austrian Union of Tourism says it is "a gift", which would serve for Chinese tourists "great advertising."

Commercial Director of Tourism Pamela Binder does not believe that, even having in their country a copy of the scenic area, the Chinese will cease to travel to Austria. "If I see the Eiffel Tower in miniature, it does not mean that I am more never want to see it live," - led example of it. On the contrary, there are Asians motto is not to lose face, it is important to be sure to see the original.

The Austrian representative of the International Council of Historical Monuments (ICOMOS) said that the legitimacy of the copy area has yet to be tested. However, in principle allowed to take pictures of the building and appropriately mimic them. "All publicly - available. Just to take your measurements, you need to agree with the owner, "- he explained.

However, even if the Chinese and the copy will be completed, soon it will not be an exact copy of the real Halshtadta. The fact that this year in the village to begin new construction - some picturesque houses Halshtadta will be a shopping center with restaurants.



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