Be a man! Relax in the homeland!

Hello, dear comrades YaPovtsy! I do not accidentally turn to you for a proletarian - "comrades»!

For the rich, regularly visit the Canary Islands and Tenerife, Monte Carlo and Hong Kong can not understand a simple worker and laborer, as we have with you, Comrade YaPovets!

With this post I want to encourage you, comrade, to rest in his own country! In my case it is - Ukraine. It turned out that we have to see, where to relax and have fun, without spending significant resources.

So 34 photos of the holiday in the Chernivtsi region.

p.s. I have a cheap camera down, I can not take pictures. This post - information, escorted text (skladnost letters - to the best skills of the author) and photos (krivost the hands of the author included)


So one day, he got into his Gopher Suslikovoz, taking the wife, daughter and Hare (the last two - in the photo), and went in the direction of Chernivtsi, which is 850 km from the Suslikov hole.


The road was long but interesting. For example, from here is bottled Nemiroff worldwide ©


The local people do not even realize that sell mushrooms in buildings that cause delight.


Passing such a canyon, could not stop.


Sometimes simply turning the wrong way, you can see the magnificent "painting."


In Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi regions, for some reason, special attention is given the appearance of wells. If the central part of the country's wells seem quite normal (the canopy of dust and all), here izgolyatsya owners as they can. The question "why?" Can not answer, since not understanding the essence of the issue.

In the photo - one of the design options well - sort of a pitcher.


Arriving at the place to sleep, went to Chernivtsi.

Chernivtsi, ssuka, beautiful




As you can see from the photo, in Chernivtsi almost the entire center of the paving stones laid.

It is beautiful, but is reflected in the suspension. If Suslikomobilsya cost only a tightening fasteners protection. A rattled as if the cars fall off the floor right now.


But Gopher was not discouraged and quickly found a temporary transport. Even the same color


It was not far off the resort (winter - ski) Migovo. A nice and neatly. There are swimming pools and entertainment (horses, ATVs, etc.).

Accommodation - 320 UAH / day (40 ye) in the summer. Winter - twice as expensive. (One of the hotels in the photo).

At the same time, you can live in a hotel on the highway between Chernivtsi and Migovo. That's what we did. Prices from 100 to 150 UAH / day (13-19 ye). And in the winter prices persist. For comfort is virtually no difference. For 100 USD, we even had a bidet

№14. Migovo - mountain, river, forest - How nice.


Not far from Chernivtsi is a lake, which is the so-called complex "Akva-Plus».

Cool Hotel (170 UAH = 21ue), sauna, restaurant, night club, waterslides, catamarans, boats, for an extra charge (with sun loungers) and free beaches, drop dead arbors (pictured, the price - 100 UAH / day).


All cleaned, swans.



Row oars photographed themselves.


We should also highlight the Chernivtsi University.

Originally built as the residence of the Metropolitan, it was the only institution in the middle of the 19th century.

Not University - Hoggvards of Harry Potter.






Once climbed the mountains on foot. Occupation tiresome - 40 minutes one-way (I'm more and daughters in her arms) and the same - down.

But krasotischa - uhhhhh


On the way back we went to Hawtin.

Castle X-century building. Very beautiful. Very very.





Proceedings of archeology students. As it (extremely jealous!) Explained to us in the fortress Kamenetz-Podolsk, Khotin fortress tranzh won by UNESCO in the amount of 1 million. Euro is competition from their counterparts in the Khmelnitsky region.


Here there is unpretentious cafe.

Type-authentic "interior design" + low price + beautiful view of the castle - so-so food.


Further our way lay through the Khmelnitsky and Kamenetz-Podolsk.

The town itself is very beautiful: in addition to the fortress there are many temples and churches, museums. In the city a heap of cheap and good hotel. But we were determined to ensure that the night to get home, but on focusing only on the fortress. It's worth it.


Around the castle views also worth considering.


Do not get fooled by divorce "guides" in the parking lot near the fortress.

They offer a tour of the castle for 100-200 UAH (12-25 ye), depending on arrogance. In itself, the castle tour with the band is ridiculous UAH 5 (less 1ue) adult. And a very interesting tour.

The latest number.

According to the results: the total budget of the event amounted to UAH 5000 (slightly more than 600 ye) for 8 days. Of these, gasoline - 2000 UAH. This is despite the fact that we visited everything we wanted, ate at expensive (by local standards), cafes and restaurants.

That's all - for three people.

Again: Resting in the homeland!



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