One main secret to a happy relationship

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Morena is a well-known blogger published a post, which reveals to readers some secrets about why we so often difficult to find each other.

The website with pleasure and with permission of the author published the text below in this huge world become more happy couples.

Most of my unmarried friends at the word "wife" imagine a tall brunette with big titties in red lace shorts and certainly by 7 years younger. That's when they got married, maybe. And yet — excuse me, ladies.

So far, they have only a brief experience exciting adventures and do not wish to hear about that stage when there will be more red lace panties.

Let me as an older friend in detail to tell you about what women really should get married, not to be excruciatingly painful.

The first misconception applies to men beautiful, bright, attracting the attention of women, the so-called Queens. This confusion is particularly ill those individuals who had no experience of sex with one person over the years and think the drive from sliding hands in red lace underwear will last forever. Also, this very sin, athletes, fitness instructors, etc.

I'll tell you, perhaps, the most terrible thing. To any appearance in 5-7 years people get used. After this time you most likely have all the same looks like the second half. She can turn into a big orange ball, or covered with wool, to fill a tattoo or do a piercing tongue. It can be thick or thin or even doing the cover of Playboy. It can be the most beautiful woman on earth... But if you are by nature polygamous, you still with terrible force will pull to the left.

Therefore, I believe that to perform the feat in order to marry the "Queen", "the young woman" etc., is the level of a teenage boy that never was in a relationship. If you decided to get married on the most beautiful certainly, is better not to marry at all ever. Nothing good will come of it.

"And who then will work?" — reasonably ask you.

With those with whom your Alliance you can stay on the three main pillars of marriage: sexual, domestic, and monetary work.

Sexual compatibilityWhat is sexual compatibility?

I want to emphasize that this is not only similar physiology. No brainer that there will be happiness when a man wants it 3 times a day, and the wife 2 times a month, or Vice versa. Sexual compatibility is also roughly similar views on what sex is permissible and what is forbidden. Sex bomb or a nymphomaniac does not have to live with a man-seal. Your ideas about the prohibitions should differ from its views on the prohibitions. Sex in the family should be regular, and it should be fun for both. That's the whole problem.

Material compatibility Spenders don't have to live with the miser, in exactly the same way as a nymphomaniac with seals. Rather, it is even more important. The husband and the wife have approximately the same relate to the possibility to spend money or save them.

The happy couple will be, for example, two cormorants. He bought her a Mimosa at a discount, she is happy! Together snatched sneaker on sale, how lovely! Be happy two spenders. She threw half a manicure, he just waved his hand — say, is not money. But the opposites are bound to be conflicts.

I want to add, by the way, in addition to General views on how to spend money, the couple must equally apply to the process of their making. If a woman entire life wanting to be a housewife, then her happiness is only with a severe and hard-working macho, and if you wanted to storm the heights, with a reliable and flexible man without particular ambitions.

Domestic compatibility Is probably the most important. I would put 100 bucks on the fact that among the three couples — sexually incompatible incompatible incompatible financially and in everyday terms — the first divorce "home."

If you are a domestic pig, then get married and get married just for the pigs. If you are a fascist-sissy, look for a couple myself. Two pigs will gleefully throw socks, eat in bed, leave the dishes in the living room, and wet footprints in the hallway. Grunting with delight, they both will be on a month to wash the floors, on the week — dishes. And will assume that everything is fine!

But if next to the pig is located sissy — count, all is lost. It will cut and cut the unfortunate pig, poke her nose in nagazheno and try to poison her life. You made a mess! You trodden! What is the dishes in the sink? That dust on the shelves?

Pigs, if you know to yourself that you pigs, your primary goal should be to find not a beautiful and sexy partner, and the same pigs as you are!

You can say, "do you really think that the husband and wife are United only by the fact that the pig together, have sex and spend money?"

"Oh no, thank you! — I will answer quickly. — Of course not. Apart from the fact that the husband and wife pig, eating chips in bed, make love and spend money on nonsense, they are still sleeping together. Hence, the last and the most important tip: it is better to have your wife with all the above, and even not snoring. Then you will be happy and at the expiration of the period of red lace underwear".

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