100 rules, which will radically change your life

A comprehensive list of useful rules that will help you radically change the lives of

Start your day with gratitude for all that you have.
To get up early (5-6 am).
Drink plenty of water (3-4 liters per day).
Take a contrast shower for improvement.
Plan your day.
To set goals, but do not get attached to them.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye to his friends and enemies. You are not perfect, so forgive others their imperfections.
Spend at least 15 minutes a day in the fresh air, and even better - 30-60 minutes.
Do not drink after a meal.

Avoid negative environment.
If, nevertheless, was in destroying the environment, learn to "bottom up", ie a "not to be».
Be true to your dream.
Surround yourself with people of integrity who will contribute to your implementation.
To play sports every day.
In times of crisis, the program is executed, at least.
Learn from a professional mentor who will help to accelerate your professional growth.
Work enjoying.
If the work is not pleasant, but it is necessary for growth and closer to the goal, continue to do it.
If you do not like the work and closer to the goal, throw it.
Believe in yourself.
Deep breathe as often as possible during the day.
Pray or meditate every day, cleanses the soul.
Regularly updated playlist of your favorite songs, listen to them when you need energy recharge.
Find the best teachers in every sphere of life and learn from them.
Give 10% of income to charity.
Do not skimp on the praise, especially for his team.
Whether it is emotional in praise and restrained in criticism, and delicate.
Remember: whatever good thing you do, always someone will be unhappy. It is inevitable.
The success was grateful for the victory. The defeat was grateful for the experience.
Whether a child sometimes, allow yourself to have some fun.
Remember that the most important thing you need to do first.
Apply as frequently the principle of "two in one" (simultaneous playing sports and listening to audiobooks, morning marafet and motivational videos).
To experience the happiness from work, just think about giving, not about how much money will earn as a result.
Strive for growth, do not be afraid of obstacles.
Remember, in order to achieve excellence in any business, you need at least 10 thousand hours of hard work.
Small daily improvements lead to a massive success.
Hello people first and smiled at them. Only a strong and successful people can afford the first to show goodwill.
The only decent standard - this is the best.
Delicately say goodbye to the people who do not contribute to the realization of your building.
If this is your family, love them and accept them for what they are. They will likely never change.
In general, do not try to change anyone. Attempts to change the people around them - the surest way unfortunately.
Inspiration comes as a result of right living.
The worse food and less mobile than you, the less desire and passion in the work.
Whether "lift" to the people around them. Raise them.
Of criticism with understanding. This unrealized people who have no greater pleasure than to express their disapproval.
If the critic is qualified and speaks from the heart, make a friend. Let him help you get better, and you, in turn, find a way to compensate for the contribution to your success.
What is behind in your life and what lies ahead of you - a mirror image of what you have in it now.
Motivation must come from within. If not, the reasons may be only two: either there is no power or doing the wrong thing.
Never take any vital decisions in a bad mood. Please enter a positive peak in the state, then decide what to do next.
Read mail, Twitter and Facebook 2 times a day. Lots.
The words of inspiration and words destroy. Choose them with sensitivity and love.
Loving a man - is to help him to realize. Even if it's to the detriment of your own desires.
Enjoy the solitude.
Never too late to start a new business, introduce a new habit and start a new hobby. Continue to look for something that will expand your horizons.
The possibility and ability to inspire others to realize their potential -vysshaya reward of those that exist.
Lead blog success, especially in the categories was working on the most.
To fulfill the agreements. It does not promise anything, if not 100% sure that you can do it.
Avoid gossip.
Follow the news of politics over the economy, develop spherically.
But remember that the meaning of life in the other - in a deep understanding of the laws of the universe, and follow them. This will lead to happiness.
"Because of the active and intelligent active win. Among active - the most intelligent. "Combines mind and activity.
Analyzes each significant event in his life. What is the lesson you learned from him?
Stop doing what does not contribute to your implementation.
Eat as many alkalizing foods (raw vegetables) and good fats (avocados, vegetable oils, nuts).
The better physical health, more energy, and therefore, the greater the benefit you bring to this world.
My home is where I live.
Breaks the chain attachments. Be independent and allow full freedom of those you love.
Once a week, allow yourself to do nothing. Most likely, it will be the most happy, productive and filled the days of your life.
Do the important creative work in peak condition.
Catching creativity, without being distracted by urgent but not important things.
Remember to balance the spiritual and the material. Do not get carried away with one, forgetting about the other.
Study the lives of great men.
Surround yourself with the most talented and happy people, which only can be found.
Do not take anything a person unless you are prepared to give it what it needs from you.
If you betrayed your fault.
The steeper the climb, the more painful defeat, which followed him. Be ready for it (the rears and create a reliable team).
Defeat is inevitable. This is your main teachers. Love them.
The greater the fall, the more severe the need to work for the next victory. This segment from the deepest defeat to the next lift is measured real success.
Be open with people close to you in spirit, and to be open to those who are far from your valuables.
Always secure all agreements in writing. Sometimes people forget them, and sometimes "forget".
With generous people be generous. With greedy - greedy. Then you will not violate the law of interchange energy.
To give a lot of people need a lot of quality and to enjoy life. This can be a high-quality food, quality recreation, sport, sauna, swimming, sun, socializing.
Remember that often in life, "becoming black stripe takeoff".
We strive for nobility in all respects.
Cultivate inner grace - a set of wisdom, dignity and kindness.
Pay no attention to the people from his past. Because there is always a reason why they are not in your future.
The best investment - an investment in the training and attitude.
"The Wall - this is the same level. You just have to grow up to it ».
At the end of life you will be more than sorry that you did not do than what did.
"Sometimes a step forward is the result of a kick in the ass." People who have been successful in your case, just can serve these motivating kick.
The greater the responsibility, the greater the power. The greater the power, the greater the opportunity to help other people. The more you help others, the happier you become.
Regularly restore order in their lives and ruthlessly get rid of the trash.
Always tell people about their expectations and find out their expectations of you, before entering into any relationship or deal. 99% of quarrels and insults are due to misunderstanding of expectations on the other hand.
Life is like riding a bicycle: if you hard, then you are going to rise.
Regularly go on a deliberate and calculated risks. It trains intuition and character.
At least once a month buy a new dress. Or shoes. Or a hat. In an extreme case, buy something from the art. But please do not stop ourselves with material things, because you - a woman!
Madonna - an example of how without much outstanding talent can become a superstar. Mother Teresa - how to change the world through service. Oprah - how to overcome all the tests and become the most powerful woman in television. Deva Premal - both through the music to heal the souls of men. Be aware of the uniqueness of each of these women and develop their individuality.
The main task of a woman - to learn to love, to create comfort, warmth and beatific atmosphere wherever you are.
Love all, make friends with different people, whether with one.
Happiness - it's your maximum realization in all spheres of life.


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