There are men with whom you want to be a woman

Writer Victoria Reiher about men with whom you want to be a woman and vice versa

There are men with whom you want to be a woman. Interrogative-gently tilt the head, squinting through her lashes, shaking his head with a knowing look, listen to inspirational speeches, half-smile lights up the style "we're the same blood." I would like frankness - but not on all topics, but only to those that are just not accepted by the frankness, the remaining threads with them at all important. I would like outstretched hands pripadat want to shoulder, and again, to know that all this nonsense of books for teenagers - still not quite nonsense. Well, do not whisper "darling" of course, and without any vulgarity, but something like that. To spark the pupil and surprise interlocutor because nicely because the game. Yes, I certainly take the bag. Yes, I definitely spend. Yes, I definitely never in my life not be able to pour yourself a cup of tea. I am poured out raspleschu, messed up, anneal, drag, drop, break, rarely are infected and die. Thanks. Yes, protect. Yes, stir. Yes stretch. And let his shoulders and straighten priosanivayutsya: it goes. Not everyone, only for them. With the rest of this looks ridiculous and childish, inappropriate and almost obscene, but just silly in the end. And these can be: at least for the fact that they only have one there, this gentle, weak, unbearable, soft, warm pit at the neck bare to the shoulder, which can be one and bury grateful tired nose.

And there are men with whom you want to be a man. A friend, comrade, brother. Thus, with whom "back to back at the mast", which colleagues and associates, relations with which are determined once and for all, warm and clear, and that is never required to find out. It is ridiculous. They have nothing to clarify with them all find out in advance, once and for all, and does not require confirmation. Discuss things at work, watching football, dress in public, without thinking to throw eternally feminine squeaky "turn away", to wash in the bath, yelling at each other in a fierce dispute forget for weeks and suddenly remember, friends houses, quietly complaining about each other's mistresses and wives, clap on the shoulder to tell everything, do not dissemble, and not to think about - and what, actually. Being on an equal footing, without idols and subordinates, to be close without anguish and passion, be appropriate, may be what some mutual friends, but never to divide among themselves women, nothing to share. Being simple, as a mark of the island of Malibu, where only a picture - on a white background black letter M.

There are women with whom you want to be a man. Wear on hand to keep the umbrella over the thin skin breathe iridescent streak on the delicate neck, admire admire. Use your fingers to stroke, even mentally, where in humans do not iron, and do not care about decent. Cover, capture. Give flowers because it's just a normal: give flowers to those who want to give them. Pour, treat, feed, even zakarmlivat: so thin. Or so pale. Or thin and pale, but there it is something that requires the phrase "my poor girl." A man who knows how to time, with the right tone to say "my poor little girl" - the king and God. This is the only phrase you want to seriously learn those going to love those women who want to be a man.

And there are women with whom you want to be a woman. Almost a child. Come, pripadat, Upadana even in the legs, the feet, to the hands, the eyes, demand, receive, again demand again receive or not to receive, but it does not matter and let the feeds, feeds and looks, but does not look like hungry dog, but as my mother looked at the old kitchen. To tell all and let react - or not to tell anything, and let guesses. Naughty, but not in the name of the game, but because the torn jeans, and let zashёt. To ask you to read aloud, and whining that reads and not so urgent and bargain another book, and to achieve, and send to search, and go to sleep without waiting.

You tell me what was going on at all belonging to the floor and another, and rightly so.

You will tell me that any man can be in different proportions combination of all these features - and rightly so.

You will tell me that there is no way that both the first and the second - in a glass that different people have different perceptions and that is multifaceted. You will be right again.

You will tell me that all this does not need to be told these words, and that is not the case. Well, yes.

But there is a man with whom you want to be a woman.

And there are women with whom you want to be a man.

Victoria Reicher, "Yoshkin House"


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