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You happen to be, so fill their lives with meaning. Forget about the negative and hypocrisy. Live honestly and truly.

1. When you wake up to a new day, be grateful for another chance.

2. When others opt for an easy way, whether those who choose the right way.

3. When it is necessary to do something, be the first one to take the initiative.

4. When there is a choice of several possibilities, whether in the one that reflects your priorities.

5. When the achievement of something important to you, be open to it and go for it.

6. When the work looks complicated, whether concerned only with the following small step.

7.When anxiety seizes your mind, whether it focuses only on what you can control.

8. When there are real problems, be prepared in advance to address them.

9. When mistakes are made, whether it agrees with them and learn them.

10. When there is something to say, be ready to speak.

11. When that was once done in the past, still does not work, be prepared to make changes.

12. When doubts linger in your mind, be confident in my abilities.

13.Kogda someone adheres to other opinion, be open to new ideas.

14.Kogda others insist on a particular decision, whether one with your intuition.

15.Kogda feel depressed, in any case, be brave enough to smile.

16. When you feel stress build-up, make a pause for a moment and just be and breathe.

17.Kogda the unexpected happens, be flexible and adapt quickly.

18.Kogda something does not make sense, be persistent and ask questions.

19.Kogda someone hurt you, whether it is able to forgive and love again.

20. When relations continue to hurt you, be ready to let go and send our love and respect inside.

21.Kogda someone has something you want, be happy for him.

22.Kogda someone wants to compete, whether for himself competitor - beat its own record.

23.Kogda you put pressure on you to be someone else, be only a.

24.Kogda not sure that you can have something to offer, whether it is sincere and offer honesty.

25.Kogda your paths cross with a stranger, be the first who will find a reason to smile.

26.Kogda feel on top of the world, whether by hand, which will help others to rise.

27.Kogda someone who you care about, needs you, be with him without hesitation or question.

28.Kogda someone you really love, whether that love in word and deed.

29.Kogda comes time to relax with his family, let everything else and be completely in the moment.

30. When the final day, be calm knowing that you did your best.


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