15 ways to be extremely attractive ...

Stay true to your values. Be honest. Try your best. Do everything that will help you get closer to your dream. Take care of yourself, your family and your friends. Treat people with respect. Behave in such a way that people were comfortable with you. Earn a reputation as a good and decent man.

In other words, fill your life with love. Because if you love life, life pays you the same. And no that does not attract as love. People will feel a good atmosphere that will surround you and, of course, be drawn to you.

1. Do what you think is right.

Never be afraid to do what you feel deep down true, especially when at stake are the feelings of another person. When we know what we do wrong, there is no punishment more serious than wounded feelings.

2. Do not carry gossip and superficial judgments.

Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre minds discuss events, limited minds discuss people. Life is too short to spend it on the people's discussion, gossip and meaningless tongue hanging out. If you do not understand something, ask. If you are with someone does not agree, argue. But do not discuss people behind their back to someone else. Read the book "The dominance of love» (The Mastery of Love).
3. Keep other people.

If you want to perk perk help others. To be free and happy - not to throw off the shackles, it means respect for others and giving them happiness and freedom. Giving others the faith, hope and love, you are cultivating good ideas, relationships and dreams in our imperfect world.

4. cheered those who need it.

Kind words, when a person has failed, more than a heap praises upon successful completion of the case. We all have times when we lose hope and we need someone to shielded us and said: "I am with you. You are not left alone with his problem. " If possible, get a man.

5. Consider all the positive point of view.

Tune in to a positive way of thinking, to speak well, learn to apologize and quick to forgive. Perfection and push for action himself and other people. Say aloud: "Pessimism, alas, I have no time for you. I need to get done so much positive ».

6. Accept your uniqueness.

If you do not take your uniqueness, you will spend my whole life on unsuccessful attempts to become someone else. Valuing their uniqueness, without wasting time trying to be like someone else, you are cutting their own unique talents, what in the world there is only you.

7. Proceed playfully.

If you act without passion and pleasure, you will not live - you simply exist. If you really want to change your life, you first have had to change their thinking and their actions. If one day you realize that you are willing to spend their time and energy on something to which you pull, you are extremely enrich his life. Read the book "4 hours per week» (The 4-Hour Workweek).

8. Do not insist excessively.

Something good happens when you least expect it. And it is much better than you could imagine. Every day, mother nature without coercion opens buds. Let this be a reminder to you that we should not force anyone. You just need to give a fine enough love and the possibility that it could blossom full color itself.

9. Give up the desire to always be the only rule.

If you're right, it does not mean that someone else is wrong. In truth many facets. You can not judge others based solely on their experience. People can be a completely different life. Open and politely express their opinion, bearing in mind that if your goal is only to ridicule others and proving them wrong, then it will only make you worse than our world. Respect for the opinions of others and lack of conviction is always more important than correctness.

10. Be true and honest.

You can not make a promise to love someone until the end of his / her days, but you can truly love him / her until his death. When talking about relationships, loyalty acts are not right, but an obligation. True and honest love - this is important.

11. Maintain flexibility and fairness.

What looks like a hindrance or obstruction in the road is often the opportunity that gives life to change direction. Solving tasks that help you rise above itself, to maintain flexibility and fairness. So you set you on the right wave and will go to the goal.

12. Believe in yourself and in everything what you are.

Know for themselves what is within you is the power that will always be more of what you have to deal with. No one can do it for you - you have to take off, deliberately using their wings.

13. Trust your dreams.

Anyone who you hope to become one day, is already a big part of who you are now. Dreams are real. They do not exist in the past, they live in the present, and when you're doing what you think is necessary to do so, you bring them to reality and how to pass through the gates that lead into the future.

14. Reaffirms words with deeds.

You can take my life from anything, but first you should not be afraid to try. We all need to start with ourselves. It's time to confirm the words with deeds. Begin this way of making difficult decisions and to validate their actions. Begin to remove from your life that stands in your way to happiness, and add to it the fact that it will fill with joy. Read the book "Psihokibernetika» (Psycho-Cybernetics).

15. Look ahead and use the new features.

Do not let the past determine your future. Let the past will become a part of who you will become. Do not regret. Do not look back. Just hold on to life and move forward. We can not know what lies ahead of us, but it makes our trip even more fun - thanks to this life worth living.


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