The most stunning man of the planet over the past 30 years

Every year the popular People magazine calls the hottest beauties of the world. To warm up a bit in autumn day, we Website have decided to collect the holders of the honorary title of the last thirty years, that is from the moment when the magazine was first hoisted over this hard work.

Editorial People choose the sexiest man of the year is not just to your taste, and with the help of a survey of readers around the world. We believe that every girl has their own opinion on this matter. It is now possible to compare, as far as it coincides with the opinion of the majority.

Mel Gibson, 1985 h3>

Mel Gibson 85 was pretty darn good and was in its heyday. The star made his starring role in the wildly popular "Mad Max." And this is not the limit, ahead of the young Gibson - hits "Braveheart," "Forever Young" and "Lethal Weapon».

Mark Harmon, 1986 h3>

American actor of film, television and theater, was several times nominated for the "Emmy" and "Golden Globe". Outside the US, it is not very well known, but perhaps you saw it in the TV series "NCIS».

Harry Hamlin, 1987 h3>

Harry Hamlin, an American actor who played attorney Michael Kuzak in the series "LA Law." The fame brought him the movie "Clash of the Titans».

John F. Kennedy Jr., 1988 h3>

John Fitzgerald Kennedy - a journalist and lawyer, the son of the 35th US president John F. Kennedy. He loved and was called "Prince of America" ​​and "American Son," because from early childhood he was brought up in the White House virtually in sight of the whole country. A year later, in 1989, he crashed a private plane.

Sean Connery, 1989 h3>

The Scottish actor is the first Briton, who was named the sexiest man in the world. By this time the actor has played his Bond and won an Oscar for the film "The Untouchables».

Tom Cruise, 1990

When Tom Cruise has topped the rating of the magazine, he was 28 years old and he was at the peak of his career.

Patrick Swayze, 1991 h3>

Patrick Swayze at the time managed to play in two of his major films - "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost».

Nick Nolte, 1992 h3>

Nick Nolte is far from the standards of beauty, but charm and excellent role in "Prince of Tides" did their job.

Richard Gere, 1993 h3>

In 1993, People magazine instead of a reward "the most sexy man" presented the award "the sexiest pair" - Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford.

Brad Pitt, 1995 h3>

Young Brad Pitt soon attracted the attention of a combination of incongruous things: courage and almost childish face with wide eyes, rigidity and vulnerability at the same time.

Denzel Washington, 1996 h3>

Denzel Washington - a good actor and a lovely man. In the 90s he played just a few very decent movie - "Philadelphia," "Malcolm X" - and was at the hearing.

George Clooney, 1997 h3>

The great breakthrough for Clooney became his role in the TV series "ER." The series is not over, but Clooney has called the most attractive man of the world.

Harrison Ford, 1998 h3>

Indiana Jones of all time known as an exemplary family man, but it does not become an obstacle to its popularity among the female half of humanity.

Richard Gere, 1999 h3>

In 1999, the magazine «People» Richard Gere again awarded the title of "the sexiest man of the planet", now alone.

Brad Pitt, 2000 h3>

Again Pitt! And deservedly so - after "Fight Club" otherwise it could not be.

Pierce Brosnan, 2001 h3>

Bond brings good fortune and the title of "sexiest man" is the second executor of this role.

Ben Affleck, 2002 h3>

Ben Affleck while glowed in full: a great actor, a successful writer, "the hope of Hollywood" and just a funny guy.

Johnny Depp, 2003 h3>

Johnny Depp has waited his title in 40 years. He has played many brilliant roles, but the real glory was brought to him, "Pirates of the Caribbean", which came out just in 2003.

Jude Law, 2004 h3>

Jude Law, a talented actor with a male model data, just had to be at least once in this list.

Matthew McConaughey 2005 h3>

Matthew McConaughey was playing inflated Krasavchikov and about any "Oscar" and depth "real detective" it is not yet gone. But that was enough.

George Clooney, 2006 h3>

After a good, but a little sweet as the "good doctor" in the "First Aid" Clooney has shown that he is capable of more. He was rewarded.

Matt Damon, 2007 h3>

A few years after Ben Affleck has found fame and his good friend and co-author of the scenario - Matt Damon.

Hugh Jackman, 2008 h3>

To win the honorary title of "very, very" wolverine claws Dzhekmenu did not prevent, but rather to help.

Johnny Depp, 2009 h3>

Hello again. Six years have passed, and Depp again was named the most attractive man in the world.

Ryan Reynolds, 2010 h3>

In 2010, the rating was headed by Canadian actor, who is good in comedy and dramatic roles.

Bradley Cooper, 2011 h3>

Bradley Cooper has long played a subtle role in the obscure films, but his finest hour came after "The Hangover».

Channing Tatum, 2012 h3>

Mysteriously silent and frown, playing muscles - that's the secret charm of a "simple guy" Channing Tatum.

Adam Levine, 2013 h3>

One of the few "not cast" in the list. Adam Levine is also often called the most attractive in the world vegetarian.

Chris Hemsworth, 2014 h3>

Chris Hemsworth - star of the young generation of Hollywood. In the past few years, he battered bright roles in blockbusters such as in "The Avengers" and "Torah».

David Beckham, 2015 h3>

Finally. Sooner or later it had to happen.

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