"During the renovation in the house a man found a secret room ..."

During normal repair at his home in 1963, one of the Turks made an incredible discovery. It turned out that the dismantled wall hiding a secret room that led to the lost underground city called Derinkuyu. The site tells podrobnosti.Issledovateli found that the space behind the door consists of eight storeys, and its depth reaches 60 meters. The tunnels of the city were carved from soft volcanic rock - tuff.

Historians believe that Derinkuyu was built in the I-II millennium BC. e. He served as a refuge for a great protection against enemy armies.

The tunnels were all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay of those times: living quarters, kitchens, wells, bakeries, workshops, stables and even a crib.

The city could accommodate about 20 000 people with clothes and supplies.

It is believed that Derinkuyu was even a cemetery.

Just imagine the process of creating these tunnels!

Fresh air enters the city through the ventilation shafts.

Now this place is open for tourists, and everyone can enjoy.

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