How to be charismatic: 10 secrets

Why someone people are drawn, and someone avoiding contact.Why someone people are drawn, and someone avoiding contact.

Studies have shown that other things being equal attractive people earn more unsympathetic, and the difference amounts to 14%.

Fortunately, the attractiveness associated not only with physical appearance. It manifests itself in how you stay, with whom to communicate, how they talk, and in a huge number of things.

How to become more charismatic


1. Be witty Numerous studies show that women are more attracted to men who are able to make them laugh.

One psychologist asked the three men to tell a joke to your friends at the bar, and at the next table sat a girl. Then it was necessary to approach this girl and ask her number. After the man left, the woman was contacted by the experimenter and asked her to evaluate the attractiveness and the man's mind and to indicate, would she meet him for a long time.

The results showed that those who tells jokes, a chance to get a phone number women three times higher than those who are not joking. The first men were also rated as more attractive and intelligent. Anthropologist Jill Greengrass writes:

"The impact of a good sense of humor on the preferences of women can be partially explained by the fact that clever people are considered more sociable, and smart, and girls are looking for in their companions that's it."

2. Surround yourself with friends

In 2014, the University of California at San Diego conducted a study that showed that people think that people are more likable when they are in the group.

In one of the experiments included in the study, 25 undergraduate students, male and female, examined 300 photographs of female faces in the group photo and individual portraits. In another experiment, conducted the same procedure, but the 18 undergraduates were shown photos of male faces. it was Found that the participants appreciate both men and women as significantly more attractive when they filmed in the group.

Perhaps it is because our brains perceive faces in a group of people as a whole, so each face looks more "average", and as a result, more attractive. The authors of the study drew Walker and Edward Vul wrote:

"To bring to the meeting a few escorts could definitely be a good move."

3. Leave the talk about the weather In the 1997 study, a psychologist from the State University of new York Arthur Aaron with his colleagues divided the students into two groups and made a pair of them, giving each 45 minutes to answer a series of questions.

In one list there were questions on everyday topics and the other important issues. Those who have asked each other serious questions, felt each other more than a close relationship. In one pair, subjects even fell in love with each other, which was interesting, though probably insignificant result.

4. Be a leader In the study of 2014 showed that people belonging to any group, I think their leader more attractive than those who are not part of this group.

The scientists collected 49 employees legislatures of Wisconsin and asked them to rate the attractiveness of various politicians. Of course, the participants evaluated leaders as more attractive if they are consistent with their political beliefs (Republican or democratic). Study author Kevin Kniffin writes:

"Traditionally, studies of physical attractiveness is considered as a constant value. But our results show how important the lens of group membership, through which the perceived physical attractiveness of friends leaders."

5. Get a dog

In the experiment, conducted in 2014, 100 Israeli women read short notes about men. The part of the men has been described as "scoundrels": they change partners and get into fights. Other described in accordance with the stereotype "good dads": they work hard at work and care for their children.

Whenever in history the "scoundrel" was a dog, women rated it as more suitable for long-term relationships than "scoundrel" without the dog. "Scoundrels" with the dogs even got a slightly higher score than "Pope" with the dogs.

6. Choose high-status housing In a small study Cardiff University man photographed in a normal position in setting a "status" luxury apartment and a "neutral" standard of the apartment. A group of 35 grad students assessed the status of men as more attractive.

7. Play good music In a 2014 paper, researchers asked approximately 1.5 million women (whose average age was 28 years) listen to simple and complex musical pieces and to assess the attractiveness of the composer.

The results showed that women prefer more complex music and declare that you would choose the author as a partner for the long term.

8. Meet someone nice Researchers have long known the phenomenon that they call "copy selection girlfriend" is about what happens when women like foreign men.

The 2012 study assumes that women like the object of someone's desire, only if this someone nice.

The 40 subjects were shown three images where the photo was placed between two photos of men. The girl was shot in profile, and it looked like she was looking at one of the men. On some photos the woman smiled, at others she had a neutral expression.

When women were asked which man seems to them more attractive, rather, they chose a man who was "watching" the smiling nice girl.

9. Aim for awareness Recently, researchers from Australia observed the students during the blitz of visits and found that conscious men appreciate women as more attractive. Before the experiment, 91 students were asked to complete a questionnaire on the awareness in which needed to indicate how much they agree with such statements as "I perceive my feelings and emotions, and I don't have to respond to them."

After each conversation with a partner of the opposite sex students anonymously indicated how "sexy" they found their partner and if they would like to meet this person.

The results showed that men are more attracted to physically attractive women (before that, students were assigned an independent assessment of attractiveness).But the girls chose conscious men.

The researchers suggest that conscious men could have been more attentive to the partners during a brief interaction and may better cope with their own anxiety, and this, in turn, gave them more appeal.

10. Engage in extreme sports (with caution) In 2014, researchers at the University of Alaska anchorage found that women are attracted to men who take on themselves, as it was called by the scientists, the risks of hunter-gatherers.

233 starsheklassnitsa filled out questionnaires about how attractive they would find the partner of one of two types.

Among the risks of hunter-gatherers consisted of mountain Biking, diving and extreme rollerblading.

"Modern" risks involved the plagiarism of a research article, the mishandling of chemicals in the laboratory and the use of outdated antivirus software on the computer.

The students claimed that they are more attracted to men who are at risk in the style of hunter-gatherers, that is, facing risks similar to those which confronted our forefathers. Activities related to modern risk, it seemed the girls just stupidity. published


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