25 secrets of harmony and beauty.

What you need to do is to always be in good physical shape and getting compliments from others, read the review.

Flexible pull up the perfect figure and blooming appearance - is the key to health and good mood. And summer is the perfect time of year to finally change their dietary habits and to achieve the desired shape.

It is important to remember that the new habits have firmly come into your life. Only regular will finally change themselves for the better, becoming more beautiful and keep the result of a long time. Once breakfast porridge, and in the other to lean on cakes - it is not a system.

Remember offer 25 secrets of harmony and beauty to honor them every day. The result was not long in coming. Get ready to catch yourself admiring glances!

1. Eat 5-6 times a day

Scientific evidence shows that smaller meals helps to reduce weight. Pre-think over their menu and intelligently distribute calories between meals. Breakfast and lunch should be the most nutritious and very light dinner. During the day, do not forget the snacks. Do not make your stomach is hungry, it's stressful for the body and the cause of the accumulation of fat.

2. Drink plenty of water

The daily intake of fluid for adults - it is 1, 5-2 liters of clean drinking water. Do not break this rule. Water removes toxins from the body and, as a consequence, improves the condition of skin, hair, nails and appearance in general. In addition, the start metabolism and weight loss occurs more easily.

3. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning

Immediately after waking up drink a glass of warm water. You can add to a slice of lemon. This technique helps the body to wake up and run all the processes. How useful clean water with lemon, read the review.

4. Keep a food diary

Food Diary - this is a very useful thing. Write down everything that you eat. You can do it from both hands, and with special applications for your phone. Some of them even know how to count calorie foods that you used. The discipline in this matter will help to understand which foods should be eliminated from the diet, and what to add, and accustom to control what you're going to eat.

5. Choose snacks useful

If you lead an active lifestyle, then snacking without you just do not get along. It is not necessary to lean on fast food. You can choose a snack that is ideal for proper nutrition. Especially useful nutritious snacks, which include protein. Tasty options can be found in the material.

6. Do not skip breakfast

Breakfast - is the most important meal. With this statement is useless to argue. This opinion is shared by all, without exception, respected doctors and nutritionists. Breakfast should be the most nutritious meal. Scientifically proven that a hearty breakfast helps control your appetite throughout the day.
25 secrets of harmony and beauty
7. Eat more vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits - is a valuable source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is best to use it in their raw form, since the heat treatment in the case of vegetables, juices, or as in the case of fruit, they lose some of their useful properties.

8. Work out

Power - this is not the only guarantee of a nice appearance and good figure. Like sports. Choose what pleases you. It is not necessary to pump iron in the gym. Sign up for dancing, swimming, yoga or something else. The main thing - the movement!

9. Do not eat 3-4 hours before bedtime

For 3-4 hours before bedtime forget about food. At night, your body, especially the stomach should relax and not to process the food that you have eaten at bedtime. If hunger unbearable, try to drink a glass of water or buttermilk. Sometimes hunger can be easily confused with normal thirst.

10. Drink a smoothie

Smoothies - a real find of the century. Experiment with ingredients can be infinite, but one thing remains unchanged: in smoothies an extremely high concentration of vitamins and other nutrients. Try a 30-day detox program with us. The result is that you'll see in a month, pleasantly surprise you.

11. Eat from small plates

This psychological technique is very effective. Fill a small bowl to the brim with food, and although the food on it is not very much, your brain decides that this is enough to him, and ask for supplements is not. By the way, it is believed that the dishes should be blue. Ostensibly it dulls hunger. Try!

12. Take food with you

A common problem faced by losing weight - is the lack of opportunity to eat during working or training time. Indeed, in the dining room and adjacent cafe it is not always possible to buy healthy dish without harmful ingredients, such as excessive amounts of oil and mayonnaise. Take food with you. This is not so hard and dreary as it may seem at first glance. By the way, it also saves the budget.

13. Get enough sleep

Proved - without full sleep weight loss is impossible. That night, or rather, up to 2-3 hours produces the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the blooming appearance and accelerates fat burning in the body. If you do not see the result of their efforts, then think, may be the case in your mode.

14. Avoid simple carbohydrates favor complex

Carbohydrates must be present in the diet. Some people mistakenly believe that if you want to lose weight, then you need to forget about them. It is important to make a small clarification. Forget about simple carbohydrates better. They only give the body empty calories and quickly converted into body fat. But complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, friends, a good figure. It cereals, whole grains, pasta from durum wheat.

15. Do not eat in front of TV

Eating should not be combined with other activities that require your concentration and focus. You are vigilant and ready to eat a lot more than you need. A scattered attention also prevents the stomach to convey to the brain that it's time to have to stop. So forget about eating dinner in front of TV.

16. Arrange fasting days

It is important to remember that fasting days - this is not hungry days. On a couple of apples and water for a long time, you just do not pull. And do not provoke the launch zhiroszhigatelnyh processes, and vice versa - starvation mode. This is when your body wants to stock up on calories for the week ahead.

You can arrange a fasting day once a week. Reduce your daily caloric intake to a reasonable minimum. It should be about 800-1000 calories.

17. Cook and bake

If you want to look fresh and young? Forget about frying. Important is not only what we eat but how we prepare. The most useful cooking methods - is boiling, steaming and baking. And any excess oil.

18. Reduce your intake of sugar

Sugar - is the worst enemy of a slim figure. If you want to catch yourself admiring glances, you should forget about the bakery and confectionery products. Of course, once a week, you can treat yourself to dessert. That's not fatal. But from the daily diet such mischief should always be excluded. Choose a useful alternative to sugar. For example, honey.

19. Include in the diet of hot sauces

Spicy sauces and spices - cayenne pepper, adjika, pepper - contains in its composition special burning enzymes in the body that trigger the process of losing weight. So if you still did not like spicy food, then it's time to do it. However, only if you have no medical contraindications.

20. Lean on green tea

Green tea is the favorite drink of the Japanese, very useful for the organism. In fact, it is a natural antioxidant. This means that it helps to fight free radicals, thereby strengthening the immune system and increasing the body's defenses. In addition, green tea promotes weight loss. About 3-4 cups a day can create real miracles and strengthen your health.
25 secrets of harmony and beauty
21. Look for a useful alternative to harmful products

Your favorite foods are incompatible with a thin waist? Do not despair. Today the range of products on the shelves of supermarkets is so great that you can easily find a useful alternative. Here are just a few examples of successful replacement.

22. Go for a walk after dinner

After dinner, it's time to go for a little walk. One need only 20 minutes to walk around the house. Firstly, the food's better understood and will not be processed into fat, and secondly, you saturate the body with oxygen, and sleep will be even stronger and sweeter.

23. Lean protein

Products in which the composition of a lot of protein - meat, fish, eggs, beans, cheese - you should definitely include in the diet. They need it to prevail. Protein - a building material for the body. The more protein, the better your body. You can be thin with loose skin, and it is possible - with slim elastic muscles. The choice is yours!

24. Carefully chew food

The more thoroughly you chew food, the faster the load. The human body is designed so that it needs a bit of time to process the information and send messages to the brain that it is already satiated and more it is not necessary. Therefore, never in a hurry!

25. Do not forget about the work done

Remember that no one way is not possible without errors. Small failure is not a reason to drop everything and get depressed. Think of what path you have already passed. Are you ready to give up so easily? And if you are new to losing weight, then remember about his motivation and in no case do not give up.


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