How to get rid of nasolabial folds.

1. Exercising against nasolabial folds
Of course, the easiest way to avoid the appearance of nasolabial folds - to do this during their prevention. Beginning with 25 years should be to perform a few simple daily exercises. Paying their appearance 10 minutes a day, you'll save the youth face for years to come.

The complex consists of the following exercises:
 - Fold the lips into a tube and pull as if pronounce the sound "oo-oo-oo»;
 - Loud and expressive front of the mirror repeats the sounds A, O, N, Y, and other;
 - Greatly inflate the cheek and keep them in this position a few seconds. Then, let the air out and relax cheek;
 - As far as possible, open your mouth and round his lips;
 - Pull the lower jaw forward and tightly with his lips;
 - Draw the cheek between the upper and lower teeth;
 - Alternately lighten up;
 - Inflate the cheeks and release the air in small individual tremors.
Each of these exercises should be repeated 15 times.

Do not refuse such exercises even if the nasolabial folds have already expressed quite clearly. This simple complex will help you if you do not get rid of it significantly smooth out existing wrinkles.

2. Mask against nasolabial folds
For its preparation, you must first make a bay leaf. 15 leaves Pour 30 ml of hot water, put on a little fire and boil for 3-5 minutes, then strain the broth and leave to cool.

At this time, whisk whisk whites of 3 eggs, add a spoonful of olive oil and 10 g of burnt alum. All of this mix and add 1 tablespoon of broth bay leaf. The resulting composition moisten bandage and plaster secure it to the problem areas. Leave minutes 40.

This procedure is necessary for the regime: three days impose a mask, three days giving the skin a rest, and then again three days is imposed, etc.

3. Strike cold
 - Take a tube usual waffle towel. Its corners dip into the icy water and wipe them all the wrinkles. Over time, you must make at least 50 rubbing each fold. This cool tips regular towels as they are heated.

If you turn this process into a daily program for the care of the face, you'll soon get rid of unwanted wrinkles, tighten skin and align the oval face.

 - Yet another way to get rid of nasolabial folds - smoothing them with ice cubes. Wrap the ice in a soft cloth. Lie down on the bed (no cushions) and turn on 15 seconds with gentle movements drive an ice cube on the wrinkles. If you perform this procedure regularly, the nasolabial folds become less noticeable after 2 weeks.

Remember that to get rid of nasolabial folds and slow down the aging process can only be integrated and regular care of the skin.

Stay beautiful and desirable!


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