Remember the childhood and You determine your personality type in the Enneagram

To determine your personality type, you can turn to professional tests that were created specifically for this purpose, but you can still... just remember your childhood.

After all, that's when we often really real, even with a minimal set of social norms and rules and from booolshoy plans for the future! Or was it not?


Are you ready to travel in your childhood?

Let's go back to the time when you remember yourself when you first felt that you are a man, you personality. Sit back. Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself in the room of your childhood. Look at yourself from the side...

Who and what surrounds you?

What you clothing that is put in the shoes on my feet... What you see in front of themselves, that right... the left...

And now you turn and see your parents. Let's consider them.

What are they?

Do you have any relationship with them?

Who do you remember first? Maybe you want to ask something from their parents... or tell them...

What is the role of family in your life?

Who else was there?

How did they treat you?

Now try to look into ourselves. How are you evaluated? Read your children's thoughts.

What was then most important to you? What then the little man? Maybe You want to give something to the past, a little... or just to pull hair, or Pat on the shoulder... You can afford to do it now...

And slowly when it's ready... come back... our 21st century... to the computer... to determine your Enneagram type....

And now it will be easy enough to choose one of the statements that suits you a little more:

1. I have to be perfect.

2. I have to help others.

3. I do what I do.

4. I'm different from everyone.

5. I don't know much.

6. I always have to do something.

7. I am very happy.

8. I am very strong and can defend themselves.

9. I agree with everything.

Happened? Write down or remember the number of the answer.

Now read the statements on your chosen order, placing the pros next to those that you can identify now more suited to you at the age of 6-8 years. You might start with those types that identified themselves in the previous test, maybe I'll start with the least likely of all... Let it be your choice.


  • I always have to watch how I behave.I'm not a child. I'm an adult.
  • According to my father, I need to work a lot.
  • My parents don't spend time on my punishment and reprimands.
  • I'm always careful.
  • I have to constantly hide what I really want.
  • My parents expect from me that I would be perfect.
  • I always know what is good and what is bad.
  • Why do I have to be perfect, when it seems no one else this is not required?
  • Even when I behave, I must behave even better.
  • I think a perfect child.
  • No matter what I feel, the parents always Express to me what they think.

  • I'm very good, I know it.
  • I love my father but sometimes I really do not like.
  • I always feel that I give more than I receive.
  • Sometimes I do not what you want to seem nice to other people, and that they love me.
  • I try very hard to please people if they are unhappy with me, especially parents.
  • Why all don't love me like I love them?
  • Wonderful to feel needed, until people start to use my generosity.
  • I think you always give really good advice.
  • I am the best friend for anyone.
  • Many times I have changed my plans to help others.
  • I never had a love.
  • People consider me kind and good.

  • I love mom because she helps me believe that I'm capable of anything.
  • I always reach success.
  • What I dream will come true.
  • I have never had a real friend.
  • I don't know how to manage my feelings.
  • I can FIB to your benefit.
  • I have to do something necessary and important.
  • Everyone thinks I'm full of energy, but I feel that I miss her.
  • Love me only for my accomplishments, and not just for what I am.
  • Everything in my life is slow. I want faster to make!
  • Many hindering my forward movement.
  • People admire what I do.

  • No matter we try or not, I'm not interested in my parents.
  • I want to know everything about himself, but the more you learn, the less I like myself.
  • No one understands my suffering.
  • No one loves me.
  • My family and friends won't tell me anything.
  • I feel alone always, and I never good — don't know why.
  • I have ceased to love, and I can't change anything.
  • I feel so helpless.
  • I often think about death.
  • I'm happy only in dreams.
  • I believe in justice.
  • I have my own idea of how to behave.
  • People don't notice me.

  • I love my parents, but I don't like the way that they want to see me.
  • I don't want to get close to people because I don't want to controlled.
  • I would never tell anybody what I think.
  • I know I need to learn endlessly.
  • I want to know all the facts, possibilities and perspectives and always think of what you're going to do.
  • I can appreciate all that I have.
  • I think the world can be improved.
  • I can't live without your room or your area.
  • I love being a step ahead of everyone.
  • My thoughts are always important to me.
  • My hobby is to dream.
  • People think I'm a dork.

  • My father is my best teacher.
  • I'm always concerned that all was well done.
  • I like to know exactly what I can do, and what not.
  • I always follow the rules.
  • Can I charge any thing.
  • I do not trust others.
  • I can imagine the reaction of others.
  • I love to hear as many opinions as possible and then draw their own conclusions.
  • I play in a team, because I know what's expected of me and how to please people.
  • I have to be careful.
  • I love to ask questions.
  • People find me to be obedient.

  • I always have fun!
  • I love to collect the collection, and new exhibits in our house is always a place.
  • I love to solve difficult puzzles and betting.
  • Guests often come to me to play.
  • I always know how to have fun.
  • Mom doesn't understand me, but it does not offend me.
  • I know how to avoid boring people.
  • I have a million friends, but no close friend.
  • I always do well and want to do everything!
  • I have big plans for the future.
  • I don't like being forced to do something and limit my freedom.
  • People think I'm smart.

  • I love mom and dad, but I'm much stronger than them.
  • No one needs to control me!
  • I have to defend myself.
  • Sometimes I protect those who can't do it.
  • I'm not afraid of anything.
  • If I'm angry, I'm quick to reach.
  • My friends know their place.
  • I like to fight.
  • I am the leader.
  • I don't like crybabies and whiners.
  • I want to be loved, but I fear that love is for the weak.
  • People think I'm strong.

  • My parents are very good people.
  • What's the use of crying and screaming! I never cry.
  • I never refuse to play what they want to play everyone else.
  • I find it hard to make decisions.
  • I can take the place of any person.
  • To go with the flow much easier.
  • Upset is pointless.
  • I don't like it when I have to choose from several things any one.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  • I don't mind each went his own way.
  • I don't want to change, to be a child very well.
  • People think I'm tactful.
Now it's simple! Count which group has more advantages. And compare with the first choice. And now with the first test. If does not match, it probably means you combine several types. published

Author: Yulia Polezhaeva

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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