As an ideological idiocy penetrated into my life

Dear friends! March 24, 2014 I had the opportunity to experience something of what I still only about 1937 books read. I never thought that this could happen so soon. I ask you to read, because it affects everyone - all, as they say, "ordinary" people. If you just too lazy, just jog eyes and read some moments, but please read.

I was invited for an interview at People's Friendship University (People's Friendship University). I had to teach German for medical students and students of the Faculty of Agriculture. Head of Section of the German language, stylish woman aged, very glad that I found, because there is no one to teach, most of the load - it is, as a young teacher with a degree - it is generally rare (I'm 27). The probability that I will take & gt; 100%. Most of all she was afraid that my department head win over English, but I have it assured that it want to teach German and English do not agree. After talking, we went to the head of the department of foreign languages.
Had to wait about half an hour, because It was at the meeting. Then she invited us to his office.

Next I will try to briefly describe our conversation.

Actors and conditions: I am sitting on a chair against the wall to my right diagonal - the head of the table. We call her Elena. Left next to me - a small table her deputy (or assistant?) Irina Alexandrovna. Yes, they are sisters. At this stage all the 20-30 minutes that went conversation should have mentioned the head section of the German language.

Head of the Department is studying my resume.
 - And what is the German school, where you studied?
 - In Zamoskvoreche.
 - Now serving great.
 - Sadovnicheskaya embankment.

Why exactly did you work at the Department of grammar? You wanted so much to teach grammar?
 - In the first place, because people are working there, which I was interested.
 - You have chosen dissertation topic?
No, I offered her research supervisor, but at the time neither I nor she probably had no idea what would happen.

 - Here you have written "Self-education and training", but no one says "72 hours". International Seminar - a little preparation of national student contests - it is not enough. Professional development - that's only if it is written "72 hours". The rest does not count.

Here, I understand that Elena just fills the price of its chair and tries to pretend that she has not yet decided to take me or not. Let me remind you that I did not find this position, and I've found, and I know that they have simply no work.

 - In this case, my month internship in Germany - is training.
 - They pointed out "72 hours»?
-Yes I Am. I have a certificate.

Because in my resume has a point "interests, hobbies," questions have gone the other way.
I have to say that I thought was not to indicate that I was in the Summer School "Russian reporter" and periodically publish journalistic articles. But then naively his (or is it common sense?), I felt that a smart person should appreciate that the grammar of German interests in my life does not end there.

-What You for journalistic publication?
It's just my hobby.
 - I understand, but what you write?
 - I have written on various topics about the environment, about the volunteering movement, wrote about the election.
 - And how do you assess the environmental situation?
-I Rather than actually writing about the environment, and the growth of civic activism in Russia in connection with the environment, an environmental volunteer camps wrote myself to participate in them.
-A Where did you go?
 - That, in general, it does not matter. Garbage everywhere we lack. For example, the Gulf of Finland.
 - No, this is important: it is one thing in Moscow, the other - the Gulf of Finland.
-Here I also scavenge: Biserova on the lake, near the fuss, where I live, and in other places.

Further, according to my feelings, my back somehow turned Franz Kafka, and that he conducted all "process».

 - What is your view on the Crimea?
Is a fundamental question ??? (Confusion and gradual realization of the person with whom I deal)
Yes, for me it is a question of principle.

It is worth to recall that I took a teaching position of the German language for students of medical and agricultural faculty and teaching was German from scratch, ie of case, word order, declination, conjugation - well, you know.

-Perhaps, I will disappoint you, but I do not support the policy of Russia in the Crimea.
 - I believe that Russia is aggressive and using the wrong methods, violating international agreements.

Then I realized that for me is not a man, as a function agitator, political commissar - anyone, but not head of the department.

-You See how our youth have been brainwashed! Yes, how old are you? What do you know? You probably see bad television?
-I Try to get information from more reliable sources.
 - Do you know who won the Crimea?
-And You know that thousands of years he was a Greek? Do you want it on this basis to give the Greeks?
-I Know everything! What it was for us a blow when we learned that the Crimea - it is Ukraine. You've seen people with flags?
Then followed a brief retelling of the news channels federal.

EA In general, I was not in Ukraine. Even in Kiev was not.
Ya I was, and in Kiev and in the Crimea, and in the Western Ukraine twice. I just do not want to be between Russia and Ukraine started the war!
EA And who wants to start her what? Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine is entered, no, do not enter. I generally like all the nations, the main thing - was a good man.

Then the conversation intervened (obviously younger and subordinate) sister Irina:
IA How do you behave? You did not know how to behave. You do not respect elders! Who do you raised?
Those who saw me at least once in life, should at this point wide-eyed. "Laughter," as my grandmother.

Ya I do respect people.
IA You do not respect anyone, because something you asked for and out of your pedals!
Ya No, I was asked to stay.
IA No, you obviously kicked!
(In his native Moscow State Pedagogical University I studied and worked for a total of 10 years.)
IA Do you think Elena Alexandrovna interested in your point of view? That she has nothing else to do than to talk to you ?! You are just beginning your journey. You still have a lot to learn!
Ya I know, I am always ready to learn!
IA Anything you're not ready!

Slowly I realized that I need to run out.
Ya Look, I lost all desire to work in your department, so we need to end the conversation. If you need here as teachers scored girls, it's not for me.

EA Yes, I also think that we should finish. First learn to respect elders.
We have you not here Leninist (it MPGU) where take everybody with any views. We - the best university (this, remember, University) We work with foreigners! We - the face of the country. And I support our government, because I am a patriot, and you know who you are - unpatriotic!
Ya I consider myself a patriot, which is why I am concerned that Russia makes mistakes.
EA You can consider yourself anybody. Suddenly it (this is me) I will be here to hang agitation, and then I should be responsible for it ?! Like you, then we immediately organize terrorist acts (it is said in all seriousness, without irony). I support our government and I support our president, Vladimir Putin, and I voted for him (raises his hand as at school).
Ya Well, it's your point of view.

Here again comes a younger sister:
IA With this position you need to leave Russia!
Ya Maybe it's you need to leave Russia?
IA You do what nationality? (This is, as you know, in clear violation of the law, for that matter, and asking my political views)
Ya me in a lot of different nationalities (the truth: me and the Germans, Poles and Russian Cossacks, Jews, Armenians, and probably many more who)
IA It can be seen.
H. What do you see it? Is it bad?

EA as a senior fellow: No, it's the other way round well.

At some point, I thought that it was not necessary to express their opinions. But then he realized that it must be express, and it is fortunate for me that these faceless creatures showed his insides so fast and I did not have to work with them side by side, but still under their leadership.

IA (Referring to the head of the German branch) Where You SUCH generally found? You all talk?
-We Did not discuss such topics ... (obviously shocked by what is happening)
Older sister, EA .: She will work with the students! We and the newspaper is. We can not let this happen to us who worked horrible! Know what I'm going to take you to 100% (though I do not know)

Ya I'm used to separate ideology and professional activities.

Head. German branch: Can we still come back to professional issues?
EA No, it's too late, already will not come back.

Ya I'm very glad that we still have found my happiness on me to work with you will not have to. Try more at ease with people whose opinion differs from yours.
EA Goodbye, you are our ecologist.
Ya I'm not an ecologist. I am a linguist.
On that and said goodbye.
Fortunately, less than a month ago, I read the "Whirlwind" Evgenia Ginzburg and now knew for sure that I'm not alone in this world, and there have been times and terrible.

Head. German department called me to carry out. We went into the teaching room. For her, that I do not take - this is a blow to the gut. Looks to me almost motherly eyes. I'm on edge, of course, say that it is terrible that people in power, asking how it all works here. Tears in his eyes - rather from shock than from the disorder.
It is 10-15 years older than my parents have seen a lot in his life.
Says that on such topics just do not talk to anyone: "You will say anything to you and you will be put nastuchat!" But I'm so not used to! I was asked - I answered. You can not be afraid of anything and everything!
So we're talking about 10 minutes, then she says: "God bless you!" Raise your head, it is also ready to cry, but restrained, "that ink is not flowed." Dissuade her to go to the head of the department again - to convince her to take me to work. Escorted me to the elevator. Once again, "God bless you" more than a friendly click each other's hands. We say goodbye.
I go with the territory of the People's Friendship University and understand that our MPGU - it is a paradise compared to this obscurantism. Perhaps I have never experienced such warm feelings towards his mother university. However, it is hoped that in itself is not so bad RUDN just specific comrades distinguished and disgrace the whole university ...

People, dear, please do not let yourself be humiliated! No matter what your political views, for Putin or against you, no matter where you work, learn. Just do not let you compress! I do really hope that we do not have to flee from Russia and I beg you not to do it. Because if you leave the place that could hold you here, take such creatures with whom I had a chance to talk yesterday. Let's not save everyone myself. Just live, be yourself, communicate with each other, love each other - it is a lot, it's very infuriates those waiting that they will bow down and say yes at every opportunity. When they are angry, they are particularly funny.

And do not think that you will not touch it. Someday you will be asked in all seriousness, why you go away on holiday to India or Turkey, rather than in Sochi or Crimea, or why you have worked for a foreign company, or why, sitting in his car, you listen to The Beatles, The Time Machine, Okean Elzy, or any English-language pop music, not Kobzon or Valery.

About myself I can say that I have after this episode, just behind the wings grew. I am once again convinced that the most important thing in our lives - people, and we must remember that we ourselves create their habitat.

Told my mother. She is proud of me, and I am proud that I have such a mother!
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