8 books a must read for every intelligent person

Neil degrasse Tyson is one of the world's most influential researchers, the cosmos responded on Reddit to the question, what books are a must read for every intelligent person in the world. These books scientist calls the works which most influenced the behavior of people in the world and has shaped the values of the Western world. 1. The Bible

The controversy regarding the existence of God or not, do not cease, especially in recent times. Instead of listening to others, read the source yourself. And then you will be able to make their own choices: to believe in the existence of God or not.

Quote: "Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted."


2. "The system of the world" Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was the most important scientist in the world. He was the first supporter of the idea that the world is cognizable.

Quote: "What concerns the well-known argument, if a penchant for meat and taste the pleasure which it gives, is the best proof of his fitness, many savage peoples with the same pleasure devour any kind of unnatural disgusting food, so pleasant taste, by itself, prove nothing, or rather, proves too much."

3. "On the origin of species" by Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was the first person in the world that proved our relationship with other animals on Earth. Read his book right after the Bible, and perhaps you will understand our world much better than before.

Quote: "the Struggle for existence inevitably follows from the high speed at which all organic beings tend to increase their numbers. Every creature in their lifetime produces several eggs or seeds, must suffer destruction in any age of his life, in any time of the year or, finally, in certain years, or in virtue of the principle of increasing exponentially the number quickly reached such enormous size that no country could accommodate his offspring. Therefore, as more individuals are produced than can survive, each case must be struggle for existence between individuals of the same species or between individuals of different species or physical conditions. This is the doctrine of Malthus (Malthus), with even greater force applied to the whole animal and vegetable world, as there is neither an artificial increase of food, nor a prudential abstinence from marriage."


4. "Gulliver's Travels" By Jonathan Swift

This book is the best in the world sample satirical Outlook on life. Want to understand what good satire is different from the bad? Read this work.

Quote: "anyone who is in one ear, or a single stalk of grass will be able to grow on the same field two, will have humanity and to his country a greater service than all the politicians taken together."


5. "Age of reason" by Thomas Paine

This book is the best exploration of the possibilities of our mind and rational thinking of all those like him. After reading it, you will see that the basis of our struggle for freedom, open mind.

Quote: "When all other rights are violated, the right to revolt becomes indisputable".

6. "The wealth of Nations" Adam Smith

This man is considered to be the founder of the idea of capitalism. Which he, incidentally, was called the "economy of greed" and "natural phenomenon".


Quote: "Great Nations are never impoverished because of the extravagance and imprudence of individuals, but they often get poorer as the result of wastefulness and imprudence of the government".


7. "The art of war" sun Tzu

The act of killing is art. Don't believe? Read!


Quote: "a Hundred times to fight and win hundred times is not the best of the best; best of the best to conquer foreign army, not fighting".


8. "The Prince" Niccolo Machiavelli

Machiavelli was the first man in the world, who promoted one simple truth: people will do everything possible in order to increase their power and influence. After you read his book, much of what is happening in the world of politics, you will understand.

Quote: "Wars begin in your will, but don't stop at your request".


Author: Konstantin Shiyan

Source: lifter.com.ua/post/636


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