How to increase personal charm?

1. Behave naturally. In an effort as quickly as possible to make a good impression, people can forget about the first commandment of communication - be yourself. most favorable impression we usually make when behave naturally.

2. Be a good listener. Remember that people are more interested in their own ideas, experiences, than the lives of others. Being a good conversationalist - which means first of all be able to listen, learning thoughts and reaction partner.

3. Show off your best "I". In the mind of man is not united in him as a few "I", which sometimes coexist peacefully, and sometimes - come into conflict. Try to show people those properties that are inherent in your best "I".

4. Demonstrate your interest in others - is one of the best ways to make a good impression. Be attentive to the interlocutor. Take a position to talk to him face to face. Do not avoid looking directly into his eyes.

5. Try to understand and support people. Let the people be met in you, what is most needed: participation, understanding, support. Often put yourself in the other person, try to imagine what it must feel in this situation.

6. Keep people in their best endeavors. Never discourage others reasonable initiative and a desire to do something useful. No need to say, "You're wrong", "You are wrong," "Your idea is hopeless." If you are not invited to deliberate absurdity, better say, "What an interesting idea you suggested!". After that, the discussion proposed, you and your companion can come to believe just the opposite to that which he expressed. But we should not reject the offer immediately.

7. emphasizes commonality with your companion. As you know, we are attracted to other common views, common interests, similar fate.

8. Do not keep malice. Never angry with her abuser (the enemy) nor one minute more than is really necessary. Not worth fantasizing about ways of revenge: while you drain the nervous system, angry at someone, that person might be nice to spend time and have fun. Think about it, and your anger will diminish.

9. We express our sincere approval. With few exceptions, people love the approval of their ideas and actions, so sincere praise promotes good impression. Approval or compliment flow naturally from our desire to find a rallying point. Do not miss the opportunity to tell the person pleasant - not so much in the life of positive emotions!

10. Do not complain, do not hnychte; but do not say that all is well. Constant complaints to life, the circumstances of failure unwinning: you will be perceived as a loser. About their problems better than a little humor.

But even more, avoid statements that you have everything perfectly - nazhivёte many enemies: for some people, success of others even more unpleasant than the constant complaints. No wonder the Buddha said: "The victory - the cause of hatred, and the winner is unhappy."

11. Do not agree with someone else's self-criticism. If someone says that he feels a fool, do not agree, "you're right, as always." Better to say: "In such a situation it was difficult to do anything about it", "You and so did our best," etc.

12. Do not ignore the spat. Do not pretend that nothing is happening. Try to understand the cause of the conflict, to discuss and resolve it. It is important to develop the ability to compromise.

13. Be kind to those who take a more modest position in life.


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