Life after graduation

So you finished college, in the hands of you the coveted diploma, view your confident, directed only to a brighter future, in my head spins thought: freedom! I can do anything! I was waiting for the fate of amazing! All in my hands! All doors are open for me!

And then the majority of graduates of Russian universities are faced with the question: where to go to work? How to realize themselves and be useful to society? Like while you learn, everything is clear: prepare answers - 5, you're done!

The most "fun" after graduation - is the uncertainty. A new stage of life. Let's try to prepare for it ...

Here is a short list of prestigious past 10 years majors (based on taking economic Institutes):

- Management
- Marketing
- Banking
- The world economy
- Tourism
- Law

Consequently, a significant number of graduates - economists is, people who believe other people's money well and thus earn their dignity.

However, it really pays off smithy young professionals? How good is the quality of services provided in the field of education? The question is rather rhetorical.

It's no secret that the average cost of tuition at the Moscow university for a year is equivalent to a nice trip abroad, and for 5 years - a decent car.

I'm not trying to throw a stone in the garden of our excellent lecturers who have worked, putting knowledge into our heads. I just want to say that the study - is not prosidanie pants. Must be feedback, supported by practice.

Abstracting from the simple truths, here is an example: a friend of mine managed to graduate from Moscow in. lang., unable to put two words in English, did everything prof. translation through an interpreter on the Internet. Over a stretch of three still nobody expelled.

Developing the theme of the quality of educational services, would like to see more practice opportunities on the job training to combine theoretical knowledge and experience, and not just sit out a pair.

Again an example: a student of the evening department of a Moscow university, on the 5th course we studied the exploded part of the framework agreement (frame contract, subject FEA). It was quite difficult to take a dry presentation of information. On this subject has been spent 2 lectures, ie 3:00 scribbling. Many in the group at that time were already working in the specialty, faced with these agreements several times, but to attend the pairs were required.

Often in universities Your rating consists not in fact knowledge, and at the expense of attendance. Even if you're a tree stump stump, but if there was a pair and kept silent, it is still well done.

We build a city of the future, which will govern exclusively monetary relations. Moscow will become a major financial center in the world. The citizens of the city will solve their problems exclusively with lawyers; for each family member for a lawyer. Fantastic! And what professions are necessary for society? From white-collar to the people:

- Experts in the field of medicine
- Engineers
- Specialists in nanotechnology
- Chemists
- IT-specialists
- Environmentalists

Cadres decide everything! It is important to love what you do, but the office slackers and raspilschikov budget we have enough.

Very quickly, the game in the mobile phone, downloading and folding puzzle from different coursework in one, buy a diploma, pass 5 years of study at the university and started awakening: job search, numerous interviews, often unemployment, inability to realize themselves.

Cognitive dissonance

Very often, after graduation, young professionals understand that they want to engage in a very different and are not looking for a job in their field. I once faced with a situation where the former educators and teachers hold the position of manager, logistician. Girls with diplomas University. Gubkin look for yourself, working photographer, a flight attendant.


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