Alexander Onufriev: “I Looked around and realized: “Sanya, it is necessary Shoto is urgent to change...”

Anatoly Golubovskiy

Alexander Onufriev, I had to work until just once. But remember myself Sasha is fun and easy, and just as easily and accurately build the mise-EN-scene, remember the friendly atmosphere at the site. Subsequently once read in FB it posts about master classes and then about the upcoming release of the book. This miss was certainly not. The conversation was very thorough, and for convenience the interview is divided into three parts...

-Tell me, when you come to the idea of becoming a Director?

-The first time this thought came in 10th or in 11th class. I bought the book “All the Universities of Kiev”, has carefully studied and who offers what. And so it turned out that the most interesting of all — the directing at the University Karpenko-Kary...

-Wait a second. I thought you were — St. Petersburg...

He was born in St. Petersburg, but grew up and lived here in Kiev

-And how was when he moved?

A year...

But you can still say “We, the St. Petersburg”?))

-Of course))

-So around the 10 th — 11 th grade... And the question of professional specialization, you do not care?

-Actually, I think that more or less precisely define what you want to be in the penultimate or the final class. And before that, very often throwing in extremes...

-Eeee... there are people who are born adults and in the 10-11 years know exactly who I want to be...

-Well, sometimes. But it basically happens like this:
Grade 5 — I want to be a firefighter
8th grade — I want to be a doctor
Grade 11 heh, well thought out and I... a lawyer.
And that's what comes to graduation, it is already possible to take seriously... But it may be that after graduation, people suddenly realize: not that. Need a career change... I've, fortunately, this did not happen, I was not disappointed in the directing. Sure — it's mine. And want to do this

-A little better... But back: you have studied the Handbook, I realized that the only thing that attracts you — “direction and TV direction at the University Karpenko-Kary”. Why in this University?

-First, in our country it is the strongest UNIVERSITY. So it was and still is. Secondly, in ' 95, when I did, directing for film and TV was just there. In KOKI the profession came much later, so more and options is not there. Now the choice appeared, but Karpenko's still a sign of quality

-And here comes the students. How Alexander Onufriev was a good student? Not were there any thoughts to blame?

-There were no such thoughts. But in my situation there was one caveat: I enrolled right after high school, and was the only such course, unlike the rest that have passed a certain school of life. And it was hard to come up with ideas for movies and sketches. Each time it was an agony to witness the...

-Maybe just not enough volume of the individual?

Maybe. Just not ripe yet at that time. But after the graduation I began to catch a buzz from inventing. That'd be 5 years ago — that would be super. And then — again — all were born in terrible torments. But thanks to Nikolai Ivanovich Merzlikina, the master of my course, for believing in me and eventually gave the job that really is “my”

-”Believed” — had some doubts regarding your person?

-Were like. I didn't say later what it is, but competition for place was decent, so surely there were other options. But eventually took me...

-The uni was a breeze or were the pitfalls?

-I grew up gradually. The first course was heavy, psychologically, I needed to grow up. By the third year it happened, and I began to enjoy the process. Started to feel comfortable, confident

-And you can say that was some kind of turning point, a momentous event or it all happened smoothly and gradually?

-A watershed event took place at the end of the second year when I grew a beard. My childhood was a psychological problem — sensitivity with long lasting effects. I could take offense — and a week to be not in the mood. And it was my “calling card” — and in school and even in University. But at the end of the second year, it is understood: if I will not solve this issue, I will in life is extremely difficult, as I doubt there are many who communicate with me...

So in 19 years you come to realise the serious point to which many do not come?

-So the situation then was breath-taking: I didn't really want to communicate. When a person in a wonderful mood today, and tomorrow — “don't come near me, I was offended”, and such a swing in the “day by day”, who is holding? Therefore, there were problems with girls and friends. I looked around and realized: “Sanya, it is necessary Shoto is urgent to change...” And decided that in order to change internally, you need to start with changing the appearance. And so, I grew a beard and, repeating mentally, “it is necessary to change, change, change”, the third course has changed...I do believe that any external change leading to internal: wearing a suit, you will not be able to behave like a hooligan, wearing shorts and stretched t — shirt- are unlikely to feel himself a gentleman

Therefore, based on the beard as on the Foundation you've managed to change internally. And it coincided with the moment when you became easier and more interesting to learn...

-I think that the second was due to the fact that I was able to make changes. I have had problems in communicating with teachers...

-And in General in this industry with a similar disposition to do nothing...

-Well, maybe there is something. But the MOVIE is, above all, the sphere of interpersonal relations. And if Bob, for example, a talented but as a person shit, it will be difficult to achieve success in this field. Ideally, of course, you are both talented and pleasant to talk to

And Edward Norton?

-Not personally familiar, but... geniuses forgive a lot. Pushkin, according to contemporaries, was an unpleasant person, seeking others with their epigrams. But he — Pushkin

-Of course. Brilliant shit will always forgive what you do not forgive a good citizen, whose virtues the main point “I'm never late”

-Well, and what you'll get with no acting or directing talent, even if you're three intelligent?

That is, the world is moving in the direction of a brilliant asshole?

-Well, brilliant people not so much...

Okay, a talented asshole...

-But talented people don't get shit. This “shortage to the bar of genius” they are filled with intelligence and kindness. I would even say that a talented person is useful to be so. I'm certainly not a genius, no doubt

-You to this conclusion he came to?

-I think the genius is the one who comes easily. For example — Mozart. And besides, you need to plow Salieri and Mozart, creating the melody by clicking pisses him off.

-How do you feel about the thesis that genius is 1% talent and the rest hard work?

. The genius is easy. So I guess brilliant people often relax. Easy, not particularly valued, they are bored... But talent — Yes. There is some Deposit that you want to develop

-As was the case with the stimulating means during the training period?

-I have nothing. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco I was not interested, and on the course... Well, drugs certainly was not, and the rest — within reasonable limits. Absolutely non-drinking students — is nonsense...

Someone was friends at uni?

-By the end had a good relationship with many fellow students, and even had a friend with the organization and production of movies. With him we bonded over music. He played beautifully on the guitar, and I'm on a 4-5 course suddenly began to write songs. We organized a group of “Mybut professionals”, we had almost half a dozen songs in the repertoire...

-So on the album missing...

Well, for one — Yes. But, since I am not a genius, and the talent on this album me and enough. And then — as cut off. Now like and want and what, but somehow is not...)And then some of the songs became hits. In our environment

-Maybe just needed to try to understand is great, but not really my thing? Not what you want to do most...

-I see this as an additional function. Basic: I'm a Director. And the rest — an actor, a songwriter support. A talented person is talented in many ways.

-How easily you joined the television industry?

-To work on TV, I became a student. Was this program “the Situation” — crime news of the day. I was an assistant Director. After the graduation he continued to work on TV — the second Director, senior, in the newsroom and show-programs. Happened and the Director of record, had the experience of live broadcasts. The TV I went inside and out, know all the genres firsthand. But TV was never “mine” because it is a great line. Fun to do the first issue, when it works. And then the routine and the crackdown. Changing faces, stories, information. But essentially — remains the same

-And for you, it is crucial that you captured the process?

Otherwise I get bored

-Lost a challenge to your professionalism?

Just becomes boring. I, for example, would not be able to work in a factory, when it is necessary day by day to do the same. I would have choked. So I left with the TV, although at some point it was very comfortable. Work week after week, a decent salary... But I had fun. And when he left — anywhere — Yes, it was dumb, but it had to be done

-What do you mean “nowhere”?

-I did not go to any particular job. Just left, because “ate”

-Left and?

-Began to look for alternatives to do what they wanted — to shoot a feature movie

-The base was not prepared

-And that does not work I have to somehow prepare database. At some point the Cup is full, running over the edge. And we must all drastically change, that you have not filled in completely. With Telecom it turned out that I left not having a clear understanding of where exactly. Just knew that I wanted to try something different. Movies, TV shows — it doesn't matter. The main thing — not to documentaries, and feature films

-As was done the first draft and what was it?

-First, I face the problem — the lack of a portfolio. All production (and there were at that time much less) interested in this item, and I have, as it turned out, the present was nothing special. Well, took off at the University. One is too Amateur, imperfect technically, although the idea was good. Second on a more serious level, but was shot on film and I have not been able to digitize. Needed something to solve the issue, and I took a short meter.

-For their money?

Yes. Agreed with the friends, took off. Turned out shit...

-What's it called?

-I will not say. Sometimes reviewing — a shame. But it is extremely rare that our plans work the first time. Always need to fill the cones. Well, better to fill their own money than when someone will pay and I will make Kaku. So everything went according to plan. Then I shot a second short film — “Reality”, on a higher level.This movie is not ashamed to speak, he was awarded several prizes at international festivals. So I had that to show in the portfolio. After that to me began to chat in a totally different way

To be continued...


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