Alexander Onufriev: “I Looked around and realized: “Sanya, it is necessary Shoto is urgent to change...” Part 3

Anatoly Golubovskiy

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-You are now pradakshinam not cooperating

-I'm in limbo. Finished the project “Police 102” — and nothing I can find to continue to move forward

-What would you took in the moment, if you like the opportunity?

-I'm 100% sure that Comedy is “mine.” But, unfortunately, in the commercial segment for me to take was not offered. First I removed Mystical stories and I said, “Well, you're good at it. Take mysticism”. Then I are tired of the topic strongly and managed to get the project “doctor on call”. And again the same story: “You're making medicine, you cool it. Shoot” And nobody seemed to care that I'm the perfect Comedy Director. I just haven't had the chance to prove it.

-So we have the Comedy doesn't even shoot

-Yes, a little. If I was entrusted to make a Comedy — would be really happy

-And again: the right agent to promote you as a Comedy Director

-But we have no such

-Sorry... I know you have some cool workshops, is about to be released book. Can one line to articulate the main message to budding filmmakers?

-A single line is unlikely. Although... the Main message for all creative people: act. The saddest thing is when a person is lying on the couch, confident in his genius and misunderstood, and not even trying to tear his tender ass and go prove it.You need to knock. As my master of course: “Need to actively wait.” That is — Yes, you wait. But continue to do something to promote yourself. Especially now there is FB and other promotion channels

Unfortunately, too few people like, say, Steve jobs — when you are able not only to create but also to sell...

-Unfortunately, Yes... And here it would be useful agent...


But while such agents no

-A Holy place is never empty. Just need to create the conditions for their occurrence. And while they are not allowed to take shape

-While the majority are satisfied with the current situation

-Yes, well. Actors are not exactly satisfied

-But it suits the producers. And who pays the Piper calls the situation

-Hell mind))... Imagine you're 70 years old. You shoot or share their experience?

-I can have both. What? How Many Woody Allen? So 70 is possible. Given the fact that I don't drink or smoke, I think at this age will still be a survivor. 80, of course, it would be harder, of Course, and share experiences I would like. Actually, what I'm doing. Teach courses, conduct master classes. They are, however, more focused on the actors, not the Directors. I am and what to say to the Directors, but to collect them harder


-Actors want to become many. If you conduct a quick poll, I think that to play any role will want thousands, to shoot, to be directed by the unit.

-... Because you think to work the camera — and what is there to know? And here is how to remove, you need to have an idea. Well, Yes — you need to have a different mindset, to be able to see the whole picture in your head. It's difficult to order

-Of course. But that's not all. Actors know everything, but Directors....


-Now let's go and ask around — someone you know from Ukrainian Directors? I assure you, in the best case, called Dovzhenko. Well, maybe someone will remember Mateshko or Andriyenko. And if you take in the world. Brad pitt and DiCaprio know everything, and ask who Inarritu will begin to wrinkle the forehead. “Two Oscars? What do you mean!”. Or offer photo to know: who is Lucas and who is Spielberg...
Now, many projects are designed for people without the actor's education. And I want to give people the knowledge how to avoid elementary mistakes on the set. He experienced this repeatedly and know that in the process to explain this just once. By the way, mistaken, even professional actors, because it is not taught in our institutions. In their workshops I can make out technical aspects of work on site. By the way, about 30% of my listeners are people with higher actor's education...

-Actor Alexander Onufriev — to promote personal brand?

-It is a relatively easy way of making money. When I articulate this message in a similar way to the professional actors, I begin to quietly hate. I understand what the profession of an actor. For people from the side — it's the eternal holiday when a person gets a lot of money for that is unclear, not particularly straining. But I know what is the main role how the sweat and nerves it gets, how much you need to spend sleepless nights to learn how much text, how to turn myself inside out to get a decent result... So for the main roles, do not rush, I was quite satisfied with the second plan and episodes. One-two-three days of shooting me with his head enough. These roles are usually simple, on the character — either a COP or a thug or a COP-bandit. As a variant — guard. Particular difficulties no text is low, and money is relatively decent... everything is still the possibility to go on someone else's set and learn something. Plus way to be in good shape

-How to apply for improvisation on set?

Best improvisation — prepared. When the Director agreed all the nuances. And then it turns out great. But now is not always such a possibility exists — often, projects require to speak with precision to the letter. That is, it is better to agree. As an example. I worked in one project as a film editor. And here is one Russian actor — very talented, by the way, every take was done totally differently...With a different message by modifying the text, different playing face. In General, do not occur


-Absolutely. Fortunately, the survey was conducted with three cameras, and I somehow cut and Stikovica each episode, but it was pure trash. And, despite his talent, he is now not in the top

Something that might be good on stage, not welcome to work on the camera...

-Of course. It is very different. A good theater actor is not necessarily a good movie, and Vice versa

-Have you ever thought about creating your own production?

-To create your own production need a man who will load his work. First, I am not for this breakdown. And secondly, in the combination of duties will have to sacrifice the side, which I like to do in favor of that which is not love

-Your strongest quality or quality — from your point of view

-The number of times.A sense of humor. It allows you to find the right approach, creates an atmosphere on set. And I know that many actors willing to be removed from me, even when fees are not very large. Because you get pleasure from the process. And after you finish shooting the actor receives applause from the crew — I have this thingy.
Number two. I have all processes under control and clear — all in the timing, efficiently and creatively.
These are qualities that allow me to give a good result in the production of TV series

-Acting inadequate at the site I had to face?

-Sometimes, like every Director. The phenomenon was drunk in the trash, and that is very annoying, it was the person with whom I was well acquainted. Good actor, by the way. We were saved by the fact that it was the role of the patient in a coma. Clear that I this actor was “closed”. As well as producers...

-The emergency on you and to resolve policy or with humor?

-I rarely raise my voice, if you know. But I have the will and toughness to be friendly, while continuing to stick to my desired line. If necessary, you can “turn beast”. But such situations were — enough fingers on one hand to count. I repeat: very important for me the atmosphere to get pleasure from the process. Each person in the group is special to me

-What do you think is the future of Ukrainian media in its current format?

The future is, in any case, this is not the slightest doubt. And the format... Just need some time to digest and get the soup. But, while it being cooked — not quite edible and not always nice

-Not govorilos, I think?

-Of course. For example, movies with a 91-year wasn't even in a coma — it did not exist. Was shooting 1-2 films a year, which are now, except that under pain of death can be made to look. But, nevertheless, now the process is going slowly, it began to appear films which is not just embarrassing, they enjoy it. And there are more. With the TV content will be similar. When the viewer feels full of today's consumer goods, and producers will understand that fast food people have fed and have to do something tastier and poizyskannee, then will appear serious quality TV shows and transfer. When I'm not sure, but it will

-That is just a matter of time, and with the professional base, which is available now in the directing, acting, screenwriting and you can make a quality product

-Of course. Have all the Directors, cameramen, makeup artists, actors... No money. And as soon as they appear — and it will happen anyway, because sooner or later the spectator will say: “come. I'm sick of your shit watch” will appear and the money. The Americans had a series of the current level. First there was the mass base of “soap”. But then the audience said, “nafig”. Came the product we see now — a rabid sky-high ratings and advertising. And then it happened in Europe. And now — in Russia. And we'll have it. So I don't think you can say that

-Your attitude to the opportunistic aspects of the market? Well, for example: now everyone is jet-lagged on the topic of harrasment. And here comes another British TV series, whose protagonist is a successful doctor, somehow raping women. Exactly why is because this topic is never disclosed, but I would love to understand why he has such successful and beautiful, there was a similar shift. This is such a hole in the story from the point of view of logic of actions, which can be plugged only environment

Well, this is understandable, bredovato. Therefore, by the way, are very specific to the festival films. Each has its own theme, its own situation. But if you take, for example, on the same harrasment or the situation of gays not because I want to say something different and new, and because everyone is talking about it — well, sorry... can Not be removed simply because it is a hot topic. Fail movie high level

As was written in the 19th century — “for public consumption”

But it was a needful criticism. For example: we go to Europe, you need to demonstrate unity with European values, and as a result relieve is not what you want for yourself and what you want to see in Europe. Is this correct?

But sometimes a coincidence of interests. Well, Slepakova, writes and feels for themselves. And like everyone. That is sort of not the target audience because the target audience is all. Although it seems so wrong... How to relate to the Arthouse?

Is when a Director has the idea to shoot a “film of life”? In this sense, the example of Nikita Mikhalkov. He was shooting “Burnt by the sun 2” as his Most important Film. And it did not work completely...

-Well, the icing on the cake of our conversation. The idea for the book came as a revelation — here woke up one morning and decided to write, or went to it in some stages?

-There are just things that I want to share to protect the people from error in her acting career. A little over two years ago, I spent the first three-hour master class. The next was longer, and the longest lasted 6 hours. I was talking about the technical nuances of the acting profession. And saw that even professional actors are very interested in this topic. It is not taught in institutes and in acting class. The idea is that that's what you get with experience. But it happens that one turned out all right, and he then repeats and reinforces the skills, and the other screwed up in the first phenomenon and not even know about it. And its not called any more, and he breaks his head: “what's the problem?” Objective of workshops was to explain to people how to behave, what to do, what to pay attention to. In order to avoid mistakes and to first visit the set did not last. My workshops have been approximately 600 people, half of them I got positive feedback. But I'm tired of talking about the same thing, I wanted this thread to close and put a bold exclamation mark. Thought this book is a good decision. In it I made everything I wanted to say. Page this master class is upside down, we must move on

-That is, the master-classes will be no more?

-Not like that. Except that on the invitation. There is another concept: “Short length. From idea to premiere”. But it would be difficult to assemble a large audience. So, if you think about the cast of the theme — go to trainings or to organize acting school

-This is a very popular topic. Acting courses in Kiev are a lot more different levels, of course. But the “acting for film” — Misha Kostrova a very strong program and a good result, but never comes to mind...

-I understand that. But for me it's still a branch off the main line. Main still- directing. So we'll see how things work out. Will download directing — I just won't have time for school and training...


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